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Basic Info
Start Date16th of November 2021
End DateJuly 24th, 2023
Minecraft Version1.16.4(recommended, 1.12-1.16.5 functioning)

CivRev, also known as CivRevolution, was a Civ server by Owain_X that launched 16th of November 2021, with its third iteration ending on 24 July 2023. It was started as a private server, and later opened publicly due to a server outage of CivClassic. CivRev 1 was identical to CivClassic in most of its configuration and plugins, but over time new plugins were added.

The key differences between CivRev and CivClassic included:

  • Limit of 3 total accounts,
  • Vanilla 1.16.4 generated map,
  • There is a nether and portals do work,
  • The end and nether have 1300 radius world borders and a 1 to 1 nether; you can only exit the nether in the central part of the overworld.[1]


Early Peace (November 16 - December 9)

An early map of the server by alzuBoxxer11

CivRev opened on November 16th, 2021, after being in development since at least April 8th.[2] The server launched in response to a temporary CivClassic shutdown, and the population grew rapidly as there were no other active civ servers at the time. The first days of the server were generally peaceful as players created the first land claims on the server and began mapping out the world. Nations founded during this time included Narra, Bergburg, Wacc, Astonia, Waswya and many other minor nations. Conflicts were rare due to the size of the map and the distance between claims. The most notable founded at this time was Saint Lola, Fortuna, Elysium and Icarus. At 5PM EST, the discord was temporarily closed to new messages due to admin Owain X receiving too many messages and ModMails.[3] After the discord was reopened, it temporarily became a hub of Civ discussion. On November 18th, a Unified Map Project server dedicated to mapping out claims on CivRev opened. On the 19th, CivClassic reopened and activity on the server dwindled as most players returned to CivClassic, with only those pearled on CivClassic remaining for the next two weeks.

A satirical image of KyleRittenhouse crossing "country lines" to pearl two newfriends, by MadDog443.

Rise of Powers (December 9 - December 31st)

On December 9, 2021, administrator TealNerd of CivClassic announced that the server would be shutting down on the 18th.[4] As the only new Civ server running at the time, most Civ players moved to CivRev in an event known as the Great Civclassics Migration. Many nations founded during the Early Peace became inactive, which allowed for new nations to rise. The Most Serence Republic of Fortuna had been founded on December 8th[5] by long-time Civ player ComradeNick and quickly grew to be one of the most powerful nations due to many other experienced Civ players joining. Casson, Sovia, Dolphin, Grainview, and many other nations were founded around the 9th as well. Some of the first conflict arose on the server as Fortuna claimed all of the area around 0,0 in a 1000 block square, overclaiming previous nations like Bergburg. As more nations began to be founded around spawn, raiding increased. The most notable event occured when player Zach attacked and pearled two newfriends in the Jomsviking Confederation, claiming "self-defense" due to Jomsviking previously threatening to pearl him due to his name.[6] On the 14th, Zach (KyleRittenhouse) was pearled by Fortuna.[7] Also at this time, hackers with cheats installed were raiding and pearling players due to the server's anti-cheat not being fully functional. This issue was solved on the 17th as a proper anti-cheat was installed by Owain X.[8] A notable war began on the 19th as players Savaguard, led by Invader1337, attacked and raided Icarus on multiple occasions leading Icarus to officially declare war.[9] Savaguard claimed that Icarus overclaimed Savaguard land that had been publically posted in the UMP discord whereas Icarus had settled in the area before. This declaration of war was almost immediately followed by the Icarian Federal Army stonebombing the area. The Savaguardian leader Invader1337 was furious, demanding that the groups are to be given at once on the Icarian discord, this was followed by Icarians shitposting the server. The next day, a member of Icarian High Command knows as Deo, seeing the war as useless, decided to make a deal with Invader. In return for the groups, Savaguard was to return stolen valuables and peace was restored.

Decline (December 31st - January 23rd, 2022)

On the 31st of December 2021, the seed of the server's map (which is a vanilla Minecraft world) was leaked, and players used this to their advantage by taking the coordinates of diamond veins. Owain stated that this was not against the server rules, and because of this and the seemingly slow speed at which hackers were banned, the player count began to drop quickly, with large nations like Fortuna and Casson dissolving.[10][11] Previously controversial players were also banned for criticising and trolling Owain. Very few posts were made during this time period, with a number of newfriends founding new nations only to find a dead server.[12]

CivRev2 and Merger with CivReign (January 23rd - August 26th, 2022)

On January 23, 2022, Owain launched a public alpha version of CivRev2, similar to the first CivRev but this time in Minecraft 1.18.[13]Contrary to many other Civ severs, both the original CivRev and CivRev2 are online simultaneously.

At some point after the launch of CivRev2, Owain merged its development with that of CivReign, with CivRev and CivRev2 acting as test servers for it. Subsequently, the IPs of Owain's servers now loaded the player into a hub world named CivUnion that contained portals that led to CivReign, CivRev, and CivRev2.

CivRev3 (August 26th, 2022 - May 1st, 2023)

On August 26th, 2022, Owain announced that work had begun on CivRev3, or CivRev 3.0, which seemed to be vastly different from the first two iterations of the server. With he announcement of it's beginning development, Owain promised unusual additions to the Civ features such as an expansion of the tech tree that involved airplanes, guns, and vehicles to compliment the ambitious Earth replica map for the server that would be 72k x 36k in scale.

Work on the server quietly continued alongside CivReign until on January 6th, 2023, Owain announced that the beta for the server would drop on February 4th and as promised, it did. The server itself received minor attention and coincided with a player whitelisting program that made players responsible for who they would vouch for on the server. However, most attention from the server was pulled away as CivReign officially launched on the 24th of the same month.

On May 1st, 2023, Owain turned off the server for infinite time due to his real life situations[14]. Although Owain stated he won't give up on the CivRev server, it is unknown whenever Owain will return to continue on the CivRev[15].

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