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CivUniverse was a Civ server released on December 27, 2020. running on 1.12.2.

The server was administrated by Ian_X12, Samual (aka. daddy1015/DonnieDarko), Sir_Grettir, and TheJmqn with substantial input from dae_shik and Dollaz. CivUniverse 1.0 ended April 23, 2021 with plans for an eventual 2.0.[1]


After a beta starting November 29, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST, CivUniverse officially released on December 27, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST.


On the evening of January 7, 2021, the administration was alerted to suspicious activity by one of the former developers on the server. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that spacejeanss (aka. screaming, ubcd) inserted a command that converted a single item into a full item stack, allowing anyone to duplicate stackable items. The server was abruptly taken down to remove the offending command. The blocks duplicated by ubcd and man_page were located and removed. Both players received a permanent ban for exploits.


CivUniverse ended April 23, 2021, after a significant period of inactivity after the server's only major war ended. The server ended with a promise of a 2.0, but as of February 2022 there has been no new information in over six months, and the project is likely indefinitely incomplete.


(as of Friday, January 29, 2021)

1. You must be 13 years or older to play.

2. Doxing, Targeted Harassment, Out-of-game Harassment, and Illegal Activity are NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, false accusations, swatting, threats of DDoS, threats of violence, and threats of doxing.

3. Extreme Toxicity is NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: pedophilia, self-harm, and hate speech (attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities).

4. Threatening server stability is NOT permitted. This includes DDoS attacks and lag-machines.

5. Exchanging in-game goods or services for real-life money (including cryptocurrency) is NOT permitted.

6. Cheating and hacked-client modifications are NOT permitted. This includes but is not limited to: Baritone, Impact Client, X-Ray, Cavemode, PvP Cheats (Reach, Anti-KB, KillAura, Hitboxes), CivBreak, Debug exploits, player ping tools, duplication tools, lag tools, chat spammers, Vanish ESP, tracers. Merely having these tools installed is not grounds for a ban, but their usage is not permitted.

7. VPN/Proxy/Tor Usage is NOT permitted. Circumventing bans is not allowed and will result in the extension of your ban.

8. You're limited to 2 accounts. A Main account and an Alt account are permitted.

Botting policy:

  1. Players may use MacroMod or other mods/clients to automate in game tasks and may use external frameworks to communicate with and coordinate bots.
  2. Bots are only permitted to read inventory, their selected hot bar slot, their location, health, hunger, potion effects, EXP, boss bar, server-provided chat messages, kick reasons, player logins/logouts, and tab list. Reading environmental data is not permitted.
  3. Macros/bots are not allowed in PVP.

Modding policy:

  1. Neither you nor any of your game mods may view non vanilla-available client information.
  2. World downloading tools are allowed if not used to gain information otherwise unknown (e.g. for a city render, but not to scan for bunkers)
  3. Auto-clickers and Synapse/Interpol are allowed.

Ban policy:
The goal of the administrative team is to remain neutral and not interfere with the server except to enforce the rules. We will only take action on player-submitted evidence of wrong-doing a maximum of 1 month after evidence is discovered. Lying to an administrator during an inquiry into rule-breaking is also grounds for a ban. Ban length is the sole discretion of the administrative team and can range from a day to permanent.

Discord policy:
Community members are free to create and moderate their own Discords in conjunction with CivUniverse. We do not moderate external Discords and players should use them at their own risk. Evidence of external Discords being used for doxing or illegal activity will result in a ban against those that participated including those that were aware of but did not bring to our attention the existence of such threat.

World border policy:
Vaults and other "defensive infrastructure" are prohibited within 1000 blocks of the world border. Obsidian and bastions cannot be placed at the world border.


  • Ian_X12, the lead admin, has been banned from most Civ servers since joining; he has been associated with and participating in a community which has been banned on other Civ servers for violating their conduct and content policy, as well as engaging in real-world consequence activities.[citation needed]
  • CivUniverse initially gave out 2 weeks bans for doxxing, unprecedented in the Civ community which usually permanently bans doxxing offenders, although CivUniverse's doxing ban length has gone up since then.
  • The administration and community were noticeably lenient with who they let into their community including those who have doxxed routinely and used VPNs to evade bans.[2]
  • The CivUniverse community constantly used misleading advertisements for CivUniverse using original content from other Civ servers such as CivRealms[3], CivClassic[4][5], Devoted[6], and Civcraft[7].


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