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Syferau Elyriani
Capital cityElyris
TerritoriesMyhfaer Fylaena
GovernmentElven Monarchy (Rule By Decree)
• Aelthori
Fylaena Draeni Illaeri, (IGN: matanic1107)
Valani Hyneani Sylvaeus (IGN: travistoo)
Foundation date19th December 2023
ReligionNature Worship, Worship of Elyris
IdeologyHarmony, Prosperity, Strength
MottoMir Elyris Solsyr!

Elyras also known by the names Elyriani Realm (Syferau Elyriani in Elyriani) or Elyria, is a small state located in the west of Deluvia. On 1st of January 2024, Elyras joined the Imperial Federation as a state, revoking Elyris Treaty.


Tyras Lysar - Era of Surviving, Foundation of Elyras 19th to 30th December 2023

The Elyriani were forced to travel the seas once more following the destruction of Elyris due to the invading armies of the Grand Lichdom. Those who survived and escaped including the Aelthori, were forced to set sail with the Elyriani fleet beyond the edge of Alathra once more.

Determined to find a new safe harbour the Elyriani fleet sailed to the edge of the world where they passed over into a new plane (CivMC) in a great storm. The ships managed to find refuge in a nearby bay, laying anchor at one of the islands.

Although this island was unsuitable for habitation, the Elyriani found a hidden luscious cave which kept them safe from the elements. The arrival of these new elfs is spreading throughout the region and Elyriani scouts report other human settlements nearby. The Elyriani have begun construction of their new Elyris.

Myhfaer Fylaena was acquired by Aelthori Fylaena after a deed (In game book by Rocketboy100) was given to her by the last dying inhabitant of the fort discovered by scouts. This map is in the region known as Otonabee Bay. During this time Elyras became a vassal of the Imperial Federation per the Treaty of Elyris

By the end of this era the Elyriani were established on Deluvia, still fairly undeveloped but were known by most inhabitants of the Otanobee Bay area. There was further integration with Imperial Federation following Aelthori Fylaena's run for the chancellor elections of December 2023 and the establishment of the Progressive Trade Union. This is a political party in the Imperial Federation which has a strong prescence in the Otanobee Bay area.

Tyras Haethmar - Era of Praying and Hoping 31st December 2023 - Present

This Era was declared by Aelthori decree:

''I Fylaena Draeni Ilaeri Aelthori of the Elyriani Realm do declare the end of our era of survival and declare that we the Elyriani are reclaiming our own prosperity in these new lands, we as Elyriani have stood together before Elyris and followed her guidance therefore we must trust in her still. May she deliver us onto a new era. I declare the end of the Tyras (Era) Lysar (Surviving)and the start of the  Tyras (Era) Haethmar (Praying/Hoping). Mir Elyris Solsyr!''

This new era was due to the increasing integration of Elyras into the Imperial Federation and the subsequent end of the Treaty of Elyris as Elyras had developed sufficiently to fulfill the requirements to become a state of the Imperial Federation. This is when Aelthori Fylaena submitted an application to join the IF in the form of The Termination of the Treaty of Elyris.

Current State of Affairs

Currently Elyras is a member of the Great Western Bay Council and plays an important role in fostering cooperation between the states of the Bay. The Progressive Trade Union founded by Aelthori Fylaena is the largest party in the Imperial Federation with 3 senators. The Elyriani are currently become more connected with the wider world and what this shall lead to is yet to be decided.

The Elyriani

Elyriani Elves are a distinct subgroup of Elves who came from another plane of existence, Alathra. Before Alathra they came from a sunken continent. Elyriani Elves live for approximately 300-400 years although for some individuals they mave live longer but no Elyriani has been documented to live more than 600 years. Elyriani will age the same as humans up to the age of 25 from which they will stay that age appearance until approx 270 where their physical appearance may begin to decline depending on the individual. On average a 370 year old Elyriani will look like a 60-65 year old human.

Elyriani Naming conventions; (First Name) (Middle Name) (Last name)

  • First Name; commonly a word to do with a characteristic a person has eg Blond - Saeryl “yellow”
  • Middle Name; commonly a word to do with this person’s profession and can change over time eg Hunter - Cernani “The one who hunts”
  • Last Name; commonly a familial name, it can be maternal or paternal usually the name with higher status takes precedent. Family names are typically associated with an ancestor’s name or an ancestral /spiritual place for that family. They may also be a charactersitic common to members of the family. Sometimes Elyriani also combine their paternal and maternal names to make a new one. Eg. Elyris (would not rlly ever be this person as nobody is descended from Elyris)
  • Example name: Saeryl Cernani Elyris meaning “The yellow hunter from the stars”
  • If you want to create your own Elyriani name please join our discord and we will help you

Origins of the Elyriani

Please note the Elyris mentioned here refers to Old Elyris in the Alathra plane, however it is interesting to note the similarity in both tales. Many believe it is a cyclical prophecy that Elyriani will never be able to find a permenant home. Elyris is also credited with guiding the Elyriani to the Great Western (aka Otonabee) bay. She is still worshipped and the Elyriani believe through bringing water and soil from Old Elyris that Elyris the goddess has taken root in New Elyris. She is the most important figure in Elyriani culture and further information can be found her section in Deities of the Bay.

''Passed down by those who fled and now passed onto ink. The great epic of the Elyriani begins.

In our ancestor’s land all of  the elves lived in harmony with themselves and with nature. We became the keepers of the garden and the creatures. We grew wise and knowledgeable. We prospered. The Gods however were not pleased. They had grown conceited and became jealous of the elfs’ achievements; their grand cities, their great libraries and especially their connection to the mortal realm in a way they never could be. Over time so green did their jealous become, they elected it was better to sink them all and the garden too than have to let the elves have it.

Great waves of water from beyond the mortal realm crashed upon the shores, in an instant all of the garden was sunk. However the gods had underestimated the elves. For they knew of the Gods’ plans and had sent 100 ships away before the land was sunk. The great storms which had delivered this unworldly apocalypse had unfortunately split the ships up.

One ship was lucky enough to be swept by the winds and tide into a bay where an ethereal woman met them. She guided them to a safe spot to settle. When the people asked who she was. She said had come down from the heavenly stars above down into the mortal realm and embedded herself becoming the river and lakes, the very life blood of the land. She said she had done this upon witnessing the great cataclysm unloaded onto our ancestors. In her honour we named her ‘Elyris’, from the stars and to her we dedicate ourselves''


The Elyriani Realm has always been ruled by Aelthori and during the golden era of the Elyriani Realm in Alathra there was also the Talmus council which oversaw the governship of the expansive domains of the Elyriani. However these days are behind the Elyriani due to their flight from Alathra at the hands of the Grand Lichdom's armies. Due to this Aelthori Fylaena instated rule by decree, something not done for several centuries. This is likely temporary until the Elyriani have reestablished themselves.


The word Aelthori has no clear direct translation from Elyriani. It can be translated literally to mean 'the mighty power' in reference to the power the Aelthori wield over the Elyriani. This position is comparable to a dual monarchy. There have usually been two Aelthori ruling together throughout Elyriani history. However the position is not always hereditary, it can be left to a descendent but sometimes if this is an unsuitable option the Aelthori will choose who succeed them based on preference. For example this is the case with Aelthori Fylaena. Fylaena was seen as a suitable 'neutral' candidate due to the lack of political engagement from her family thus far (at least this is how her family is percieved) and her extensive knowledge and popular works on Elyriani culture. However many rumours abound that she seduced the previous Aelthori however others state this is simply a political tactic by her rivals to delegitimise her. And still further others claim her acension to Aelthori is merely an attempt by the University to extend its influence further over the Elyriani Realm.