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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main Residence
  • Little Ukraine, CSA
  • Hydrangea, Provincia
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Portuguese
Also Known as
  • CharliChips
  • AbolishTheParty
Civ Servers
Iterations played on

ChocChips, also known as CharliChips, is a Confederate politician and builder who lives mostly in the CSA and in Provincia. In the CCCP, he is currently the Commissar of Homosexual Construction and/or Hate Crimes.


CivClassic 2.0

ChocChips joined CivClassic in late May, 2019 and started out on the server as a Vinland citizen. In Vinland he created the town of Oliivipuisto in Vinland's savanna in the south.

About a month after joining the server, ChocChips joined the newly created CivClassic's iteration of the LSIF. This would lead ChocChips to move away from Vinland and to primarily live in the then Union of Socialist Augusta where he would mostly work on the anarchist commune of Little Ukraine. In order to be involved in Mount Augusta's politics, eventually ChocChips would become a citizen there.

Although ChocChips continued to spend most of his time in the Confederation of Socialist Augusta, he also participated in other smaller LSIF projects such as NAPALM, a commune in Gensokyo, and Saigon, an island east of Pinnacle.

Furthermore, despite becoming inactive in Vinland, ChocChips was involved in projects in its neighbor Nro'meagh. Here he created the clan of Il'olmhil, an anarchist Wild West town that's now part of Jevoghnya, and participated in the Tophanya clan.

Throughout 2021, ChocChips mostly focused on participating in the development of the newly created communes of Little Stonewall and Little Hellsinki in the CSA and in November, 2021, after the founding of the Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates, ChocChips founded in Provincia the city of Hydrangea, a solarpunk anarchist city.

CivRealms 2.0

Due to CSA's inactivity in October, 2019, ChocChips joined other Confederates in the United Republic on CivRealms 2.0. In Unitas, he created Xifang, an anarchist city and region in the northern mountains of the country.

In April, 2020, ChocChips joined Mount Augusta when it moved to CivRealms, where he created and was the main resident in Little USA.