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Part of The Commonwealth
Server IterationCivClassic 2.0
Coordinates1500, 8500

Kraken is a town in The Commonwealth located at x=1500, z=8500, and was an independant nation in the deep south of the +,+ in the early days of the server.

Early History

Kraken was a state in the southern +,+ near the coast of Hjaltland. It was founded by u/ItzJacks on June 5th, 2017.[1] On June 18th they claimed more land to the south of their original claim.[2] They got raided about 3 times in the next two months, having a double chest of XP potions, several diamonds and some good tools stolen from them.[3][4][5] On February 6th of 2018 they joined Nymph since the owners of Kraken also owned Nymph and wanted to merge the two states.[6]

Part of The Commonwealth

It is in Nymph which is a borough of The Commonwealth.