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The following are a list of confirmed nations that are participating on CivMC.

Criteria for Inclusion

Claims as of June 5, 2022.

The current CivWiki standard for qualification on this list are:

  1. Nations are required to have at least 2 of the following:
    • a claims post,
    • have claims on the latest official claims map, or
    • (eventually) a qualified claims post on the official web map
  2. Claims must generally be non-conflicting and uncontested.
  3. Countries must have leaders that are able to be contacted
  4. Nations must have active participation either in-game or in some other communication platform.

For the first month (until July 2022), the first item is dependent on the latest claims map, their own publicly declared claims maps, or on other people's claims maps.

For the first few months (until September 2022), the last item is waived for qualification.

List of nations

Colloquial Names Official Name Leader(s) Discord Link General location
Aurellia Aurellia MrDoomBringer / Complexii Southeast quadrant, towards north of the Medi Sea west of Lusitania.[1]
Camiseo Republic of Camiseo Troll_Bebek Northwest quadrant, north of the strait dividing it from Estalia.[2]
CCTT Cooperative Commonwealth of Tenants' Toil Plupsnup Southwest quadrant, West of Liebniz Confed. and East of Otonabee.[3]
CivMarket CivMarket Jaydon_, kicky_ East of map center, on a peninsula off the Estalia-Ku disputed region.
Cortesia Del Mar (CDM) Cortesia Del Mar IceCarim, Yodabird19 Southeast quadrant, northwest of the Medi Sea south of Iria and west of Doom City.[1]
The Commonwealth Commonwealth, CW Reffelruz On the equator west of 0,0, just north of KOEL.
Danzilona Free Danzilonan Republic Lowtuff Private Southeast quadrant, along the Medi Sea south of Cortesia Del Mar.[1]
Dalgon Dalgon fredhun14 Southeast quadrant, bordering to the west of Nara.[4]
Doom City Doom City Southeast quadrant, mountains southeast of Mount Augusta.[5]
Estalia Estalia Gregy165 Private Center of the map, and much of the northeast quadrant.[6]
FELINE Furries Encouraging Liminal Irresponsible Nepotistic Exploitation Southwest quadrant, below KOSA and west of Hyperborean Confederation[7]
Gensokyo Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo Topaz4293 Southeast quadrant, taiga towards the southeast coast of the Medi Sea near Truidencia.[8]
Hyperborea (HC) Hyperborean Confederation Spaceman_Spleef Southwest quadrant, taiga. South of Leibniz, West of Chiana
Icenia Third Republic of Icenia ChrisChrispie Northwest quadrant, large portion of plains northwest of Estalia and north of Pacem.[9]
Ila'Kyavul Ila'Kyavul Caesar Southeast quadrant, along the north shore of the Medi Sea west of Lusitania.[1]
Kowloon Kowloon Monastic Order Sammelt Souttheast Quadrant, north of Iria
Lambat Republic of Lambat Kaprediem Shallow northeast quadrant, southwest of Pavia.[10]
Leibniz Leibniz Confederation Patar15 Southern portion of map aloing X axis, South of Estalia.[11]
Lusitania Kingdom of Lusitania Metriximor Southeast quadrant, at the southeastern world border next to the Medi Sea.[12]
Mount Augusta Mount Augusta ComradeNick Shallow southeast quadrant, closer to the center of the map near Estalia and Doom City.[1]
Nara Nara SwordMaster7777 Southeast quadrant, bordering Gensokyo near the southeastern world border.[13]
Otonabee Second Republic of Otonabee IKEA FRIDGE Southwest Quadrant, west of CCTT.[14]
Pacem Free City of Pacem Shtim Northwest quadrant, south of Icenia towards the center of the quadrant.[15]
Pavia The Principality of Pavia BritishWanderer Shallow northeast quadrant, northeast of Estalia and northwest of Lambat.[16]
Petrichor Worker's Republic of Petrichor MetalHusband Northwest quadrant, northwest of Estalia and southwest of Icenia.[13]
Rhode Island Rhode Island Northwest quadrant, north of Estalia and east of Icenia.[17]
Truidencia Holy Truidencian Empire Zeldronix Southeast quadrant, at the southeastern world border and bordering the Medi Sea.[18]
Utopia Utopia Board of Utopia Northwest quadrant, East of Icenia and between Rhode Island's claims.[19]
Valyria Valyrian Triumvirate Doommad / C4Mmo / Sircapalot Northwest quadrant, deep in the northwest between Icenia and the world border.[20]
Varathia Second Empire of Varathia Aresot Eastern Portion of map along Z axis, South of Judea and North of Iria.[21]
Venne Venne Southeast quadrant near bottom of the map. [22]
Western Boundary 境界の西部共和国 ChewLeKitten,SinjoroJoCrafter Islands along the Western world border.[23]
This list is still a work-in-progress. Do not use this list as a reference of all nations yet.


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