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For the other iterations of Sovia see Sovia and New Sovia.

Sovia, officially known as the People's Theocratic Republic of Sovia, previously as the Sovian National Bolshevik Republic, and colloquially known as the Sovian Empire, is a totalitarian, one-party, autocratic state on CivUniverse led by its Tsar. Sovia is known for its dictatorial nature, its isolationism from the rest of the server, excepting occasional trade agreements, and vast reaches and the bareness of their lands. Located on the southern continent of Rhodinia, the Sovian Empire was founded on the first day of the server, declaring itself 'a beacon of the eternal truth of National Bolshevism, blessed by God Himself to spread its ideals across the server'. Sovia is a wealthy nation, albeit isolated, yet maintains the status of a super-power across the server, only out-matched by the people of New Vegas. Sovia was a close ally of the Kingdom of Paris during the reign of King Yaahya, aiding them and establishing a rail connection during the first week.

CivUniverse 1.0


Sovia was founded on the first day of the main release, establishing a small bunker, some factories, and a nether wart and beet farm, starting out at a location ideal for XP production. Soon, an alliance was made with Paris and construction began on their main town, Sovia City. A fast growth soon began, with XP production commencing quickly, and Sovia soon acquired the cobalt factories as well. After a small dispute regarding raiders, people from New Vegas were led by Kayla of Monkeyland into a raid of the main town of Sovia, as part of their campaign to destroy their enemies by using made-up lies, damaging the Sovia grinders in the process, that had no ties to any raider crews.

After that, things soon came back to normal and a new town was made by Banduti, Tsaritsyn, serving as the Jewel of the Empire. The town is known for its Russian aesthetic, in contrast to the grim look of the overly-industrialized capital. Another monument worth noting is the Statue of Jesus Christ watching over the capital, made by RECHUISEACH, that reinforces the Christian ideals that Sovia strongly believes, along with its NazBol practices.

Sovian infrastructure expanded even more with more farms made towards the south, eventually incorporating the former town of Goldcrest, that now is a industrial platform dedicated to XP production.

After the end of the war with New Vegas, in which Sovia supplied the JSDF with materials, the nation fused with the Archon Empire to form the New Sovian Empire. the NSE now owns one of the largest XP production facilities on CivUniverse, spread around the southern portion of the map.

Sovia was in the process of building a vault, but as activity dwindled down, the Sovians quit the server. It had a unique design, different from the mainstream one used during the New Vegas War, and if it was built, it would have been a very powerful vault.


File:Sovian Flag.png
The Sovian flag, used for its entire existence.

Sovia is a name similar to the Russian word 'Soviet', thus showing the partly Socialist nature of the country, where the resources are shared between everyone, with a publicly owned advanced infrastructure.


Sovian Rulers
Name Title Period
Pirater Premier December 2020 - mid-January 2021
Wergo Tsar mid-January 2021 - 27th February 2021
RECHUISEACH God-Emperor 27th February 2021 - 16th March 2021
Kicky God-Emperor 16th March 2021 - present

Other leading members are Shamus, AgentBurkin and Khardbass.


Sovia has one of the earliest rail systems from the server, that is connected to Paris and Thneedville.

The overground portion of the Goldcrest-Paris railway is completely located within Sovia and partly serves as its western border towards the south. It has stations in Goldcrest, Sovia City (with Sovia South as the main one and Sovia North as a smaller one, for people coming from Paris) and the small Nether colony of Abroyetre.

A greater rail station is being currently built.

Between Sovia City and Tsaritsyn there is a road tunnel.

Sovia has an ever-expanding XP infrastructure, spread across their claims.

CivUniverse 2.0

Sovia is set to return on CivU 2.0 with their previous leaders and many other new members.


Compared to its previous government, this time Sovia has turned into the Free Territory of Sovia, with a more anarchic-oriented government based on unions as the basis of organization.