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The following are a list of confirmed nations that are participating or have participated on CivMC.

Criteria for Inclusion

Claims as of October 30, 2023.

The current CivWiki standard for qualification on this list are as follows:

  1. Nations must
    • have been on TheJmqn's unofficial claims map at some point.
    • have had a claims post that is generally accepted by the community.
  2. Countries must have leaders or members of equal position that are able to be contacted.

List of nations

Colloquial Names Official Name Status Leader(s) Discord Link General location
Amboise Amboise Active EVDan Northeast quadrant, East of Griffin and South of New Jersey.
Amicitia Kingdom of Amicitia Active BlueBox97, Cormin Southeast quadrant, in the Stony Sea west of Arsenia and Mount Augusta and east of Estalia.
Anisso Principality of Anisso Active Szepess, Crimson_Celak Southeast quadrant, south of Venne on the bottom of map.
Arsenia Arsenia Desolved (former BUILD) SQOpenSpellBook, PolyBit, butter_villager Southeast quadrant, West Alenarith, Southwest of Mount Augusta, Northwest of Nara and Dalgon.
Arsenio Pact Arsenio Pact Annexed by Arsenia N/A Southeast quadrant, South of Mount Augusta and North of Dalgon.
Asgard Asgard Annexed by Imperial Federation HassDaMahn, ___TheBoss___ N/A Southwest quadrant, north of Imperial Federation.
Aurellia Aurellia Active Roskolnikov Southeast quadrant, South of Iria and West of Lusitania
Baile Kingdom of Baile Active CatistStudy, ManNami Northeast quadrant, east of Winterbourne on the world border.
Blockchainistan The Cryptocracy of Blockchainistan Annexed by Gang Shi Figasaur, RabbiCr0c Not public Southeast quadrant, Northeast of Mount Augusta, and Northeast quadrant, North of Yoahtl.
Butternut Butternut County Dissolved after the Post-Nut clarity war Bewsiej, Elithys Northwest quadrant, East of Icenia and northwest of Volterra.
Calw Calw Active (BUILD) ForRealz77 Southeast quadrant, south of Mount Augusta and West of Doom City.
CivMarket CivMarket Plot Operations ceased to Estalia Jaydon_, kicky_ East of map center, on a peninsula off the Estalia-Ku disputed region.
City of England City of England Annexed by SPQR Blob, Baghold Northwest quadrant, East of SPQR.
Christopia Christopia Annexed by Icenia Robblefest Southwest quadrant, South of KOSA.[1]
Cortesia Del Mar (CDM) Cortesia Del Mar Dissolved after the Butternut-SEC War IceCarim, Yodabird19 Southeast quadrant, northwest of the Medi Sea south of Iria and west of Doom City.[2]
Commonwealth The Commonwealth Active Reffelruz, PergySkeel On the equator west of 0,0
Danzilona Free Danzilonan Republic Active Azelair, Red_Steel Southeast quadrant, along the Medi Sea south of Cortesia Del Mar.[2]
Dalgon Dalgon Active (DNA) fredhun14 Southeast quadrant, bordering to the west of Nara.[3]
Dirt Dirt Active (Dirty Doomers) HaKr Northeast quadrant, North of Griffin and West of SPQR.
Doom City Doom City Active (Dirty Doomers) FRESH_candy, ShadySauce, BuckyHD Southeast quadrant, mountains southeast of Mount Augusta.[4]
Estalia Estalia Active (Elysian Pact) Gregy165, Walkers, Lysika Lantariel Center of the map, and exclaves north and south of its mainland.
Holy Empire of Exyria (Exilus and Zephyria) Exyria Active Butter_villager Eastern quadrant, between Yoahtl and Lambat
FELINE Furries Encouraging Liminal Irresponsible Nepotistic Exploitation Annexed by Nalora (Imperial Federation) Ziwin Southwest quadrant, below Anor Londo X and west of Hyperborean Confederation.[5]
Fempire Union Fempire Union Active (BUILD) Jindosh Northeast quadrant, west of SPQR and near World Border.
Gang Shi Holy Empire of Gang Shi Dissolved after Post Nut Clarity war Gwua, Jbblocker, ___TheBoss___ Northeast quadrant, above Yoahtl and along world border.
Gensokyo Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo Active within Holy Truidencian Empire Topaz4293 Southeast quadrant, taiga towards the southeast coast of the Medi Sea near Truidencia.[6]
Grand Imperium The Grand Imperium Annexed by Yoahtl Attoprak Northeast quadrant, East of Titan and North of Yoahtl.[7]
Great Thrall Clan The Great Thrall Clan Annexed by Icarus and Mercutio JustQueeck Northwest quadrant, North of Icarus and West of Mercutio.[8]
Griffin High Kingdom of Griffin Active Seekinq Northeast quadrant, Northeast of Estalia.
Holy See Holy See Ceased to exist On the equator west of Commonwealth and north of Reggio.
Hell Hell Active - Absorbed into The Commonwealth Under stewardship of Tornaydo while Byhalia is on hiatus Shallow southeast quadrant, South of Estalia.
Heikki Heikki Active Plrog Northeast quadrant, below Mery and Lambat
Hyperborea (HC) Hyperborean Confederation Active Spaceman_Spleef Southwest quadrant, taiga. South of Leibniz, West of Chiana [citation needed]
Icarus 2nd Icarian Republic Active within Icenia CredixYt Western World Border, North of Western Boundary.[9]
Icenia Third Republic of Icenia Active ChrisChrispie Northwest quadrant, large portion of plains northwest of Estalia and north of Pacem.[10]
Ila'Kyavul Ila'Kyavul Active Caesar Southeast quadrant, along the north shore of the Medi Sea west of Lusitania.[11]
Imperial Federation Imperial Federation Active (BUILD) Jalhf (Monarch), Potato Duke (Chancellor) Southwest quadrant, occupying the southeast of Deluvia.[11]
Jorvik Jarldom of Jorvik Annexed by Volterra ItzHoover Northeast quadrant, the Westernmost region of the Impendian continent, South of Bruma, North of SPQR and Moloka. [12]
Kallos Kallos Merged with Kallumbia K0mmi Northwest quadrant, North of Estalia and East of Butternut.
Khaganate Empire of Khan Merged with Greater Duskwood to formReunan Union Kenkaiye7666 Southeast quadrant, South of Titan and Yoahtl.[13]
Kowloon Kowloon Monastic Order Annexed by Kaowta Sammelt Souttheast quadrant, north of Iria [citation needed]
Lambat Republic of Lambat Active Kaprediem Shallow northeast quadrant, southeast of Pavia.[14]
Lambeau Lambeau Active Chosentwicelol Northeast quadrant, south of Icenia and west of Butternut.
Leibniz Leibniz Confederation Dissolved after Okx became an admin Patar15, Okx Southern portion of map aloing X axis, South of Estalia.[15]
Lusitania Kingdom of Lusitania Active Metriximor Southeast quadrant, at the southeastern world border next to the Medi Sea.[16]
Mercutio The Council State of Mercutio Active Phobitica, SonicFrost, Favbot, MateKrey, Flipflop, Tirimsu Northwest quadrant, East of Icarus.[17]
Mount Augusta Mount Augusta Active (BUILD) Sakanaotoko Shallow southeast quadrant, closer to the center of the map near Estalia and Doom City.[18]
Nara Nara Active (Elysian Pact) SwordMaster7777, Blatlas Southeast quadrant, bordering Gensokyo near the southeastern world border.[19]
Nassau Pyrate Republic of Nassau Active Deserve, Paddington Bear Northwest quadrant, North of Valyria and Icenia.[20]
Autonomous State of Mount Augusta

(New Phoenix)

New Phoenix Active Darknight1986 Shallow southeast quadrant, closer to the center of the map on the border of Mount Augusta.
Ocala Ocala Annexed by Kallos Amedy Northwest quadrant, East of Valyria and Northwest of Yggdrasil.[21]
Otonabee Second Republic of Otonabee Declaimed by Hg_80 IKEA FRIDGE Southwest quadrant, west of CCTT.[22]
Pacem Free City of Pacem Active Shtim Northwest quadrant, south of Icenia towards the center of the quadrant.[23]
Paradice Paradice Annexed by Venne StefanMakker Southeast quadrant, South of Leibniz.[24]
Pavia The Empire of Pavia Active (Elysian Pact) The Emperor and Archduke of Pavia. This frequently changes, see Pavia. Shallow northeast quadrant, northeast of Estalia and northwest of Lambat.[25]
Petrichor Worker's Republic of Petrichor Annexed by Icenia MetalHusband Northwest quadrant, northwest of Estalia and southwest of Icenia.[26]
Reconstruction Era State of Reconstruction Era Annexed by Warmia and later declaimed 1234fireball Northwest quadrant, North of Rhode Island.[27]
Rhode Island Rhode Island Banned, partially declaimed or overclaimed by other nations GeneralThomas4, Pds0303, Capri Northwest quadrant, north of Estalia and east of Icenia.[28]
Rivia Syndicate of Rivia Inactive Doommad Southeast quadrant, Inbetween Iria and North of Aurellia
Rozia Republic of Rozia Overclaimed by Yoahtl KibblesTheBoss Southeast quadrant, South of Yoahtl and North of Lusitania.[29]
Sovia Free Territory of Sovia Ceded to Icarus N/A Northwest quadrant, West of Petrichor and Icenia.[30]
SPQR Senate and People of Rome Active (Elysian Pact) Mark_Antony Northeast quadrant, South of Jorvik and North of Griffin.[31]
Surmadri The Walled City-State of Surmadri Active (Union of the South Sea) Surmadri Citizen's Council Southwest quadrant, center of Deluvia, between the Imperial Federation
Titan Titan Industries Succeeded by Gang Shi Naglafer Northeast quadrant, At Eastern worldborder.[32]
Truidencia Holy Truidencian Empire Active Zeldronix Southeast quadrant, at the southeastern world border and bordering the Medi Sea.[33]
Valyria Valyrian Triumvirate Active Doommad, C4Mmo, Sircapalot Northwest quadrant, deep in the northwest between Icenia and the world border.[34]
Varathia Second Empire of Varathia Declaimed Aresot Eastern Portion of map along Z axis, South of Judea and North of Iria.[35]
Venne Venne Active headshot_0515, Magic_Maya, Shadowvdark Southeast quadrant near bottom of the map. [36]
Volterra Crowned Republic of Volterra Active (Elysian Pact) Hoover Northwest quadrant, West of Estalia
Vinland Vinland Active rt6yhjyuvy6, DSbulldogs Northeast quadrant. Right of Baile and above SPQR's BRUMA territory
Warmia Warmia Overclaimed or declaimed 1111111111111000 Shallow northeast quadrant, North of Volterra.
Wayrest Wayrest Active iOminous North East Quadrant of the Nether.
Western Boundary 境界の西部共和国 Ceded to Imperial Federation ChewLeKitten,SinjoroJoCrafter Islands along the Western world border.[37]
Winterbourne The Royal House of Winterbourne Active Princess__Bow Unknown North pole and eastern coast of Northlandia.
Wolken Wolken Joined Arsenio Pact (later ceded to Transylvania) Dilluexe Southeast quadrant, North of Gensokyo and Truidencia.[38]
Yngland Theocratic Anarcho-Diarchy of Yngland Joined Fempire Union Cat alunya, Tatdat Northeast quadrant, North of Fempire Union.
Yoahtl Empire of Yoahtl Active x1025, Solitaire7, MechanicalRift, Krombopul Not public, ask a councillor for an invite Eastern portion of map along Z axis, Southwest of former Gang Shi. East of Lambat, Exyria, and Iria.


Name of Organization Type of Organization Discord Invite General Operational Area
Alenarith Forum Diplomatic Forum Alenarith Continent, Southeast quadrant
CivMC South-West Forum Diplomatic Forum Southwest quadrant
(-X,-Z) Discord Server Diplomatic Forum / Information Discord Northwest quadrant
Great Eastern Rail Committee Infrastructure Forum (Rail Planning and Construction) Eastern Hemisphere
OneDest Infrastructure Forum (Rail Routing, Planning, and Construction) Server Wide
Forum of the Medi Sea Diplomatic Forum Medi Sea Area, Southeast quadrant
CivWiki Operators of the Wiki Genre Wide
Unified Map Project Operators of the CivClassics 2.0 and CivMC claims maps Genre Wide
Transport Union Infrastructure coordination & developmental body. Ring Gates and between.


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