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Part ofKingdom of Fish
Server IterationCivClassic 2.0
Coordinates1500, 8500
ProvinceKingdom of Fish
GovernmentRuled from Cora, Fish
FoundersSeekinq, JayTeeR, ItzJoshs, Yeti7756 and SpankMeHarder
Foundation Date5th June 2017
Succeeded byNymph

Kraken was a nation located in the southern + + at x=1500, z=8500, and was among the first nations to be founded on CivClassic, it was founded on June 5th, 2017.[1] At the end of CivClassics it was apart of the Imperial Kingdom of Fish, previously being apart of the Commonwealth under the borough of Nymph, as well as an independent nation before that. It started the tradition that nations made by this group would always be named after an Animal or Mythical Creature, It inspired the names for Nymph, Wyvern, Fish and Dolphin.


A screenshot from early Kraken, before Central Kraken and the port was built, Circa June 6th, 2017

Early History

Kraken was a state in the southern +,+ near the coast of Hjaltland. It was founded by u/ItzJacks, also known as Seekinq on June 5th, 2017.[1] On June 18th they claimed more land to the south of their original claim.[2] They got raided about 3 times in the next two months, having a double chest of XP potions, several diamonds and some good tools stolen from them.[3][4][5] Shortly after this the members of Kraken went into inactivity for a few months before deciding to come back and move away from Kraken to a more active spot on the map, they founded the town of Nymph in the Commonwealth on 18th of November 2017, during this time Kraken layed mostly abandoned as the focus of the group was purely on Nymph as it became one of the most active boroughs in the Commonwealth. On the 8th of Febuary Nymph left the Commonwealth, and with growing activity they looked back to Kraken in hopes of combining the 2 nations. On February 16th of 2018 Kraken officially joined Nymph. [6] This sparked a new wave of activity in both Kraken and Nymph and led to many new buildings being built in Central Kraken and Serpent.

Part of The Commonwealth

As apart of Nymph it joined the Commonwealth and Nymph rejoined as a borough on July 4th, 2018.[7] On the 12th of July the coronation of Seekinq and SpankMeHarder as King and Queen of Nymph-Kraken happened in Nymph City,[8] officially proclaiming the Kingdom of Nymph-Kraken under the Commonwealth, throughout the next few years progress was slowly made on both Nymph and Kraken every now and then with spikes in activity every few months.

Render of Kraken on the final days of the server. Circa December 11th, 2021

Late CivClassic History.

These activity levels stayed around the same until June 3rd, 2021 when Seekinq went up north to meet up with some friends from other CivServers such as the__druid and trinitymelons to found a new nation called Fish[9], this motivated some old Nymph-Kraken citizens to hop back on classics and move up with him, Fish became the most succesful settlement formed by the members of Kraken and on the 13th of November Fish officially annexed both Nymph and Kraken into it and unified all of its settlements on the server.[10] There was many plans for a renewed city in Kraken using updated building styles however it never had time to get further than some designs on Fish's build server as on the 8th of December it was officially announced CivClassic was going to shutdown on the 18th of December. [11]