Imperial Federation

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The Imperial Federation
Location-2800, +7700
DemonymImperial Federationites
Capital cityTopherstopia
National Colors
  Imperial Red
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy,
Parliamentary Democracy,
Governing documentConstitution
• Monarch
King Cupar I
• Chancellor
JAW689 (The Egality & Sovereignty Party)
• Senators
Foundation date31 August 2022
Meowlanguage (FELINE),
Japanese (Western Boundary),
Romanian (Western Boundary)
ReligionDark Sun (official religion),
Tengrism (United Donkiboure),
Reformed Shinto (Western Boundary and Gotland)

The Imperial Federation, colloquially known as the IF, is a loose federation of states in Deluvia and the Western Continent. The Federation is a constitutional monarchy with free and fair elections held on a monthly basis. It was established as the successor of the Imperial Federation from Civ Realms 2.0.

The IF is the largest and most populous nation in the southwest quadrant of the world, and it is the fourth most populous state in CivMC.[1] It is allied with neighboring Hyperborean Confederation and Venne as part of the Meridiem Compact.

The Imperial Federation covers a majority of Deluvia's total land area and over two-thirds of the continent's population.


Duchy of Godhaven

GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven is the one of the founding states of the Imperial Federation founded by TheJmqn as a successor to the former Duchy of Godhaven. The Duchy is located in the eastern shore of the Federation in frozen tundra between FELINE and Thoria. Godhaven Lighthouse is an enclave of the province located at the northernmost point of the Federation, north of Anor Londo X.

Godhaven has no official build code and is considered to be a "starter state" designed to help new players learn the mechanics of civ. It is currently the most populous state in the IF.

Godhaven is the seat of the Senate of the Imperial Federation, and it is represented by Senators TheJmqn - the Duke of Godhaven - and Tr1ckyD1ckNixon.

Province of Regentsburgh

Province of Regentsburgh.jpg Regentsburgh is one of the founding and most populous states of the Federation. In the western shore of the province is the city of Regentsburgh, which has a rustic theme based on the surrounding snowy environment.

Regentsburgh is the seat of the King of the Imperial Federation as well as the Chancellor of the Imperial Federation, and it is represented in the Senate of the IF by Josedgo and Juicy_Watermel0n.


Flag of Thoria.jpg Thoria is the third state of the Imperial Federation, located in the south-eastern most corner of the nation.


Flag of Waterside.jpg Waterside is the fourth-oldest state of the Imperial Federation which was founded by Lord_Bacon10. It is situated between Regentsburgh and the border with South Augusta. Waterside's main city is Joannesberg - a self-proclaimed slum made up of tents where everyone is welcome and free to build as they wish.

Waterside is represented in the Senate of the Imperial Federation by Lord_Bacon10


Cat Island.png FELINE joined the Imperial Federation shortly after its formation. It has a distinctive furry culture.

Holy See of Anor Londo X

Flag of Anor Londo X.png Anor Londo X (officially the Holy See of Anor Londo X) is the most prosperous state of the Imperial Federation which contains a diverse mixture of biomes. The state is also the religious capital of the Imperial Federation.

Anor Londo X is the seat of the Judiciary of the Imperial Federation and is represented in the senate of the federation by JoelThaTroll.


Flag of Petije.png Pejite (pronounced Pedge-ight) is located on a hilly and frosty island on the western border of the nation.

United Donkiboure

Flag of United Donkiboure.png United Donkiboure is located to the north-west of the country between FELINE, Anor Londo X and Pejite. It has a turkic theme with yurts and its own distinct culture.


Flag of Christophia.jpg Christopia contains the allocated capital district of the Imperial Federation, Topherstopia, and is a result of the split of Christopia between the IF and the Hyperborean Confederation.

Western Boundary

 境界の西部共和国 (Western Boundary) joined the Imperial Federation upon its dissolution on 18 August 2022. It is the largest state of the Imperial Federation with a population slightly lower than Regentsburgh.

Aetherix represents the Western Boundary in the Imperial Senate.

Realm of Gotland

Realm of Gotland.png Gotland (officially Realm of Gotland) is a mediaeval military state on the western border of the Imperial Federation's territory in Eastern Deluvia. It is a vassal of the Western Boundary.


CCTT.jpg Cooperative Commonwealth of Tenants' Toil (CCTT) joined the Imperial Federation upon the dissolution of Western Boundary on 18 August 2022.

The Pridelands

 Pridelands joined the Imperial Federation on 21 August 2022 with a special opt-out clause within its Ascension Treaty allowing it to redeclare its independence at any time.

Pride Rock serves as the capital of the autonomous nation, with a population rivalling Regentsburgh and Anor Londo. It is a developed province with direct rail connections to Other in the Hyperborean Confederation as well as Venne.

The Pridelands is represented in the Senate of the Imperial Federation by Bstallio.


Vermonters Flag.jpg Vermont is a newly established state in the south-west of the Imperial Federation, which was originally designated as a newfriend refugee nation.

Vermont is the home state of JAW689, the Chancellor of the Federation. It is represented in the Senate of the Imperial Federation by fgnb_vc.

Stros M'Kai

StrosMkaiFlag.png Stros M'Kai is located in northern of Deluvia.

District of Myra

Flag of Myra.jpg The defunct state of Myra was annexed by the Imperial Federation on 2 October 2022, housing the Imperial Federation towns of Tucon and Sandy Shore on its northern shore.

Territory of Khione

Khione.png The territory of Khione is part of former territory of Myra which is sovereignly part of the Imperial Federation but administered by the Government of the 2nd Icarian Republic under the terms of the Treaty of Khione, signed on 2 October 2022.


SWITS rail network with Imperial Federation shown in red.

Seven Imperial Federation states connect onto the SWITS international rail network, which travels to Nara, Venne, Hyperborean Confederation and Novo Sanjurjo.


Conflict with Hyperborean Confederation

After the integration of Snowshire into the Hyperborean Confederation on August 29th 2022, R2D231 logged into CivMC only to find his house raided and his dog dead. Immediately he swore vengeance on the one who raided his house [2], but he didn't know who due to the lack of snitches on his premises. After telling SpacemanSpleef and getting advice, he set a snitch and bait chest in his house again. On the 30th, he logged in again to see the snitch had not worked and all his stuff stolen again. After exiting his house, he saw posts around the entirety of the two islands saying that the land was sovereign territory claimed by the "Imperial Federation", not to mention a Reddit post by someone named King_Cupar declaring the foundation of the Imperial Federation on R2's land. R2 told Spleef again and Spleef told him about the reddit posts. They both went around removing the signs and replacing them with Snowshirian ones. After finishing that, TheJMQN, leader of the S.E.C. proposed something to R2 and Cupar (who was not online at the time), where Cupar and the I.F. could move to the S.E.C., a much more desirable land than Snowshire. After pinging Cupar on Discord with the proposal, on the 31st he agreed to it. Tensions between the I.F. and Hyperborea began to fall at that moment as the one who raided R2's house, Jadex1, had his position in the I.F. removed and was exiled from the kingdom. As of the 5th of September, an alliance between Hyperborea, the Pridelands, and the I.F. has been created, and a rail line from Hyperborea to the I.F. is in the works.

Ratification of the constitution

Delegates meeting in Anor Londo to ratify the constitution of the Imperial Federation.

On 24 August 2022, delegates from Regentsburgh, Godhaven, Thoria, Anor Londo, Western Boundary and Pejite met to discuss and ratify the constitution of the Imperial Federation. This discussion resulted in the reinforcement of checks and balances within the Imperial Federation Constitution and confirmed the Dark Sun as the official religion of the IF and Topher as the Glorious and External Emperor, bless the IF.

All other Imperial Federation states ratified the constitution on 25 August 2022, bringing the document into effect from that date.

Admission of Myra into the Imperial Federation

On 2 October 2022, King_Cupar of the Imperial Federation signed a treaty with the President of the 2nd Icarian Republic to incorporate the Territory of Khione in the defunct state of Myra into the Imperial Federation under the administration of the 2nd Icarian Republic, with the remaining section of Myra under the full control of the IF.

1-2 October election

Election Results Map

The Imperial Federation held its inaugral federal elections between 1-2 October to elect a new Chancellor.

Incumbent Chancellor CJTheking12345 was defeated by JAW689 of the Egality & Sovereignty Party, who secured 24 votes out of 38, with a turnout of 75% of all active citizens.

Party Candidate Portrait Home State 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
Party for Egality and Sovereignty Colour.png TESP JAW689 JAW689.png Vermonters Flag.jpg Vermont 24 votes (63%) 26 votes (70%)
Liberal Party Colour.png Liberty Party Tr1ckyD1ckNixon Tr1ckyD1ckNixon.png GodhavenFlag.png Godhaven 11 votes (29%) 11 votes (30%)
Tophers Party Colour.png Topher's Party CJTheking12345 (incumbent) CJTheking12345.png Flag of Thoria.jpg Thoria 3 votes (8%) eliminated


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