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The Imperial Kingdom of Fish, commonly known as Fish (/Fi-sh/) is a casual and friendly building focused nation located mainly in the North-Eastern (+-) with the exceptions being the cities of Kraken, located in the South East (+ +) and Nymph, located in the South West (- +) sides of CivClassics. it was preceded by The Kingdom of Wyvern, which in it self was preceded by Nymph and Kraken. It a successor state of the Kingdom of Wyvern/Nymph-Kraken and was formed on the 2nd of June, it aims to be a very friendly and casual buildfriend nation and place for its citizens to relax in a casual environment. It was made due to Wyvern citizens wanting a new nation on CivClassics after the shutdown of CivUniverse and as such is mainly made up of Wyvern and Nymph Citizens, though we of course welcome any new people and visitors. Fish culture is very similar to Wyvern culture and as such Melons are considered a holy item to the Fish folk.
Imperial Kingdom of Fish
Famous forFishy Melons, which are considered some of the best melons on the entire server, and Cora, the Imperial Capital of the Kingdom.
Server IterationCivClassic 2.0
Coordinates6300, -9700
Architectural StyleLarge and colourful city mixed with traditional Indonesian styles as well as Khajiit styles from the Elder Scrolls videogame series.
MottoMay Melons guide you!
Administrative BuildingImperial Palace in Cora
GovernmentImperial Monarchy
Foundation Date2nd June, 2021
Preceded byWyvern
Travel Poster for Cora, The Capital of Fish
The central Plaza of Cora, the capital city of the Imperial Kingdom of Fish

Imperial Goverment

Formerly a dual monarchy with the__druid as its empress and Seekinq as its emperor before the__druid got kicked out, it is now solely ruled by Emperor Seekinq who served as King of Nymph-Kraken and for a small time the King of Wyvern. Fish is split between the Western Isles, 2 small farming islands which hosts the Fish potato farm, The Greater Cora Area, which serves as the Imperial Capital, The Imperial Peninsula, which is the region directly outside of Cora which is home to many houses and farms, The Goldfish Territory and the Axolotl Territory, two easten territories home to vast forests, and the Catfish territory, a northern territory home to a bay which will be home to a future town. As well as governing the Fish mainland the Imperial Kingdom also governs the old cities of Nymph, a victorian style city located in the South West (- +) side of the map, and Kraken, a very old medieval themed city built on the first few months of the server in 2017 located in the South East ( + + ) side of the map,

Imperial Council

Seekinq - Emperor of Fish, Kraken and Nymph and Imperial Architect

alexmelons - Melon Fish and Lord of Fish

ItzJoshs - Lord of Fish

kiimmy - Lord of Fish


When fish was founded it was a dual monarchy shared between the__druid and Seekinq however following the__druid getting kicked from Fish and pearled they were stripped of their rank and Seekinq assumed full control, Seekinq served as King of Nymph and the 1st King of Wyvern before founding Fish, while the__druid was a new player only joining during CivUniverse before moving to CivClassics. After Fish integrated its old territories of Nymph and Kraken Seekinq became Emperor of Fish, Kraken and Nymph


Fish is a friendly nation usually open to forging closer ties with many nations, however at the current moment Fish's Alliances are as following:

Friendship and Mutual Defense with the Federal Republic of Acadia

Treaty of Friendship with Vestlige

Capital City

Cora, our capital city is a large and colourful city mixed with traditional Indonesian styles as well as Khajiit styles from the Elder Scrolls videogame series located at x 6380 z -9640. It features the Imperial Library, the Factory Building, and the Imperial Palace, which is home to the Emperor, The Melon Temple, a place of worship for Melonism Followers, as well as many citizen houses


Claims of the Imperial Kingdom

Fish Mainland

Fish is located in the North Eastern side of the map East of Acadia and West of Nipplerock, Cora, the Capital is located on some Islands bordered by the Bay of Cora to the North and the Sea of Fish to the South this area is named "The Greater Cora Area" and is just South of the Imperial Peninsula, a Peninsula on the side of the Mainland which is home to many fields and houses as well as the Temple on the edge of the Peninsula, where the original Fish settlers first set up camp. To the north of the Imperial Peninsula is the Sea of Melons and to the South is the Sea of Fish, there is also the Bay of Trent cutting into the Peninsula near the Mainland, to the East of the Imperial Peninsula is the Mainland of the Small Continent Fish is located on and is made up of the Gold Fish and Axolotl Territories, with the Bay of Brumaire in the South and the Canal of Brumaire at the end of the Bay connecting it to the Nipplerock Sea which borders the entire Eastern Coast of the Mainland, to the North West of the Axolotl Territory it also has a coastline along the Sea of Melons, with sprawling vineyards going up the coast. to the West of the Imperial Peninsula is the Western Isles of Shrimp Isle, Bass Isle, and the Rainbow Trout Archipelago in the Sea of Melon.


Nymph is located in the South West ( - +) side of the map, almost opposite of the mainland, most of Nymph is in valleys of plains surrounded by massive cliffs. Nymph city in located in the very west side of the Nymph territory and is the most western point of the Imperial Kingdom, In the middle of the Nymph Territory is the Nymph Farms, vast fields of farmland and on the very east side of the Nymph territory is a deep valley filled with mushroom houses. Nymph borders the Commonwealth to the north and Southshire to the east.


Kraken is located in the South East ( + + ) side of the map, almost directly south of the mainland and is filled with many lush forests and jungles filled with vines with many coves and bays along the coast, the old town of Kraken is on the very north coast in a bay surrounded by hills with structures carved into them, south of the old town is the City of Serpent, a wooden town on the coast. Across the sea from Serpent is an island that is home to many tree farms and south of the main Kraken territory is the Castle of Verona across the sea surrounded by mountains on all sides. Kraken borders Nro'Meagh to the west.


Much of Fish's culture was carried over from Wyvern during the migration over to CivClassics, this Includes the love for Melons, as such Melonism is considered the state religion of the Kingdom, and Melons are considered a very important holy item to Fish folk. Fish folk will often greet other Fish folk and Vistors by throwing them some Fishy Melons, with a few Fish spreading them around the map with Gift Boxes in a few nations filled with Melons and other Fish Goodies. Aside from Melons fish is very focused on a casual and chill buldfriend environment.


They celebrate the Fishy Melon Festival from May 1st to the 7th, with people coming from even the otherside of the map to visit for it

They celebrate national pig day on the 8th of July.

They host events on real life Holidays as well.


A permanent invite to its discord can be found Here