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Principality of Nalora
Flag of Nalora
Map of Nalora, November 3, 2023
Location-3588, +7656
Capital cityKodiak
National Colors
GovernmentStratocratic Monarchy
Governing documentThe Blue Law of Nalora
• Prince
• Heir to the Crown
• The Council


Foundation date15 June 2023
Motto"In the Star, we trust"

Nalora, officially Principality of Nalora or State of Nalora, is a state of Imperial Federation located in the Deluvia Continent. It's a state with a strong martial culture and invest in the military heavily. It's founders are CapianColton & Ghas__. Originally planned to be founded as a independent nation at a unclaimed area in North-West of Deluvia prior to the Respein overclaims. As of November 3, 2023, Nalora is the third biggest in population number in the Imperial Federation as well as being the most active state of any states.


State Capital Kodiak, Nalora

Colton Era

Founding of a new Imperial Federation State

After the constructions of multiple Imperia projects built by CapianColton and Ghas__, the duos have a desire in building their own town and manage their own state so they explored few options in the Federal Lands and unclaimed lands that were previously owned by the Imperial Federation. They chose former island of Pejite in the heart of the Federal Lands to build their own state with the Federal Government's approvals. CapianColton would spearhead in the creation of a new state and eventually become a leader of Nalora alongside with Ghas__ being a council and duchy of FELINE under rule of CapianColton.

Evanesce Village, Duchy of Alpenglow, Nalora

The Rise of Nalora

Initially, Ghas__ and CapianColton were the only residents in Nalora and both were building their own towns each. Ghas__ would build Korpalin (later renamed to Avila after recommendation from CapianColton) and CapianColton would build Kodiak. Thank to the Ghas__'s aggressive recruitment and building progression, he was able to complete building a town, earning Avila 7 residents total. As a result, Nalora was able to be promoted from federal territory to a state. However, Kodiak didn't received any of new residents despite of being the state capital of Nalora until after RegencyShadow40 joined Kodiak on late August 2023. Upon him joining Nalora and live in Kodiak, he would start building a new apartment as well as multiple of other builds throughout Kodiak. He assisted CapianColton with recruiting notable Kodiak residents like RileyNiko and NathanHalo. This leads to a major boom in population of Kodiak and Nalora as a whole. Currently Kodiak is the biggest and most populous city in Nalora.

Funny, Duchy of Ghasland, Nalora

On August 2023, After much of Avila residents ended up not returning to the server and burnout from his attempt to build a new town in FELINE, Ghas__ decided to move from Avila to found his own corpo-nation on a snowy island called Ghasland, named after himself and his newspaper company The Ghas News. Ghasland's independence wouldn't last long and Ghas__ requested CapianColton to have Nalora integrate Ghasland into them. Ghasland ended up being part of Nalora as a duchy and Torynado was promoted as Duchess of Ghasland.

On September 2023, Nalora formed another duchy called Duchy of Alpenglow with a town of Evanesce Village over mountain nearby a overground rail. Duchy of Alpenglow would be ruled by SpookySandstone.

Militarization of Nalora

The rise of Naloran population remains steadily and still receive more and more new people to the state, CapianColton decided it was time for Nalora to take up arms and train to become a defender of the Imperial Federation and Nalora. On October 2023, CapianColton ordered NathanHalo to build a PvP Arena around a terrain where it would be trained on the terrain instead of a flat ground. CapianColton would finalized military roles and channels in Nalora Discord and started recruitment for all ranks. As of November 3, 2023, Nalora have 2 standing army and a volunteer. CapianColton said there would be more to come in a near future.

New Felicity, Duchy of FELINE, Nalora

Nalora moves to CivCubed

On the eve of Halloween of 2023, CapianColton announced that Nalora will be on CivCubed as a independent nation due to the Imperial Federation was confirmed not going to be on CivCubed. Nalora would operate on two separate servers and citizens are free to play on either and main either or both if they prefer.

Nalora expands into Otonabee Bay

After the fall of Otonabee in November 2023, Nalora announced their claim located on north of Otonabee Bay intended to be used as a dark oak farm for the Imperial Federation. CapianColton created a new duchy for RileyNiko under the name of "Duchy of :3", but shortly after the creation of a new duchy, RileyNiko suddenly went into inactive and ended up giving up senatorial seat as well as Duchess title. RileyNiko gave her senatorial seat to NathanHalo, and gave Duchy of :3 title to Gidein. As soon as Gidein received title of Duchy of :3 as a Duke, he changed name of his duchy to Duchy of Groveheart and founded a new town called Groveheart, named after his duchy. It would turn his duchy into a potential major trading hub and population center of Otonabee Bay.

Avila, Nalora