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The Democratic Kingdom of Äggland
"Ära för Äggland till döden och bortom" (Glory for Äggland to death and beyond)
Location4004, -6265
Activity levelHigh (as of nov. 11 2021)
Area2.211km² (as of Sept. 16, 2021)
National Colors
• King
IceBoy III
Preceded by The Empire
  • English
  • Swedish

Äggland (formally The Democratic Kingdom of Äggland) is a nation in the +,- located east of Veldt. The nation was created by IceBoy_Board and some others on the 3th September 2021. The nation was created influenced by Swedes which makes it a mainly Swedish nation. In Äggland people are religious and Agania is the only god. The capital is named Sankt-ägg.

Äggland is led by a King, currently IceBoy III, Who rules togehter with the Chancellor. The Minister Council is ruling over there own things, such as Trade or Infrastructure. They also give advice to the King and Chacellor and vote in important Constituition changes. The King is mainly responsible for International relations but due to inactivity he is now also responsible for everything.

28th september they joined NDI. On the 11th October they also joined The Greater Palmyran Congress. The 14th of October 2021 the country declared war on The Islamic Caliphate leading to the Magnasoria war. But the country was actually in a conflict before this. The nation had a small civil war for 2 days(13th-14th sep 2021) about who should be the King. It was either god or IceBoy. When the God side lost many citizens did go inactive until there was only IceBoy left.

The country's military is named A-SOFT (Ägglands Special Operation Forces and Tactical military) They are lead by the King. They also have an academy called A-RAKS (Ägglands Royal Academy for Knowledge and Science) their current mission is to find out the History about the "Kaphaeans", a historical Desert tribe in the Kaphae territory. They are lead by the King. A-NTI(Äggland National Trade Institution) is the third authority that has controll over Trade in the Country it is lead by the Minister of Economics and trade.


Äggland: Named after Agania and the swedish words for Egg (Ägg) and Country (Land). Aganists beleive that the world and Agania was exploded out of a Egg and therefore the name

Sankt-Ägg: Means Holy-Egg

Westdale: Was gonna be named Eastdale but IceBoy read wrong on F3 and named it Westdale. (Its a dale there).

Kaphae: Sounds good

Lavaland: Named after the first faction IceBoy founded on his School server

Kings of Äggland
Name Date started Date ended Ended due too
Andreas I 3rd sep 2021 7th sep 2021 Establishment of an actuall government
Mosimaje II 7th sep 2021 12th sep 2021 Inactivity and no experience of the position
IceBoy III 12th sep 2021 13th sep 2021 Aganist forces taking control over the Capital
Agania 13th sep 2021 14th sep 2021 Royalists winning the civil war
IceBoy III 14th sep 2021 still ruling -
Channselors of Äggland
Name Date started Date ended Party
IceBoy 3rd sep 2021 12th sep 2021 GCP
Mosimaje 12th sep 2021 21 sep 2021 HAF
None 21 sep 2021 09 nov 2021 -
Mosimaje 09 nov 2021 15 sep 2021 GCP
Olpi_bro 15 nov 2021 still on post GCP
Ägglands officiall coats of arms
Political Partys
Name Position Places in minister council Party leader
GCP (Grand Conservative Progress) Nationalistic-Right 3/3 Mosimaje
Liberal Group Libertarian-left 0/3 (inactive) vacant
HAF (Holy Aganist Forces) Party Authoritan-Theocratic 0/3 (inactive) vacant


Äggland is sliced up into provinces. The current provinces are East Äggland Province, West Äggland Province, United Colonys Province and The Federal District of Sankt Ägg. The Country also protects the Lake Agania area even though it's not part of the Country. This is because it belongs to Agania and its every Ländares duty to protect her.