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LocationApprox. +3000, -8000
Activity levelNone (as of 5/29/2023)
National Colors
  Brumanite Yellow
  Barony Black
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy (Barony)
• King
• Minister of Foreign Affairs
• Council


Foundation documentClaims Post

Bruma, officially referred to as the Barony of Bruma and later the Kingdom of Bruma, was a nation located in the +,- continent of Impendia on CivMC. Bruma was bordered by the United Äggish Kingdom to the northeast and Jorvik to the southwest. The remainder of the nation's territory to the west was water locked. The now-defunct Lakeheart Dominion bordered Bruma to the south and Cascadia's northern exclave bordered Bruma to the southeast.

Bruma originated as a Feudal Monarchy. In theory, the King retained ultimate authority over the nation's government. Practically speaking, however, the King was largely ceremonial and had little responsibility formally assigned to him. The Baron was the Head-of-Government and was responsible for legislation, organization of government, and the implementation of national defense. The Brumanite council was responsible for advising the Baron on specific matters. The Baron and council formed a tribunal to determine one's guilt or innocence in criminal cases. At present, Bruma is a non-autonomous region within the Realm of Aeros.


Initial Settlement

There is little information available regarding the initial discovery of Bruma. The earliest historical account regarding this nation is the Barony's territorial claim post written by founder and then-Baron RedSkilZZ. The claims were published on June 6, 2022. The independence of Bruma as a sovereign nation, during this early period, is disputed. In ItzHoover's autobiographical novel The Shores of The North, the politically prominent national figure claims that Bruma was originally conceived as a Puppet State of the neighboring Jarldom of Jorvik. According to the text, RedSkilZZ (a former Jorvikson citizen), was asked to claim the territory as an independent state due to the area's infrastructural value. Namely, the area contains a Nether Portal. Historical documents show that sometime in June of 2022, the Barony of Bruma formally transferred sovereignty of the nether portal to Jorvik. According to ItzHoover's narrative retelling in The Shores of The North, this transaction (and the establishment of a Brumanite nation-state) was prearranged in order to give Jorvik control of the portal and surrounding area without rallying criticism that the nation was claiming too much land in proportion to its population. While the aforementioned claims have not been independently verified, those familiar with the situation have generally accepted these assertion as true given ItzHoover's political association to the nation as the Jorvikson Ambassador to Bruma and later as a Brumanite Councilor.

The Dark Ages

There is not much information available regarding life in Bruma during the early summer months of 2022. It is suspected that there was very little significant progress made within the nation during the months of June and July.

Brumanite Great Migration

In August of 2019, Bruma experienced an immigration boom which resulted in the population expanding sixfold. During this period, notable Brumanite politicians such as SRU_Cobra, BaguetteB0ii, and SapphicDash arrived in the nation for the first time. Shortly after arrival, on August 19, 2022, SRU_Cobra replaced RedSkilZZ as the national leader; assuming the role of Baron and the regnal name Cobra of Bruma. Former-Baron RedSkilZZ was subsequently crowned King of Bruma, although this position would largely remain ceremonial. During this era of Brumanite history, significant advancements were made in architecture, military preparedness, and national security. The capital of Bruma, Cobra City, was established in August of 2022. Cobra of Bruma had several prominent buildings erected in the four months following his appointment. This included the Cobra City Barnyard, Bruma National Rail Station, and (most notoriously) the Cobra City Town Hall.

Generic War Involvement

In July of 2022 a several-months long war, known as the Generic War, would begin between several of the world's powers (referred to as the Coalition) and the infamous nation of Rhode Island. This war involved decades-long tensions between a multitude of politically significant nations that spilled over into physical conflict. The events leading to the war's commencement, the nuance of political allegiances, and the tactics employed during the conflict are vastly complex. Bruma largely avoided war during the early stages. However, Brumanites were fearful that the nation's close political relationship with the neighboring state of Jorvik (which was fighting in the war on behalf of the Coalition) would cause Rhode Island and its ally Blockchainistan to target the Barony.

On an unknown date, presumably between August 19 and August 26, Cobra of Bruma discovered an underground transport tunnel roughly 300 meters south of Cobra City which was allegedly used by Rhode Island to reach Blockchainistan so that the allied-nations could conduct trades for materials used by Rhode Island in the war. In response to the discovery, Bruma began diverting more resources and effort towards its security sector. Defensive infrastructure spending increased vastly and the nation's militia began monitoring its borders using Snitch technology. On August 26, Snitch devices implanted into Rhode Island's tunnel revealed that Rhodesian soldiers, including the notorious Adderral and ill-famed Danirague, were traversing through the area. This caused a brief panic amongst the Brumanite populace and sparked outcry for direct military involvement in the Generic War.

By September of 2022 circumstances heavily favored the Coalition and military forces began to advance on Rhode Island's capital city of Providence. On September 17, Coalition forces lead by the Elysian Pact, initiated an invasion of the city and attacked the nation's primary military installation known as the Providence Vault. As numerous Coalition forces breached the north and east sides of the Vault, Cobra of Bruma single-handedly lead an attack from the south. While the Coalition and Rhodesian defenders were equipped with advanced armor and weaponry, Bruma (which had been acting in isolation from the Coalition) was equipped with only iron tools and armor. However, the vastly underequipped Cobra was able to pierce the vault defenses. Cobra was subsequently caught in a trap laid by Rhode Island forces. Rhodesian General Vanax35, playing on the account of his compatriot Ian_X12, began to advance on Cobra. Jorvik's leader ItzHoover, who had been attacking with the larger Coalition force at the Northeast of the vault, split off from the group to launch an operation to rescue Cobra. After a brief scuffle with the enemy force, Cobra was rescued from the entrapment. The Brumanite fighters regrouped with Coalition forces and the vault was later disabled, which resulted in the dissolution of Rhode Island as a nation.

The aforementioned underground tunnel would again become critical in the final stages of the war. With Rhode Island's elimination, Coalition forces turned their attention towards Rhodesian ally Blockchainistan. While Bruma never participated directly in the late-September Battle of Blockchainistan, the nation did coordinate with its cobelligerents in the Coalition to supply navigational information. The tunnel was used by Coalition forces to reach Blockchainistan on September 19, 2022 and disable their vault following a brief conflict, marking the cessation of Blockchainistan and the end of the Generic War. Bruma's participation in the war is largely overlooked by contemporary historians.

A Return to Normalcy

Following the conclusion of the Generic War, the Barony of Bruma struggled to return to the prosperity it had achieved before the conflict. Much of the population that had immigrated to the country during the Brumanite Great Migration resettled or abandoned their homes without record of their whereabouts. A small pumpkin farm was constructed on October 3, 2022, with hopes of producing agricultural products to stimulate the economy. The government also hoped to prompt more global investment into the nation by subsidizing international transportation. In November of 2022, a rail line would be completed which ran from Cobra City, Bruma to the village of Nordska in Jorvik. The line would later be extended with the final destination being Jorvik City itself.

Crime in Bruma rose sharply during this post-Generic War era. In mid-October, Bruma was raided Shimmerence who broke into Cobra City Town Hall and stole 23 diamonds, 21-24 stacks of iron, nearly a stack of gold, numerous potions, enchanted gold armor, and enchanted gold tools. The raider also looted the nation's slime and redstone stockpiles. The town hall would be raided once again by Blackspigot shortly after the aforementioned incident, although damages were minor.

The Bloodless Revolution

On December 15, 2022 the Barony of Bruma underwent a peaceful transition of power, accompanied by several changes in governance. This began with the deposition of former King RedSkilZZ. By this period, the governmental functions assumed by the King had become entirely superfluous. Given the King's growing detachment from the general populace, the people of Bruma resoundingly favored a change in leadership. On December 15, RedSkilZZ was peacefully deposed and SRU_Cobra assumed the throne as King Cobra I. A small ceremony was held, wherein Cobra was coronated by ItzHoover. On the same day, ItzHoover pronounced himself the nation's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Era of Diplomatic Engagement

Only a few days after the nation's peaceful transition of power, efforts began to heighten the government's diplomatic acclaim. For nearly the entirety of Brumanite history, the country had remained largely isolationist. This strategy was effective towards the end of avoiding attention during global conflicts such as the Generic War, but such policy restricted the nation's economic development and political influence. Thus, as conflicts began to wane, diplomatic efforts in Bruma began to increase. On December 21, 2022, the Kingdom of Bruma signed a defensive treaty with the Regency of Volterra (the successor-state to the Jarldom of Jorvik). This treaty, known as the Treaty of Cobra City, included provisions authorizing extradition, mutual defense during times of war, and infrastructural sharing. The treaty was written by ItzHoover and signed in Cobra City, Bruma, by Lord Regent Mickale of Volterra and King Cobra I of Bruma.

Colonial Expansion

The nation adjacent to Bruma, Jorvik, had long-been a staunch ally of the fledgling Barony. In fact, ItzHoover claims in The Shores of The North that Bruma was not capable of surviving without Jorvikson support. However, in August of 2022, Jorvik became embroiled in the Generic War as they declared they would be directly supporting their allies in the Elysian Pact. On either August 15th or 16th, Rhode Island forces raided Jorvik City. Shortly before this, serial-raider Vah attacked and killed Jorvikson judge Seldomshock. With mounting concerns for the safety of the public in part due to Jorvik's geographical isolation from military allies, national leader ItzHoover mandated that all Jorvikson citizens abandon the City and retreat to Pavia. Jorvikson citizens continued to exist as Pavian refugees for the remainder of the war. By the winter season, the government of Jorvik had ceased to exist. Instead, the Jorvikson refugees living in Pavia (and Estalia) formed the Regency of Volterra far from their previous homeland in the jungles of the Western Continent.

With their closest allies relocating thousands of meters away, analysts in the Kingdom of Bruma began to worry that the nation would be unable to sustain itself. ItzHoover, now the primary diplomat for both Volterra and Bruma, advocated for the establishment of a colony near to the jungles of Volterra. Early expeditions were carried out, wherein several portions of acceptable land were identified. Explorers identified a northeast region within the Commonwealth, a northwest portion of Estalia, and the territory of the defunct nation of Sangria as suitable locations for the colony. After negotiations to purchase land from the Commonwealth and Estalia failed, national leaders agreed to claim the area formerly inhabited by the People's Cooperative of Sangria. The government published their territorial claims within the -,- on December 26, 2022, which marked the beginning of the nation's eventual transition towards the formation of a new civilization in 2023.

Colony of South Bruma's Development

By late January in 2023, South Bruma's significance within the Kingdom began to surpass that of the northern homeland. During this period, efforts to relocate a large majority of the nations wealth from Cobra City (in the North) to the colony in the South were initiated. By January 31, the colony appears to have formed its own regional government with ItzHoover stylizing himself as "Governor of South Bruma" in the publication of the colony's first legislation; the Citizen Definition Act of 2023. South Bruma began to become more independent as it increasingly released its own legislation and initiated support for local government agencies. In February of 2023, South Bruma commenced its Intelligence Operations Program which recruited anonymous agents to participate in classified reconnaissance projects. Shortly later, Governor Hoover promulgated the Royalty Protection Act of 2023 which outlined harsh penalties for the crime of High Treason; which could be generally defined as "the killing and pearling" of the King. The passage of this act signaled that the government of South Bruma still respected the authority of the King and accepted the Bruman monarch as the sovereign. However, sentiment also reflected that politicians in South Bruma believed that their territory was more significant than the country's northern holdings. In fact, the northern portion of the Kingdom was even referred to as an exclave during official government communications transmitted in early February 2023. Immigration to South Bruma from foreign nations also rose during the colony's development. Renowned Icarian politician and soldier, Zolo17, received Dual-Citizenship on February 12th and shortly after enlisted in the nation's military. Acclaimed Volterran politician Highboy also immigrated to the nation as a dual-citizen and shortly after was appointed South Bruma's Attorney General.

The Great Reformation and The End of The Kingdom of Bruma

Beginning with the establishment of the colony at South Bruma, the northern territory began to wane in political might. As the dynamic of power began to shift further towards the south, the institutions of the nation's government began to rapidly change and became unrecognizable when compared to its earlier structure. While historians may not be able to accurately pinpoint exactly when it occurred, it is clear that by February 13, 2023 the Kingdom of Bruma (as a functioning and independent state) ceased to exist. The nation of South Bruma would eventually adopt the name Aeros, and the northern territories synonymous with Bruma would be incorporated as a non-autonomous region, ending the nation's independent sovereignty.