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Location6600, 3900
Capital cityKeldabe
Governing documentThe First Order (unreleased/unfinished)
• High Command
Preceded by Varathia
Succeeded by Estalia

Amyr was a small nation in the +,+ of CivClassic, with its capital at roughly 6600, 3900. It was founded and led by WNS2, and remained essentially an OMN for the majority of its existance. The Capital city is named Keldabe, but is often simply referred to as the "New Moon", after the skybunker which dominates the skyline and map.

Government & Alliances


Largely as a continuation of his old nation/province of New Providence, WNS2 ran Amyr in accordance with strong militarism, preferring to complete construction of adequate defenses before even beginning to start aesthetic builds (Disclaimer: These were never really started. Amyr remained a highly war-focused nation for the duration of it's existance, only changing focuses a week or so before the announcement of EOTW). The government was always an autocracy under WNS2 who created and bore the title "High Command", in reference to the military style of the nation. The citizens were then broken up into the Amyrians (Regular citizenry), and Necropolites, people who had proven themselves loyal to Amyr and had access to the Amyrian Necropolis. The sole distinguisher of who had what rank was the High Command, so the Necropolis quickly swole with friends and allies from other servers, leading to Amyr having more Necropolites than Amyrians. A governing document called The First Order was being written at the time of EOTW, which was supposed to create directors of Industry, Architecture, and Military under the High Command, as well as officialize the differences between the Necropolis and the Citizens but Amyr never transitioned away from a pure autocracy.

Close ties

Amyr maintained close friendship with Adina, as ImperatorMendes_ was extremely helpful in the setup of Amyr, lending WNS2 his first beacon so that WNS2 could dig the hole for his skybunker and didn't have to buy one (At the time the best deal was 128d and building a house in IT). WNS2 also made close links with Hyperion and Imperial Truidence, eventually gaining access to and promising to defend the vaults of both nations. While he was also on the Icenian Building Commission, he never actually built anything in Icenia (Despite helping design three Icenian builds, two of which were actually constructed, just not by him). Amyr started with a strong claim to Alexandria in Nro'Meagh, as WNS2 was the last active member of Alexandria, which had been founded by his irl friends. However, this claim quickly became a source of tension between Amyr and Nro'Meagh, as detailed under The Alexandria Debacle, and was eventually released to KiWi and Avo

Alliances and active treaties

15th of May, 2021: WNS2 was a signatory on the Treaty of Nro'Meagh, which removed Caesar's Legion from occupying Nro'Meagh. The following negotiations put Alexandria city and parts of Alexandria's old claims under Amyrian protection, as he was the only remaining Alexandrian who participated in the conflict.

21st of May, 2021: WNS2 signed the Treaty of Krowatia, handing off part of the Amyr controlled forest island north of the capital to the (somewhat) new nation of Krowatia. Both sides seemed to consider the other rather unreasonable, with the Krowations being upset that WNS2 had claim to the land without their knowledge. While they had been building a town, WNS2 had believed this to be an old Adinan settlement. Likewise, WNS2 was frustrated that they had settled on claimed land without permission from ImperatorMendes_ or Hockey328, and that they were completely unwilling to settle anywhere but in a forest biome. Despite these frustrations, negotiations were ultimately successful although neither side was thrilled with the land split.

27th of May, 2021: WNS2 made an unnamed agreement with Mr.DoomBringer of Monterry to split the nearest mesa island.

Amyr was part of the CES from the CES's inception.

October 19th, 2021: WNS2 purchased the old Daedalus claim from Imperial Truidence, at the price of 48 diamond blocks.

Amyr at War

Amyr's conflicts are listed below in chronological order, titled by the name of the conflict:

The Fall of Caesar

Having historic ties to Nro'Meagh, WNS2 joined the coalition against Caesar as soon as he was invited to it by Topher3001 and CooCooMan556. He aided the rebellion by funding buff potions and providing other materials such as compactor materials and compacted food. He was also one of the four people fighting Caesar when Caesar was pearled by Topher3001. Following the fall of Caesar, WNS2 participated in the reformation of Nro'Meagh, and joined the Pan-Nro' Council.

The Alexandria Debacle

Shortly before the Alexandria Debacle, WNS2 was removed from the Pan-Nro' Council, although proof of who did it was never provided. Recognizing that between its large skybunker and close ties Amyr was a vastly stronger nation than Nro'Meagh, WNS2 took it in stride and considered his removal to be Nro's folly, as he would no longer feel any obligation to help defend them from raiders and the like. He canceled his existing plans to restore the wrecked Alexandrian desert and potentially other parts of Alexandria, and started to plan to make Alexandria an Amyrian protectorate and potentially withdraw it from Nro'Meagh should things go further south. However, his plans were cut short when Jevoghnya, another Alexandrian clan, joined the CES as a member state.

The Alexandria Debacle began when Avo and KiWi of the Jevoghnya clan decided that Jevoghnya was going to be the military protector of all of Nro'Meagh, and that any inactive cities (including Alexandria) had to be razed to make way for newfriends, in an effort to pull Nro'Meagh back from the brink of death. The logic behind this decision was simple: they believed newfriends would be more likely to settle in land that appeared to have never before been used. WNS2 was faced with an ultimatum: Move back into Alexandria, or allow it to be razed. He tried to negotiate a little bit in their discord, but it was clear that the two had no intentions of yielding.

WNS2 was incredibly unhappy with this ultimatum, seeing several flaws and other problems in it. Even on the surface, removing Alexandria seemed a fundamentally half-baked proposal. It was a large city which had drastically edited the terrain it was on, and removing it would have been less than half the challenge of making the land seem unused: the land would also need to be excessively terraformed and filled in, a task which would take ludicrous amounts of time given the lack of activity in Nro'Meagh. Additionally, WNS2 didn't see the presence of several cities as the flaw Nro'Meagh was facing. Instead, he thought that newfriends were unhappy with Nro'Meagh for the same reasons he had been when he left: it was limiting in terms of progression, heavily anti-militarism, and highly inactive. While this assessment was likely at least partially incorrect, it provided another apparent flaw with Avo and KiWi's idea. Lastly, WNS2 was in the CES alliance with Nro'Meagh, an alliance which was at this time strictly non-military, and had been created to allow negotiations between nations specifically for situations such as this one. By all definitions, the ultimatum was a direct transgression against the CES charter.

WNS2's negotiation tactics quickly changed from an attempt to get Avo and KiWi to allow changes to their ultimatum to subtly (not very subtly) suggesting that Nro would not benefit from a conflict with Amyr, especially given that KiWi had now access to CivClassic and Avo was incredibly inactive. However, the two were quick to point out that CES nations were forbidden from attacking each other, and since WNS2 was neither interested in leaving the CES (Which despite including Avo and KiWi also included several friends) nor attacking a nation which was largely unique among all others on the server, he eventually deescalated and simply refused to agree to either choice of the ultimatum.

After many terse and repetitive arguments with representitives of Nro'Meagh, and despite encouragement from other Nro players with similar opinions, WNS2 eventually passed Alexandria off to KiWi in exchange for permission to take a world download of it before it was destroyed. However, the Nro' program came to nothing as Jevoghnya leadership realized that their programs were not beneficial for the health of Nro'Meagh and rollled back their policies of being the official protectors of Nro'Meagh and destroying old cities. Alexandria successfully lasted until the end of the server, and while WNS2 was eventually restored to the Pan-Nro' council during a Nro'Meagh, diplomatic campaign caused by the Thoria Succession Crisis, he never returned to being more than a token part of Alexandria or Nro'Meagh as a whole.

The Alexandria Debacle successfully removed Amyr's interest in Nro'Meagh, but whether that was ultimately for the better or the worse is up for debate.

The Battle of Eddie Murphy Tech Islands

The Battle of Eddie Murphy Tech Islands is described in far greater detail on it's own page, which can be accessed here. Amyr was the battleground of this war, and is widely considered to be the nation threatened, with the notable dissent of the Eddie Murphy Tech players.


The Age of Isolationism

Amyr started out as an OMN by WNS2, and was originally intended as a place for him to hang out with friends from realms, especially when he was pearled, but quickly became his main interserver residence following CivRealms's decline. Amyr was officially closed to other players, although you would most likely will not be pearled unless you jump in the bunker snitch zone hole. Throught this period, WNS2 occasionally helped out the various newfriends who wandered through Amyr, but passed them off to stay in nearby nations such as Monterry. It was also during this period that the Treaty of Nro'Meagh, the Treaty of Krowatia, the Mesa Island deal, and the joining of the CES occurred. Only after the New Moon skybunker was completed did the nation open to new arrivals and other players, with the link being posted in the CES alliance discord. However, before announcing the opening of Amyr to the public, WNS2 wanted to (and did) complete both a small shop for essential goods such as pickaxes and XP, and a factory room for future citizens. This era came to an end as the first citizen of Amyr joined on the 13th of july, 2021.

The Opening Attempt

Amyr attemped to open up, but unfortunately the attempt was ill-timed and the easily accessible skybunker hole led to serveral curious newfriends being pearled by logon pvpers. WNS2 left for a two-week vacation just after opening the nation, and was therefore unable to properly direct the few who joined. Returning from vacation, WNS2 the newfriends to have mostly dispersed off the server. A couple of already established players joined with alts, but for the most part this was not successful.

The Effects of the War of Eddie Murphy

Up to the Battle of Eddie Murphy, Amyr was largely focused on grinding out and building ever larger defensive bases, a preoccupation which came in very useful during the battle itself. However, these defensive bases were not usually well stocked, and were particularly poorly stocked at the start of the battle. Following the battle, Amyr shifted its focus slightly to ensuring greater security in the future by improving alliances and existing defensive structures, and moved towards buildfriending as well so that it might one day have a city worth defending.


Most of the Amyr lore is stolen from other sources, primarily The Name of the Wind and The Mandalorian. References to these include:

- The nation's name

- Rising Phoenix (Amyrian elytra bearers)

- The name of the capital city


- Keldabe, the capital city, was once accidently renamed to Caea when WNS2 forgot that he had ever named it in the first place

- The Amyr vault project had several names and locations over its existance, starting as the Singularity, before becoming the Armageddon and eventually Dawn vault. However, even the final name was temporary and even it was never intended to be actually used.