Nueva Myrador

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Nueva Myrador
Flag of Nueva Myrador
Location5555, 3000
• Queen
• Minister of Defense
Foundation date13 Sep 2018

The Kingdom of Nueva Myrador was a short-lived monarchy located in the plus-plus (southeast) quadrant of the world.



Nueva Myrador began as Svaneireii, a nation founded by ashnwill and daelvn on 13 September 2018. Seeing the new renaissance taking place in the southeast, they left their former home in Mt. Augusta to capitalize on the opportunity to potentially create a bustling new nation. They unintentionally settled very near to Vitelia, a member of the FRIENDS alliance acting as their arm in the southeast. Vitelia were very imperialist, and got into conflicts with their Hjaltland-aligned neighbor Maltovia frequently, while playing host to an alt-raiding crew of unclear membership.

Shortly before leaving Mt. Augusta, ashnwill had partaken in a crime spree that had gone unpunished. Knowing this and wanting to avoid being hunted while building his new town, he turned himself in at Mt. Augusta to serve a sentence. While pearled in Stonato's vault, the Iron Bank, poortea attacked it and broke it on a VPN alt, freeing ashnwill's pearl. Most Mt. Augustans, along with ashnwill, believed that the pearl was freed due to forgetting to fuel it. However, two weeks later, poortea admitted to having broken Stonato's vault. This information was reported to the admins by The_Hobbyist, who believed the coincidence was too unlikely and that poortea and ashnwill were colluding. As a result, ashnwill was banned for two weeks.

While ashnwill was banned, the Vitelian alt-raiding crew targeted Svaneireii on a night that daelvn had forgotten to log out with the valuables. As a result, they were able to raid the bunker, stealing two rows of iron blocks, along with three stacks of diamond blocks. This loss caused Svaneireii to be abandoned.

One year later, the return of these valuables was demanded, in exchange for the old Vitelia citizenry's entrance into "ash gang". This group was a very early incarnation of the Latvian Soccer Dogs. The demand was complied with, and the lost valuables were personally returned by Rurik, the former king of Vitelia.

Nueva Myrador

ashnwill ran into a small group of former CivCraft 3.0 players on an unrelated worldbuilding discord, and invited them to play with him on CivClassic in old Svaneireii. This group had been Myrador on 3.0, and thus the nation was refounded as Nueva Myrador, with catx8 as the queen.

This revival of the town eventually fell inactive, due to the members losing interest in the game.

War with Mt. Augusta

Mt. Augusta stole[1] ashnwill's large plot of land in the northeast of their city, in order to build a vault. ashnwill responded by griefing their vault hole with ~3,000 stone reinforced obsidian, arguing that, legally speaking, he was simply griefing his own land. This is not a crime in Mt. Augusta.

The griefing operation was conducted in an overkill fashion, with both a forward and rear operating base. The forward base was a small iron-reinforced obsidian bunker at the end of a ~300 block attack tunnel heading to the vault hole, while the rear base was the national bunker in Nueva Myrador.

This information was discovered by Mt. Augusta, whose militia attacked Nueva Myrador in force, in search of ashnwill's pearl and valuables. He narrowly avoided being pearled, due to having the foresight to afk in a boat 1,000 blocks east of the island, and never in the bunker itself. The Mt. Augustan miltia completely raided and disabled the Nueva Myrador bunker. It was never repaired.

The conflict ended when, in exchange for the obsidian used in the grief being returned to fk_54 (who it was technically stolen from), ashnwill handed over his pearl along with the namelayer groups for the grief.


One year after the conflict with Mt. Augusta, on 2 March 2020, the land formerly comprising Svaneireii and Nueva Myrador was overclaimed by a newfriend nation called Panem.