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Emperor of the Grand Imperium
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Grand Imperium
Known ForReigning Emperor and Founder of the Grand Imperium
Main ResidenceCapitum
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played on

Emperor Attoprak is the founding and reigning Emperor of the Grand Imperium, and its paramount strategist, diplomat, and business leader. The authority of the Emperor is explained in (but not restrained by, or derived from) the Constitution of the Grand Imperium. Attoprak reigns from his seat in Capitum, capital of the Grand Imperium.

The Imperial Cult of the Grand Imperium recognises Attoprak as the avatar of the divine state, with statues and Shrines to the Emperor and the Imperium found across Grand Imperium territories. Each Shrine includes a row of pews where citizens can meet and a raised dias and lectern where citizens can deliver paeans. Stelae, including quotations from the Emperor, are also found in most settlements. The Grand Imperium also practices reverential capitalisation of the Emperor's pronouns, at least in formal communication. The white bar of the Imperium's flag represents the rich history of the nation and the pure authority of the Emperor.


Emperor Attoprak was initially a common citizen of the city of Volair in the Republic of Atlas, on the Allimore server, where he worked as CEO of Axis Industries. Attoprak later left Atlas to pursue his own ambitions, becoming Emperor of the Great Eksen Empire and establishing a capital, Capitis, to the far south. After a map change, activity on Allimore dropped, and Attoprak decided to establish a new empire on CivClassic.

CivClassic 2.0

After several weeks of preparation with WorldSculptor, recruitment and communication with citizens of Bloom, Coventhia, Varkonia and Mount Augusta, the advance guard of the Imperium joined CivClassic in late November 2019, converging on the pre-agreed territory of the Capitum Province and establishing the beginnings of the Imperium.

In mid-December, Attoprak's rule was challenged by Navdach, leader of the separatist faction known in the Imperium as the NADA Terrorist Organisation. After Navdach was caught griefing Coventhian builds, Attoprak confronted Navdach, who attacked and forced the loyalists to regroup. Attoprak personally spearheaded the counterattack, pursuing the rebels to their base and pearling two traitors in the ensuing combat. The rebel base has been preserved as a museum.

A great period of peace and prosperity followed in early 2020, as citizens raised great buildings and delved deep into the rich lore of the server. Hundreds of books were procured from the great libraries of the world, and the Grand Imperium joined The Rockwell Institute and Council of the Medi Sea. Attoprak personally oversaw the expansion of the Imperium on all fronts, claiming Isi Province from inactive nations and negotiating the donation of Tutela Province from Bloom and Corvus.

Emperor Attoprak enthroned in the Imperium House of New Amsterdam.
An example of an Imperial Stela.


Emperor Attoprak and his subjects rejoined CivMC on June 20th, 2022. Attoprak was ceremonially the first representative of the Grand Imperium to join the server, was also the first to arrive at the site that would become Capitum, and was the first to lay the first ritual block of the first building.

Emperor Attoprak has pioneered friendly relations with many nations in the Grand Imperium's immediate region, including the Grand Imperium's first-ever multinational treaty with the Lyrean Community.