Pacem Overseas Territories

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The Pacem Overseas Territories refers to the variety of claims and interests of Pacem in the +/+ quadrant on CivMC. The Colonial Administration of the Overseas Territories is Located in Fortuna, Fortuna island.

Fortuna was originally founded in April of 2020, and can be reached by direct rail from Pacem in under 15 minutes. Fortuna island boasts a Colonial Office Building, hotel, bar, factory building, and housing.

The Pacem Overseas Territories
Pacem Overseas Territories
Pacem_Overseas_Territories Flag
Flag of the Pacem Overseas Territories
Pacem_Overseas_Territories Flag
Map of the the Pacem Overseas Territories
Location5800, 8500
Capital cityFortuna, Pacem
GovernmentColonial Administration
• Head of Government
  • Pacem Council of State
  • Governor-General of Fortuna
Founded by PacemApril, 2020
Preceded by Fortuna Colony, Adina
IdeologyClassic Liberal & Colonial Expansion
Motto"Pacem to the East, Pacem to the West, Pacem Forever"