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Kingdom of Judea (Malchut Yehudah)
Capital cityBeit Tahor
SettlementsTel Emunah, Mushvat Emet
GovernmentMonarchic Theocracy
• King (Melech, מלך)
• Adonis
Eliyahu Al-Hazan
• Beit Din Nasi
• Beit Din
Verbatum, Eliyahu Al-Hazan, Asher Moishe
LanguageHebrew, Yiddish, Judeo-Arabic, Ladino, English
MottoAnachnu Muchanim!
National anthemEishet Chayil (Woman of Valor) אשת חיל https://youtu.be/yh-JCjOraTs

What is Judea?

The kingdom of Judea, a proud Jewish nation seeking to make a life for all the Jews and Noahides of CivMC.

Government Structure

The Judean Government has the King (מלך) above all ranks, with the Beit Din (House of Judgement) under the King and the various local courts across Judea. The local courts take on minor crimes and the purchasing of plots; larger crimes will be referred to the Beit Din.

  • Local Management such as enforcing Building regulations, sales code, etc is put on the Local Courts; the country will have a Local Court in each Settlement.
  • National Management such as enforcing death penalties and other punishments for horrible crimes, as well as checking in on Local Courts to find corruption and such is put on the Beit Din.
  • The only power that can overrule the others is the King.

Local Courts


Court of Beit Tahor Court of Tel Emunah Court of Mushvat Emet
Court Leader
Court Member 1
Court Member 2


Judea was first declared as an autonomous Empire within the Jomsviking Confederation, it consisted of 2 players at first, but grew to 4 players. However; this all fell apart quickly as Jomsviking declared a Synagogue built as illegitimate and attacked Judea, destroying all the buildings, this day is seen as a tragedy within Judea and is viewed as the reason for Judean declaration of Independence against Jomsviking; as well as the declaration of Jomsviking as the official enemy of Judea.

Judea was revived and now has been revived with several people who wish to strengthen the great state further as a Kingdom not dependent on others, but instead, an independent entity.

Flags (More coming soon!)