War of the Pridelands

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The War of the Pridelands was a conflict on CivMC between the Hyperborean Confederation and the Pridelands.

War of the Pridelands
DateJuly 5-8, 2022
Result Hyperborean Victory
No territorial change, save an outpost
 Hyperborean Confederation Pridelands
Commanders and leaders
  • Blartlol
  • BStallio
  • Strength
    5 soldiers 3 soldiers
    Casualties and losses
    1 killed, 0 pearled 1 pearled, freed after the conflict

    Buildup to War

    The Pridelands founded themselves on a part of the continent due south of the Hyperborean Confederation against the world border. Shortly after founding themselves, two members of the Pridelands, Blartlol and Bstallio, raided Other, the capital of the Hyperborean Confederation. They broke and stole the equivalent of several stacks of diamonds. Shortly after this, with snitch evidence, the President of the Hyperborean Confederation, SpacemanSpleef, posted a declaration of war to the subreddit. [1]


    A group of 5 Hyperboreans traveled to the Pridelands, and originally tried negotiating. However negotiations failed, especially after a member of the Hyperborean Cabinet, HeyN8, logged off and was lava trapped. When he logged back on he died, and his inventory was burned. After this the Hyperboreans pearled Gorasone, and attempted to pearl BStallio, however he logged out before they could find him. After this, they negotiated for the release of Gorasone, in return the Pridelands would give the Hyperborean Confederation 210d and an Outpost near the capital of the Pridelands. Both of these were completed by the end of August of 2022.