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Vintage Civ Beta
Basic Info
Start DateJanuary 2nd, 2022
AdminsPkeod, SimpleBastard, Novocain
Minecraft Version1.16.0 (Vintage Story)

Vintage Civ is a Civ server on Vintage Story that is currently in beta that released on the 2nd of January 2022.[1] Along with the intense hyper-realism of vanilla Vintage Story, Vintage Civ uses a variety of new plugins, most notably Shackle Gear. Previously used on AbjectPovertyCraft, Shackle Gear works similarly to Prison Pearl. Other features include Citadel built into the base game, traits and skills, and player-written lore books.[2]


For the first two days of its existence, Vintage Civ ran a test server as the admins added more plugins to the server and tested their stability in-game. Happy with their modlist, the official beta was launched on January 4, 2022, which the admins plan to run for 4-6 months or longer.[3]

Beta World History

The first days of the server were marked by exploration and the foundation of the server's largest town so far: Pond Scum. Named after the ponds that attracted the founders to it for farming purposes, the town boasts an unofficial population of 10-15 residents (most of the server's early playerbase).[4]Other early but smaller villages founded in the first week of the server include Veii (founded by the owner of the server himself) and the Shitshack Commune.

As players explored more of the map (which has a radius of at least 22k blocks), some chunks were discovered to generate large out-of-place pillars of rock and dirt. Dubbed "Cliffs of Insanity," the community as a whole voted to keep them until the end of the beta.

After updating to 1.16, a bug was discovered which completely deleted entire chunks and crashed the game when trying to open some chests or clay vessels. A vote took place where players voted to either restart the map and start 1.0, or to continue the beta with all the bugs, which the admin team could not fix or did not have the time to[5]; the vote ended with a vast majority of players voting for a server restart, kickstarting the official launch of the server to 1.0[6].