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CivRealms 2.0 was a Civ server which launched on the 18th of May 2019.[1] It was owned by John Smith, who is associated with Civcraft player Stonato, and was administrated by Mike0war and Crimeo. The server never officially went down, but the last time it accidently went down it was never recovered.

CivRealms 2.0 has a reddit at r/Civrealms and a Discord. The server was running on 1.12.2 at the IP:

Zexenia City



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In July of 2020, notable player and leader of CivCorp, TopWolf was banned and eventually quit after reporting that his casino had been illegally copied using a WorldDownload.[2] CivRealms administrators eventually reversed the ban against the offending players early.

In October 2020, the administration introduced a new rule called "Burning It Down: If you make it clear your main goal here is to burn the world down, we will likely ask you to stop." after complains of unfairness from the World Police against the USA. Only a few weeks later, this rule would directly be used to ban multiple USA members.[3]

During Pride Month 2021, Stonato erroneously banned a user from the CivRealms discord for posting a gif of two women kissing, claiming it violated the rule against posting R-rated content. Another head admin, crimeo, subsequently banned Stonato from his own server's discord over Stonato's homophobia and double standard in comparison to straight kissing scenes in Disney movies.[4]By September 2021, CivRealms was dead in all but name, with most players citing groups senselessly raiding in an attempt to kill the server and Stonato's own bigotry as the reasons for them going inactive.[5]