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Cortesia Del Mar, officially The Republic of Cortesia Del Mar (often shortened to Cortesia or CDM), is a constitutional republic in the ++ (southeastern) quadrant of the map. Currently run by a "transitionary oligarchy"[1], the nation is founded on "the values of democracy, equality, humanity, justice, liberty, responsibility, secularity, and the rule of law"[2], and is actively expanding northwards across its territory from its interim capital and oldest city of New Sol. Its only land border is with Monterrey to the west, though it is politically close to Caledonia as a result of unique circumstances surrounding its continent. Though the nation is young, it is remarkably culturally concrete, as a result of having a long preexisting history.
Cortesia Del Mar
Peacetime Flag of Cortesia Del Mar
LocationEntranan Continent
Alliance CES
Capital cityNew Sol
GovernmentTransitionary Oligrachy
Governing documentConstitution
• President
• Vice President
• Minister of Economic Affairs
• Minister of Interior
Foundation date2 January 2021


Pre-CivClassic History

Cortesian pre-CivClassic history is just under four years long, stretching back to an indeterminate date some time in early 2017. As such, the full Cortesian history is not presented here. A slowly-being-completed document roughly detailing its history (only through September 2020 as of January 2021) can be found here. It is important to note that this historical document itself has historical context, as the majority of it (through May 2020) was written while Cortesia (and, as such, the historian, yodabird19) were establishing themselves on their previous server of MCAtlas, with the main source being a different history (through December 2019) written at and after the end of Cortesia's presence on its previous previous server of StarLegacy (September-December 2019).

In lieu of a thorough history of the Republic, presented below is a short summary of major events relevant to Cortesian culture and politics today:

CivClassic History

Cortesia's location and membership on CivClassic are the result of an extraordinary coincidence, as when Cortesia agreed to move to Classics, it encountered former StarLegacy friend EngineeringBean already settled in the city-state of New Sol. With Bean's permission, Cortesians began to operate out of New Sol from December 21st, 2020, building up the future first Cortesian city and connecting it via rail to the Entranan Transcontinental Express and the nearby town of Barcelona.

Cortesia was founded with a "transitionary oligarchy" and exclusion zones around historic cities on the so-called Entranan Continent on January 2nd, 2021. Caledonia, former stewards of the Entranan vicinity, assented to the claim. With its capital, Ventura, having been founded on January 23rd, Cortesia accepted an invitation to the DUMP alliance on January 25th, which would be realized on the 31st, getting its diplomatic foot in the proverbial door.

After the Free State of Lambat's brief membership in DUMP and eventual dissolution, its territory was temporarily ceded to Cortesia for protection on February 2nd, 2021.[4] [5] The territory was returned to the Republic of Lambat, FSL's successor state, on February 13th.[6]



This image is significantly out of date.

Cortesia Del Mar's main claim stretches north to south across its subcontinent. Stretching ~2900 blocks from its northernmost to its southernmost point, Cortesian territory incorporates a large mountainous forest, a small area of plans, another of savannah, and two islands to its south: one grassy, and one nether. It is comparable in size to its neighbor, Monterrey.
The nation also claims a mushroom island near the world border.

Protected History

As stated in its claim post, "Cortesia pledges to protect and preserve the remains of abandoned towns on the Entranan continent". The practical implementation of this protection of history is Cortesia's three established exclusion zones, one around each known ruin in its territory: Entrana City, Constantinople, and Fort Liberty. Other historical artifacts, such as the Entranan footpath between these three cities, are also intended to be preserved to the maximum extent possible, though Cortesia does not foribid itself from making use of the land on which it sits, unlike the old cities in its midst. Cortesia's territory is also populated with claim markers from a "Lowland Hundred" civilization, which is presumed to have created the large floating farms which sit northwest of New Sol, but as this civilization lacks extensive documentation, its history is less able to be properly protected by the nation.

Cortesian Cities

New Sol is Cortesia's oldest city and interim administrative and geographic capital.[7] It is located on a plains peninsula in the south of Cortesia's claim. The city, with a futuristic, "stacked" style, is run by Mayor EngineeringBean.

Ventura is a future Cortesian city. Under heavy construction, it is located around the southern shore of Cortesia's lake. Its goal is to host the seat of Cortesian government and involve the styles of all Cortesian cities; it is still not yet a self-sufficient locale.

Politics and Government

The so-called Republic of Cortesia Del Mar is currently run by a "transitionary oligarchy" consisting of IceCarim, BrickWall_Gaming, and yodabird19. This trio, in tandem with the Republic's citizens, are working on the nation's intricate and corruption-proofed Constitution. This section will be expanded when Cortesia has a more complex government to speak of.
Cortesia Del Mar was part of the Defense Union for Mutual Prosperity for the early half of 2021, later joining fellow member states Blackwell and Monterrey in voting to fold the alliance. DUMP met its end on 2 June 2021. Soon thereafter, Cortesia helped found the Conference of Eastern States, of which it is currently a part.

Public Infrastructure


Cortesia Del Mar has, as can be seen in its claim image (shown in the "Geography" section), established rails for its city of New Sol connecting to the Entranan Transcontinental Express and Barcelona. These are open to the public, and can be found at approximately where they appear in the aforementioned claim image.


Inside Jokes

"Halfbreed master" / "GLHF go die in a fire halfbreed" - Insults directed by Zhuge at IceCarim during the April 1st revolution

"Don't come crawling back" - Removed secretariat member's "final warning" to Cortesia

"Regen moment" - Reference to despised MCAtlas "world regeneration" plugin which effectively griefed terrain

yodabird19's birthday - Jokes about and guesses at Vice President yodabird19's un-revealed birthday

epic_man_9 - Immature, overambitious leader of Exerticus on StarLegacy

yodabird19's PvP arena - An unapproved project undertaken by yodabird19 on RebirthCraft that got him demoted

"dntprtctsa" - Comical shortening of oft-repeated meaningless promise by ex-Cortesian "pirates" (griefers) not to pirate Cortesia on StarLegacy

"Insula Chan" / "Ina" - Anime girl based on Atlas nation Insula, drawn by concerningly adept resident artist

"rail gang" - Catchphrase of Atlas rail project (AIRP)

"Cock real quick please?" - Crude typo of a request for someone to hold a clock item (which, on StarLegacy, highlighted their presence on the dynmap)

"Momentous moment" - reference to clumsy statement in a speech by yodabird19 - "this moment is as momentous as any other momentous moment"


  • Cortesia Del Mar is several months older than CivClassics, despite being a newfriend nation on the server.
  • A majority of Cortesia's transitionary oligarchy lives in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Nobody has ever heard Vice President yodabird19 speak.
  • Cortesia's city of New Sol was once a self-governing city-state.
  • Cortesia's mainland claims are rumored to be similar in shape to Barney the Purple Dinosaur.


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