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Nipplerock is an isolationist nation which claims to have developed TNT-tipped missiles that can reach anywhere on the map. Headed by the dictator Gantoe_, the rest of the server's nations are wary of the wild-card actions of this supreme leader.

Most, if not all, nations are trying to identify a means to protect themselves from the missiles, but so far, due to Gantoe_'s amazing engineering and tenacity, no such means have been found.

Little is known about the doings of this secretive nation. Its leader has claimed that "when we [Nipplerock] do something, it sets a trend"[1]

Nipplerock has been able to defeat many foes; from the Hexcorp ancaps to defeating the once feared GNI so hard Rick got run out of TdC. Do not mess with these guys. Seriously. You will die.

Flag of Nipplerock

We are very very very smart at Nipplerock with the highest of tech available to our people we have the most powerful explosives on civ and are not in fear of useing them we will kick you’re ass.