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Capital CityMt. Doom
LeadersFRESH_Candy & BuckyHD
FoundedEarly CivClassic
MottoSi vis pacem, para bellum or more commonly as Molon labe
LocationMt. Doom: +3400,+11500
Old Laconia Provinces
Seal of Laconia

Laconia is a small nation that was at the edge of the map, beside the location of the first Yoahtlan city on CivClassic. It is now east of Mount September.

They were allied with Lexington and opposed Yoahtl, despite originally being a homestead of Yoahtl. They were then defeated during the Infinity War and have been subsequently freed.


Origin on Devoted

Laconia can trace their roots to a group on Devoted 2.0, the Revenants. Born out of a shared hatred of the Pirates, it was the fusion of several early-map groups, led by Vapin, TofeeDodger, FRESH_Candy, and BuckyHD. They were early allies of Agora, who are known on modern CivClassic as Hjaltland (somewhat), and formed the Conglomerate which fought the Pirates and Ascalon (led by Vicccyy and SirCrowley respectively).

Album of the early history of Laconia

Bucky and Fresh began thinking of new names for the group, one of which mentioned was Laconia. This never turned into anything other than Ashnwill using the name, building a vault, and shit stirring to the community resulting in Revenents excommunicating him.

Temp and 3.0

During Temp, the group that formed Revenants and Laconia did not play much, aside from Bucky playing apart of Yoahtl. During this time Bucky further developed the idea of Laconia. After failing to convinve Yoahtl to change with documents and reforms written by Bucky, and with the help of zachtack, they began to write documents for Laconia for the anticipated 3.0, such as a legal document, charter, and plan of Laconia.
Foreign Laconian Banner
When 3.0 began, the group of Revents officially became Laconia, and recruited many people, notably JohnFairfax, and few other HCFers. Laconia was located in the same shard as Yoahtl as they were to be allies due to Bucky's friendship with Quahutli_Mia and Yoahtl. The capital city was Lacedaemon and was to become a vault city, but due to people becoming inactive and an alt raider attack on the bunker, Laconia broke apart and became inactive, or moved to other nations.

The people who made up the Revenants of old Devoted joined with Yoahtl. They began construction of a fortress on the mesa island north of the old Yoahtlan capitol, Axochitlan to act as its military base. It later got the meme name Mt Doom with its official name becoming Mt Vesuvius.

Due to the soon to be Laconia members discussing land deals with Hjaltland for a portion of the nearby jungle without Yoahtl leadership which angered St_Leibowitz, who wished to have Tofee_Dodger removed due to being the one dealing with the land deal. As a result, Fresh, Bucky, and Tofee left Yoahtl to become their own private group, notably a Company called Quantum Company, as they had planned on 2.0 when being in Yoahtl.

This split resulted in some anger towards the group, notably from WackyAki, and others once people began to join the group. Gdan, owner of Danville, as well as LordEmberScar wished to join the group. This resulted in Bucky enacting his plan for Laconia once again as it could no longer be a company with other regions joining. As a result, Danville, Mt Doom, and a portion of Pumpkintown became property of Laconia, to the resentment of many Yoahtlans.

Eventually talks began for Laconia to merge back into Yoahtl, but bg, who was acting for Leib, began to talk about forming a coalition between the two nations, or joining Laconia with Pumpkintown. After much time talking about a coalition it was revealed bg was unable to actually decide on this. This angered the Laconia leadership who viewed it as a waste of time.

First Laconia-Yoahtl War

This all came to a boiling point when Yoahtl attacked Laconia, resulting in the first Laconian Yoahtl war and Laconian victory, resulting in the first treaty. This resulted in many Yoahtlans moving away, viewing they could no longer live beside the Laconians.

FRESH_Candy and TofeeDodger decided to reinvite ashnwill to the reborn Laconia around this time, playing on the secret alt TotallyNotHigh. Around this time Laconia began to slowly go inactive again, with Bucky rarely logging on and Fresh and Tofee somewhat working on Mt Doom, while ash began to grind at Mt Doom, building a vault and tunnel to it on world border.

Due to threat of alt raiders from Hjaltland, and pearling of Laconia by them, Laconia made agreements with Lexington, such as a defensive agreement.

Second Laconia-Yoahtl War
Laconian Flag
Yoahtl enacted a second attack on Mt Doom, resulting in the second Laconian Yoahtl war, where Laconia was able to pearl a majority of those who attacked the Mountain, pearling multiple, including Quahulti_Mia, and transporting them to the Lexington vault due to the agreement. This resulted in the second treaty of Laconia to be made with bg.

Laconia again became inactive, this time fully with little play on the server. Ongoing around this time was the Somber war, and due to Lexington having been aggressive, Laconia did not have to join in with the agreement, and were also told not to due to being so close to Hjaltland, who we made an agreement with not to get involved unless directly provoked.

For months, Laconia remained inactive, until it was brought to our attention people were constantly trespassing on our mountain and breaking stuff in our vault. This, plus recent developments in drama and the beginning of Summer, brought Laconia back in full swing. Yoahtl began to try and reclaim Axo, which resulted in tension between the two groups, but Laconia began discussing selling all the land, excluding Mt Doom, to Yoahtl with bg.

Third Laconia-Yoahtl War

After the talks kept being stalled, and tensioned increased yet again in Axo, Yoahtl prepare an attack on Mt Doom. Many Yoahtlans attacked Mt Doom, starting the third Laconia Yoahtl war, aiming to pearl the members of Laconia inside, claiming if Laconia gave the land this would stop. Yoahtl greatly damaged Mt Doom, acid blocking, DRO griefing and bastioning the mountain. As a result of the attack, some offered aid and help in cleanup and condemned Yoahtl for the attack. One of those that came to help was SteveBuscemi of Rhodesia. During this, Yoahtl attacked again and began to chase Steve in an attempt to pearl him. Due to this, Capri rushed to the aid of Steve which resulted in the pearling of bgbba.

The war ended as a result and has lead to the creation of the Laconia-Yoahtl peace agreement, which can hopefully put to rest the hostilities between the two nations.

War of World Police Aggression

Entente-Laconia War

Post Entente-Laconia War and return of Laconia

To be finished..

Government and Cities


BuckyHD, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure

Mount Vesuvius/Mt Doom

FRESH_Candy, Minister of Economics and Public Relations

WorldPoliceAlt, Minister of Mining and Industry

ShadySauce, Figurehead Monarch, Head Architect and Foreign Ambassador

(Former Minister: Tofee_Dodger, Minister of Defence and Production)


Doom Island, New capital of Laconia

Old Laconia

Mount Vesuvius, Referred to as Mt Doom, Old capital of Laconia, now a landmark

Pompeii, Previously Axochitlan, City of Laconia

Anvil, Previously Danville, Province of Laconia, Now apart of Yoahtl

Emathia, Previously Pumpkintown, Province of Laconia

Lemnos, Previously Goodsprings, Province of Laconia

Acheron, Previously T'lel, Province of Laconia

Thule, Province of Laconia