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Amyr is a small nation in the ++, with its capital at roughly 6600, 3900. It is lead by WNS2, who is also no longer the only official member.

Government & Alliances


Largely as a continuation of his old nation/province of New Providence, WNS2 runs Amyr in accordance with strong militarism, preferring to complete construction of adequate defenses before even beginning to start aesthetic builds.

Close ties

Amyr maintains close friendship with Adina, who were extremely helpful in the setup of Amyr, and WNS2 also maintains old friendships with friends from previous servers. Amyr players have also recently become moderately involved in Nro'Meagh politics.

Alliances and active treaties

15th of May, 2021: WNS2 was a signatory on the Treaty of Nro'Meagh, which removed Caesar's Legion from occupying Nro'Meagh. The following negotiations put Alexandria city and parts of Alexandria's old claims under Amyrian protection, as he was the only remaining Alexandrian who participated in the conflict.

21st of May, 2021: WNS2 signed the Treaty of Krowatia, handing off part of the Amyr controlled forest island north of the capital to the (somewhat) new nation of Krowatia. Both sides seemed to consider the other rather unreasonable, with the Krowations being upset that WNS2 had claim to the land without their knowledge. While they had been building a town, WNS2 had believed this to be an old Adinan settlement. Likewise, WNS2 was frustrated that they had settled on claimed land without permission from ImperatorMendes_ or Hockey328, and that they were completely unwilling to settle anywhere but in a forest biome. Despite these frustrations, negotiations were ultimately successful although neither side was thrilled with the land split.

27th of May, 2021: WNS2 made an unnamed agreement with Mr.DoomBringer of Monterry to split the nearest mesa island.

Amyr is currently part of the CES

Amyr at War

Amyr's conflicts are listed below in chronological order, titled by the name of the conflict

The Fall of Caesar

Having historic ties to Nro'Meagh, WNS2 joined the coalition against Caesar as soon as he was invited to it by Topher3001 and CooCooMan556. He aided the rebellion by funding buff potions and providing other materials such as compactor materials and compacted food. He was also one of the four people fighting Caesar when Caesar was pearled by Topher3001. Following the fall of Caesar, WNS2 participated in the reformation of Nro'Meagh, and joined the Pan-Nro' Council.


The Age of Isolationism

Amyr started out as an OMN by WNS2, and was originally intended as a place for him to hang out with friends from realms, especially when he was pearled, but quickly became his main interserver residence following CivRealms's decline. Amyr was officially closed to other players, although you would most likely will not be pearled unless you jump in the bunker snitch zone hole. Throught this period, WNS2 occasionally helped out the various newfriends who wandered through Amyr, but passed them off to stay in nearby nations such as Monterry. It was also during this period that the Treaty of Nro'Meagh, the Treaty of Krowatia, the Mesa Island deal, and the joining of the CES occurred. Only after the New Moon skybunker was completed did the nation open to new arrivals and other players, with the link being posted in the CES alliance discord. However, before announcing the opening of Amyr to the public, WNS2 wanted to (and did) complete both a small shop for essential goods such as pickaxes and XP, and a factory room for future citizens. This era came to an end as the first citizen of Amyr joined on the 13th of july, 2021.

The Modern Era

Amyr do be happening


The founding of Amyr

According to their texts, Amyr was founded by a mineman from a faraway land, fleeing from the devastation in the wake of a great war. To quote the Mynehhsk (pronounced Min eh sch ck),

"As the fog rolled off the cliffs of to leave a crisp morning in Adina, it left almost no trace that anything out of the ordinary might have happened in the night. Yet for those so curious as to check the annals of minemen [tab list], an old name could be seen. The First High Command had arrived, and quickly hunted down a resource-rich island in a peaceful region, a place where the as of yet unfounded Amyr could bloom."

This passage is actually the source of much disagreement over scholars of the Amyrian religion,