Holy Truidencian Empire

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The Holy Truidencian Empire
Det Hellige Trydensiske Rike
State Flag of The Holy Truidencian Empire
Coat of Arms
Location6600, 6370
AllianceBezist League
Capital cityNidaros
SettlementsNidaros, Andeon, Bivrost, Snowpeak
TerritoriesOuter Nidaros, Hyldor, Bogavarta, Snowpeak
CurrencyTruidencian "Imperial Crowns"
National Colors
  Truidencian Blood Red
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy (De jure)
  • Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
  • Semi-Elective Absolute Monarchy (De facto)
  • Ecclesiarchy (Debatable)
Governing document[TBD]
• Emperor of The Truidencians Caesar icon.png
Zeldronix Emperor Zeldrin.png
• Landsraad Konsul Konsul icon.png
Argonite Konsul icon.png
• Government Structure
  • Upper house: Riksraad
  • Lower house: Landsraad
Foundation date13th of December, 2021
Preceded bySecond Truidencian Empire
  • Norwegian (Official)
  • English (Official)
  • Irish (Recognized Minority)
  • Latvian (Recognized Minority)
  • Faroese (Recognized Minority)
ReligionBezism MilkBucketofBez.png
  • Monarchism
  • Westminster-Parliamentarism
  • Isolationism (partially)
  • Economic Icyskism
  • Neo-Neo-Zeldrinism
MottoEnige og tro til dovre faller
National anthem

The Holy Truidencian Empire (Norwegian: Hellige Trydensiske Rike/Heilage Trydensiske Rike, Latvian: Svētā Trūdencijas Impērija, Faroese: Heilaga Ríkið Trýdensia) , commonly known as Truidencia, HTE and (the now incorrect abbreviation) IT like its predecessors, is the direct successor to the iterations of Imperial Truidence through the ages.

The nation enjoyed for the duration of its founding a position of regional stability with many of it's neighboring countries being fellow members of the Forum of the Medi Sea.

Political System

The Truidencian political system is characterized by its three entities of legislative power: The elected Landsraad, The Riksraad and The Emperor. At the start of each month elections for Landsraad representatives are held, where any citizen may run for office. The landsraad’s primary purpose is proposing new laws and voting on internal issues that may arise. The Landsraad's decisions may however be vetoed by The Emperor, should he deem it absolutely necessary.

The names "Riksraad" and "Landsraad" are both of scandinavian origin. Their conception as institutions of Truidencia were inspired by the Dune universe's Imperial Landsraad and the historic aristocratic councils known as "Riksråd" that came to be in late-medieval scandinavia. Landsråd means "council of the land" and in turn "people", while Riksråd means "council of the realm", it can also be translated into "imperial/royal council". The letter Å was decided to be written as a double A to make it so that people not familiar with the letter Å would not get too confused and alienated while still retaining its foreign nature. While this leads people to pronounce their names incorrectly without knowing any better, it was deemed a necessary compromise.

Landsraad Election Results

Elections Konsul icon.pngKonsul Senator 1 Senator 2 Senator 3 Judge 1 Judge 2 State Judge Voter Turnout
Example Zombie(Party) Creeper (Party) Steve (Party) Alex (Party) Skeleton Villager 10
June 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
Tsar Iosif
  • (Independent)
Enderpac davydbond 15
July 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
davydbond N/A
August 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
minataurous 9
September 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
minataurous 7
October 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
Obtainable Spatula
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
  • (Independent)
Alvertex 6
November 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
  • (Radical)
  • (Independent)
VonZhok MellohiAndCat 10
December 2022 Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
  • (Sky)
  • (Independent)
VonZhok N/A
January 2023 minataurous
  • (Sky)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
  • (Sky)
  • (Independent)
MistaTodd N/A
February 2023 minataurous
  • (Sky)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
  • (Sky)
  • (Independent)
March 2023 minataurous
  • (Sky)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Bezist)
  • (Sky)
  • (Sky)
VonZhok Bladur 6
April 2023 Hylian Cellist
  • (Coalition)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Coalition)
  • (Coalition)
  • (Vilyanist)
Bladur Greenladboi MistaTodd 9
May 2023 Argonite
  • (Excelerationist)
Hylian Cellist
  • (Coalition)
  • (Coalition)
  • (Coalition)
TBD MistaTodd TBD 9
June 2023
July 2023

Poltitical Parties

The Political parties of the Empire

International Bezist Movement Party (IBM)

The IBM is a political party with a focus on international relations and Bezist history. It is the oldest party in the 4th Truidencian Empire.

Claim The Sky Party (CTS)

The CTS is a political party with the goal of claiming all blocks above world height as Truidencian territory.

Radical Party (RP)

The Radical Party is a party advocating for radical change.

Imperial Excelerationist Party (IEP)

The IEP is a political party focused on bringing Truidencia back into the international community and out of isolation.

International Bezist Labor Coalition (IBLC)

The IBLC is a coalition party between the International Bezist Movement Party and Imperial Excelerationist Party, and a number of other parties that may join in the future.

VilyanZ Party (VP)

"Im going to Supply Truidencia with Tools and Materials" -VilyanZ

Native Ideologies


Aggregationism is a poltical thought developed by Discozoa. It was represented by The Aggregated Truidencian Party on CivClassic.


Zeldrinism(2020) is the name for the ever changing ideologies of Zeldronix. Neo-Zeldrinism(2021) is the name for the ever changing ideologies of Zeldronix. Neo-Neo-Zeldrinism(2022) is the name for the ever changing ideologies of Zeldronix.


Icyskism is a socio-economic concept developed by Icyski.


Pan-Truidencianism is an ideology native to Truidencia that defines all those who are believers of The True Faith to be Truidencians, whether or not they are citizens or even live in Truidencia. There is a wish for them to eventually "return home" or make their current home a part of Truidencia itself. This movement was named "Pan-Truidencianism", the uniting of all truidencian peoples.


Excelerationism is a political focus native to Truidencia that promotes the "exceleration" of a countries economic sphere and its diplomatic one

History of The Empire

Troubled Beginnings

As a member of the UDF on Civclassic, despite having left the alliance during eotw, the empire was expected by many outsiders to continue its relationships with previous members. However this was not to be. An influx of new citizens as well as the return of previously inactive citizens made it so the government in the end confidently ended all hopes for renewed agreements in favour of going into SOTW on their own.

While this was going on Zeldronix made agreements with, and joined what would become the Medi Sea Forum, wanting to settle alongside nations who shared his values and who would compliment the new direction Zeldronix wanted the nation to be headed.

Monarchs of Truidencia

Emperor Spatula of Bez IPosedSpatulaSkin.png

Reigned from The 13th of December, 2021 to The 27th of February, 2022

  • Took the title of "Holy Truidencian Emperor" upon his ascension.
  • Founded "The Fourth Truidencian Empire". The name has since fallen out of use.

Emperor Zeldronix of Bez I Emperor Zeldrin.png

Has Reigned since The 27th of February, 2022

  • Chose "Emperor of The Truidencians" as public title, and has used it for the majority of his reign.
  • Changed "Truidence" to "Truidencia", to differentiate it from Imperial Truidence.

National Policy

The internal practices of the Empire.

Flag Laws

National Flags

The Truidencian "State Flag" may only be flown by the government or with permission from the government, while the "Civil Flag" may be flown by anyone.

Illegal Flags

Officially there are no constitutional laws dictating whether or not certain flags are allowed to be flown or owned, besides the national flags.

Republican Flags

Despite lack of constitutional laws, it has been the policy of Emperor Zeldronix to discourage the usage of so called "Republican flags" commonly associated with the once proposed "Bezlandic Commonwealth", and the name "Republican Truidence" which was a joke on the name Imperial Truidence, along with various variations of "Bezland". These flags generally consisted of a horisontal tricolour with the colours red, yellow and white, starting from the top, sometimes with a blue cross saltire.

Imperial Truidence

The flag of the First, Second and Third Empire are forbidden by imperial decree, seen by the emperor as a symbol of reactionary elements of the nation and disaproval of his ascension to the throne.

Economic System

The Empire's economic system as conceptualized by Icyski is based on a theory of an economy where all members of society are encouraged to contribute to the nation’s internal flow of materials, goods and capital via "missions" and "quests" to aquire materials and items of varying degree of complexity. These are made available by the government are all paid upon completion with the empire's own national currency known as "Imperial Crowns", which can be used as legal tender within the empire.

Much of the point of the system is to reduce the pursuit of mining diamonds for the sole purpus of using it as currency when it could be used for better means, such as for tools and reinforcements, thus allowing more time to be spent persuing other and potentially more valuable goals that benefit the nation instead.

Miscellaneous Information

  • There is no official way of pronouncing "Truidencia". For example the first "I" is often left unpronounced and the ending "cia" has been known to be pronounced in various ways.
  • To some degree there is also no official spelling of Truidencia either.
  • The Emperor/Empress and their successors has traditionally been required to be Norwegian.



Bezism is the official and state religion of Truidencia, no other religion is allowed. Ever after Emperor Bez committed sudoku and ascended from this mortal coil, the religion has been entrenched in truidencian society, including politics. The current pontifex of Bezism is GenericLaqey. The worship of Bez was also practiced before his ascension to heaven, though more as duty to the Truidencian state rather than the more mystic devotion it has formed into in the present.

Important Days

Empire Day / Rikets Dag

Empire day celebrates the creation of The First Truidencian Empire, and should be celebrated by every Truidencian. It is on the 1st of April.

Emperor Day / Keiserdag

This day celebrates the birthday of former Emperor Obtainable Spatula, and is celebrated on the 9th of June.

Heaven Day / Himmeldag

The 5th of August celebrates the birthday of Bez, coincidentally it also celebrates the creation of the entire world.

Imperator Day / Imperatordag

This day celebrates the birthday of Emperor Zeldronix, and is celebrated.

Milk Day / Melkedagen

Milk Day is triannual, on the 14th of october, the 17th of october, and the 3rd of june, so it was declared by Bez. On Milk Day Truidencians celebrate the IT milk in Lilo and Stitch and drink milk.

Bezmas / Bezaften

Bezmas is celebrated instead of the christian holiday Christmas. It is celebrated on the 24th of December and where the gifts are opened the proper way, right after dinner is done and NOT in the morning on the day after.


The Empire's geography.

Regions and Provinces

Morhen COA.pngIndre Nidaros

District of Inner Nidaros.

Capitol: Nidaros

Mayor: None

Morhen COA.pngYtre Nidaros

Province of Outer Nidaros.

Capitol: None

Governor: None

Thesixcolonies.pngThe Six Colonies

Crown Islands.

Capitol: None

Governor: None

Hyldor Coat of Arms.pngHyldor

The Realm of Hyldor.

Capitol: Andeon

Tar: Hylian Cellist


Capitol: TBD

Leader: The Saint


The Holy City of Bivrost.

Capitol: Bivrost

Pontifex: GenericLaqey


The County of Snowpeak

Capitol: Snowpeak

Count: MistaTodd

Vexillology & Heraldry

Region/Province/Territory Flag Heraldry Symbolism
Kingdom of Nidaros
  • Inner Nidaros
Dol morhen flag.png Morhen COA.png The shield of Bezengard consists of an Azure cross on an argent cross over a gules delf on an azure field.

The main symbol symbolizes Truidencia and old Bezengard's shared norwegian heritage.

The flag of Truidencia stands as supporters on each side of the shield.

Kingdom of Nidaros
  • Outer Nidaros
The Six Colonies Thesixcolonies flag.png Thesixcolonies.png The waves symbolizes the islands the colonies inhabit.

The grain symbolizes the main export of the colonies.

The imperial crown symbolizes their importance to the empire.

Hyldor Flag.png
Hyldor Coat of Arms.png The Flag and shield of Hyldor is the setting sun over the ocean, symbolizing the fallen Númenor living on though Hyldor.
Bivrost Bivrostcoa.png
Snowpeak Snowpeak flag.png Snowpeak.png The flag of Snowpeak consists of an azure cross saltire on an argent field with four azure fleur de lis.
Banana Isles

Truidencian Heraldry

Name Coat of Arms Description
Tar-Hylian Cellist of Hyldor HylianFamilyCrest.png The upper left corner of the coat of arms depicts the flag of Hyldor and 7 stars representing the Palantíri.

The upper right corner of the coat of arms depicts the banner of the Samno Aquëon. The lower right corner of the coat of arms depicts the flag of Númenor. The lower left corner of the coat of arms depicts: -The Eonian flag (bottom left) -The Bezengard flag (bottom right) -The crossed swords of the Hecil Hosseu Hyldor (top)

Emperor Zeldronix I of Truidencia Zeldronix COA.png From top to bottom, left to right: Bezengard/Nidaros, The Three Allegiances, Bezengard-Eon, Cross of Truidencia.
Count MistaTodd of Snowpeak
Lord Banana Man of the Banana Isles