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Nonaligned Welfare Organization
Flag of the NWO
Governing documentFounding Charter
• Speaker
• Deputy Speaker
Foundation dateJuly 2021

The Nonaligned Welfare Organization was a defensive pact. It was primarily made of non-aligned and new nations, and provided collective defense to its member states.

Final Roster
Nation Date Joined Head of State
Gigachadtopia 7-20-2021 Mushroomfly
Hia Mek 7-22-2021 Loboxy
City of England 7-28-2021 GatorGlitch
Gempire 7-30-2021 Gemster108
Mauritanië 9-22-2021 4pocalypse4risen
Atmora 11/30/2021 LeFluffyUnicorn
Former Members
Nation Date Joined Date Left Head of State Reason for Leaving
Magna Soria 8-6-2021 8-15-2021 Patchie Man Nation dissolved
Eon Empire 7-23-2021 8-22-2021 FE Flags Withdrew unilaterally, later joined non-NWO state Imperial Truidence
Avalon Empire 8-27-2021 9-10-2021 Gb223s13 Annexed by non-NWO state Sussex
Partyland 9-28-2021 10-18-2021 LIQUIDSTEREO Desire to focus on managing the NDI
Äggland 9-13-2021 10-19-2021 IceBoy_Board Withdrew due to drama surrounding the leader's pearling
Jolington 9-23-2021 10-19-2021 SinjoroJoCrafter Expelled by majority vote after Article VI Section 3 was invoked
Shrimptopia 9-16-2021 10-28-2021 WimpyShrimp Nation dissolved due to inactivity
Pinegarden Commonwealth 8-1-2021 11-5-2021 MemeMan0 Sole player left all civ-related servers after his claim was removed from the UMP
Avalon (II) 11/30/2021 12-2-2021 Gb223s13 Annexed by non-NWO state Eon Empire


The NWO was a defensive pact and political bloc for advancing the interests of countries that consider themselves "non-aligned" in regards to alliances.

The NWO was founded on the ideas of preserving the sovereignty of member states through collective defense against any aggressors, whether they be Big Dog type raiders or powertripping mega nations.


The NWO Charter came into force on August 2, 2021.

The First NWO Speaker Election was held on August 6th, 2021. Mushroomfly was elected Speaker with 3 votes. FE_FLAGS was elected Deputy Speaker in the 2nd place runoff with 3 votes.

Due to the Eon Empire's sudden withdrawal, a second election to fill the vacant Deputy Speaker slot was held on August 23rd, 2021. MemeMan0 was elected unopposed.

The NWO had their first military action on September 25th, 2021; Ägglandic and Mauritaniën forces successfully retrieved SinjoroJoCrafter's pearl after he was attacked by Droplandia.

The NWO also participated briefly at the end of The Home Depot War, but due to odd hours only Gigachadtopia could manage to send any troops to defend Jolington. Gigachadtopia was also a co-signatory to the East Jolington Peace Treaty that ended the Home Depot War.

NWO states also participated in the Sorian Crisis and the 11 Hour War.

The NWO ultimately managed to persevere until the end of CivClassic on December 8, 2021.