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The People's Republic of Accelerada
Flag of Accelerada
Flag of Accelerada
Location5445, -4519
Capital cityCity of Accelerada
SettlementsCity of Accelerada
GovernmentOne-Party Socialist Republic
• Council of Accelerada
Foundation date6th Jan 2020
Preceded by Varathia
LanguageEnglish, Danish
IdeologyPostfordist capitalist-realist accelerationist precommunist protoanprim absolute-monarchist classical liberalism with Danish characteristics

Accelerada, officially the People's Republic of Accelerada was a country located in the eastern region of CivRealms 2.0. Accelerada was founded as the Free Economic Zone of Accelerada on Jan 6th, 2020 and officially changed to the People's Republic of Accelerada on May 22nd, 2020.[1][2] It was bordered by Varathia and Zen to the west, Carbon to the north, Agotep to the east and Alexandria to the south.



A political map of Accelerada and the surrounding areas during the early days of the Free Economic Zone of Accelerada

The Free Economic Zone of Accelerada was founded on the 6th Jan 2020 by Azzeaters Inc.[1] Shortly after its declaration of independence, the Empire of Varathia informed noahravn that they had claimed the very same land three days earlier and intended to use it to farm netherwarts. This diplomatic crisis was resolved when Aresot, seeing how cool the Acceleradan project was, decided to agree to resolve the conflict with a thumb war. The Acceleradan Thumb War of Independence resulted in a total victory for Accelerada and emperor Aresot was therefore forced to give up his claim.

The First Acceleradan-Varathian War of the Aqua Nether

Shortly after its independence, Accelerada noticed the nearby Aqua Nether portal in the river just west of their territory. The area just around the river had not been ceded in The Acceleradan Thumb War of Independence, and was therefore still Varathian. Later that day, noahravn and Albyrt visited Olendor, where they met Aresot. Noahravn officially asked Aresot for permission to use his Aqua Nether portal and Aresot agreed to it, but only if he could dig more sand than Aresot from the desert. Seeing that Aresot had a mith shovel, and that his steel shovel had just broken, noahravn proposed a counter offer: the conflict would be decided with a rap battle. Aresot agreed to this and the battle begun. After a very close battle, Aresot decided to allow Accelerada to use the north eastern portion of the Aqua Nether portal block in what would later become known as the Partitioning of the Aqua Nether Portal.

The Accelerada-Agotep Purchase

A map of the land purchased from Agotep during the Accelerada-Agotep Purchase. The magenta marks the purchased area, while the red marks the area that remained within Agotep

On February 4th, 2020, Accelerada and Agotep signed a treaty where Agotep would sell a portion of their land to Accelerada. This was done because Accelerada's land area was very small, making it hard to build both a city and have space left for farms. The area sold was quickly developed and used for nether wart farms.[3]


Main Article: Ez2War

A propaganda poster from the week leading up to the Siege of the Ez2Vault

On February 10th, 2020, RavenRavenRaven officially transfered the control of Unitas to Accelerada.[4] This transfer was contested by the Western Empire due to the Western Empire covertly annexing Unitas weeks before RavenRavenRaven had transfered ownership, which led to a heated conflict on the CivRealms Discord about the claim, ultimately ending with TWINKIEminer making a deal with Ez2Empire to annex the land for him via convoluded legal loopholes.[5] During the very height of this conflict, ThePayman, representing the Ez2Empire, declared that the Ez2Empire now also claimed Unitas.[6][7] The server was down at this time, so a lot of Discord PVP ensued. After the server went up again, people started preparing for what was to come.

On February 11th, 2020, a raiding party from the Ez2Empire attacked Accelerada. They destroyed multiple chests and snitches before moving on to Alexandria. These raids continued for three days while citizens and supplies were evacuated. This attack against Alexandria led to the formation of the Fight or Die Coalition. After the initial raid on Accelerada and Alexandria, the Ez2Empire launched multiple raids in the following days.

During the days leading up to the attack on the Ez2Vault, Alexandria launched a propaganda campaign in their Discord. The goal of the campaign was to get the citizens of Alexandria to not leak any sensitive information to the Ez's. This was achieved by declaring Shut The Fuck Up Friday, where all citizens had to not say a word in public Discords, and by repurposing the WW2 slogan "Loose lips sink ships".[8][9]

On saturday, February 15th, 2020, the Coalition launched their initial attack against the Ez2Vault. The attack marked the beginning of a week long siege, which resulted in the breaking of the Ez2Vault. On sunday, February 16th, 2020, during the siege of the Ez2Vault, TTastic was pearled by CivRealmsPolice (Ez2Clutch). His pearl was kept in the core of the Ez2Vault, where it remained until he was freed at the end of the siege.

The Acceleradan-Western Empire Compromise

After the Ez2War, Accelerada turned it's eyes to Unitas, which had been occupied both by the Western Empire and then by the Ez2Crew during the war. Backed by Alexandria and Anvard, Accelerada contacted the Western Empire and demanded their recognition of Acceleradan sovereignty over Unitas. After some discussion, a treaty was signed, establishing mutual recognition between Accelerada and the Western Empire, while still allowing the citizens of the Western Empire to use any farms they already owned within the borders of Acceleradan Unitas.[10]

New Jersey Conference

On April 9th, 2020, a conference was held to decide the fate of New Jersey, which had fallen into inactivity. After much debate, it was decided to partition the country between Accelerada, Carbon, CivCorp, Varathia, Wheatistan and the newly formed nation of Zen.[11]

Savaguardian Invasion of Unitas

On April 26th, 2020, the Kingdom of Savaguard launched a surprise invasion of Acceleradan Unitas. This was done in response to Accelerada's plan to auction off the territory.[12] The Savaguardian army entered Unitas unnanounced through Xiangmu while noahravn was on his way to bring some pickaxes to Dbugingrad, a small settlement in north-eastern Unitas. After riding around for a bit, SlowDancing found noahravn hiding in the mountains and pearled him.

With noahravn pearled, tensions were at an all time high. The City Council of Alexandria, with the consent of the Acceleradan government, signed a deal with King Invader, granting them control over Unitas in exchange for the release of noahravn.[13] The Invasion of Unitas marked the beginning of a long period of high tensions between Alexandria and Savaguard.

Declaration of the People's Republic of Accelerada

On may 22nd, 2020, a referendum was held, and passed, in the Acceleradan Discord, deciding to abolish the Free Economic Zone of Accelerada and Establish the People's Republic of Accelerada.[2]

Varathian Border Readjustment

That time we fixed some ugly bordergore with Varathia lol


The People's Republic of Accelerada consists of a smalll area of only 0.066 km2. It is situated in the area surrounding the volcano of Mt. Accelerada.

City of Accelerada

The capital, and only city, of Accelerada is the City of Accelerada. It is located in the valley to the west of Mt. Accelerada, and is known for its large scale buildings. The City of Accelerada partially overlaps over the border of Alexandria.


People's Palace

The Grand Palace to Honour the Most Glorious Revolution by the most Industrious and Benevolent People of Accelerada, or the People's Palace for short, is the seat of the Acceleradan Government. It is one of the largest buildings on the server and is constructed in the style of Stalin's Seven Sisters. As of Jun 3rd, the People's Palace is still under construction.

Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is located in the southern end of Accelerada City, on the border with Alexandria. It was constructed to commemorate the victory in the Ez2War.


The People's Republic of Accelerada is ruled by the Council of Accelerada, which consists of noahravn and ieatazz69. Many tasks of the state are delegated to the ministries. Most notably among these are the Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture.



Due to its close relationship with Alexandria, Accelerada officially uses the Brine as it currency. Brines are worth 1/16th of a stamina. Brines are issued by the National Bank of Alexandria and there are plans to make a bank in Accelerada City.


The Acceleradan Ministry of Commerce owns Accel-E-Mart, which is a chain of shops located in multiple cities around the world. The most notable Accel-E-Mart is the one in CivCorp plot D5, which sells enchanted mithril tools. Accel-E-Marts are known for their unique architectural style, as they are all yellow, have a dome at the top and have 4 entrances.There are currently Accel-E-Marts in the following cities:

  • CivCorp
  • Alexandria


Due to its location in the volcano biome, Accelerada has many nether wart farms. In addition to this, the Acceleradan Ministry of Agriculture also owns farms for other crops in other countries around the world.


The People's Republic of Accelerada has a very developed infrastructure. At 15 blocks wide, it has one of the largest main streets of the east coast region. The city is connected by rail to the cities of Olendor, Alexandria and New Jersey. There are also plans to make a railway to the cities of Wheaton and Zen.

The Alexandrian-Acceleradan Canal

The Alexandrian-Acceleradan Canal is a canal that connects from the coastal city of Alexandria to the City of Accelerada, where it joins with the river that runs through varathia and continues to the western ocean. The canal is built on sea level. This canal effectively makes it possible to sail through the continent all the way from the east coast to the west coast without ever breaking your boat. Construction of the Canal was finished on Jan 17th 2020.


Sapo Trap House

The official state religion of Accelerada is Juche with Acceleradan Characteristics, but SapoTrapHouse is also widely practiced.

Esotheric Posting

The Acceleradan Discord has a channel called #esotheric-posting, where people post ascended memes.