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This article is about the server started by Wingzero54. You may be looking for Civcraft or CivClassic.
Logo for CivMC as of December 2021
Basic Info
Start DateMay 26, 2022

Additional developers:

Former admins:

Minecraft Version1.18.2 (Planned)

CivMC is an upcoming Civ Server owned by Wingzero, who will also be its lead admin.

It was announced in a reddit post made public in the early morning of 17 December 2021 (UTC)[1]. In this post, it was announced that CivMC is planned to run on Minecraft 1.18, and "will be publishing more information on an alpha testing phase in the new year [2022]".

In late February 2022, Wing began posting semi-weekly teasers for upcoming features and mechanics of the server.[2]On March 25th, the 10 year anniversary of the launch of Civcraft 1.0, the admins hosted a Q&A and revealed or confirmed a slew of features.[3] On May 13, Wingzero announced the server would release on May 26, 2022.[4]


These are some of the confirmed mechanics present in CivMC:

  • 3 account limit
  • Bound armor
  • More useful Brewery
  • Reinforcement decay is localised, forcing players to be physically near their reinforcements to refresh them as opposed to decay which refreshed simply by logging in, like on CivClassic.
  • 1.8 PvP (originally it was announced that CivMC would have 1.9 PVP until said announcement was revealed as a prank on April 1, 2022[5])
  • A limited number of nether portals that can be used to access the nether, which is 1:1 with the overworld and where pearled players are now sent instead of the End.
  • Possible future sharding and a ban on world border vaults to account for this.

/r/place advertisement

With the launch of the second installment of r/place on April fools, the CivMC community has attempted to secure a space on the canvas. Before the entire r/Place was whited out, there was a small rendition of the server's logo on the south eastern side of the canvas.