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Republic of Lambat
Flag of Lambat
Coat of Arms (official)
Location6893, -1461
Activity levelHigh
AllianceAugustan Federation (Consortium)
Capital cityLambat City
SettlementsLambat City
Territories9 Territories
1 Chartered City
CurrencyIron, Diamond
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic with direct democratic elements
• President
• Chief Justice
Commrade Potatoe
Foundation date
  • January 13, 2021 / Day 1321 (as the Free State of Lambat)
  • February 13, 2021 / Day 1352 (as the Republic of Lambat)
  • May 4, 2021 (current constitution)
Foundation documentRedditPost (Republic of Lambat)
LanguageEnglish, Filipino, and Portuguese
ReligionNone (secular)
MottoBawal Umihi Dito (official)
Amor Libertas (former)
National anthem

The Republic of Lambat, or simply Lambat is a Northeastern nation whose mainland is located within the southern portion of Nuevo Luzon.[1] Lambat is a unitary presidential republic with characteristics of a direct democracy. It was formerly known as the Free State of Lambat. The mainland is bordered by Ch1pr Empire and New Sovia to the north, Iria to the east. It used to border the Prospectors' Guild to the south, but now borders Vuoto. It has several territories: New Kalayaan Islands, Isla Occidental, Salakot (formerly North Vacari), and Vesteria. As of July 2021, Lambat is the 27th largest country in CivClassic based on claim area.

Initially planned to be a tiny and isolated city-state, Lambat has grown to encompass one-thirds of Nuevo Luzon and several island exclaves of major economic importance. The nation has a distinct cultural identity that is slightly based on real life Filipino customs and traditions, while integrating various aspects of several nations in CivClassics due to interactions with its foreign trade partners. Lambat is a pacifist and non-interventionist nation that maintains bilateral ties with several countries from various regions and alliances, mainly Capeland, Cortesia Del Mar, Icenia, Lusitania, Mount September, and Potistan. It is a member of the Augustan Federation's Augustan Consortium and the Conference of Eastern States (CES).


Lambatan history is separated into three categories: the geopolitical history of the lands currently held by Lambat, the history of Lambat as a political entity, and the history of the people of Lambat.

CivClassic before Lambat (before December 2020)

The land currently hosting Lambat was historically occupied by various nation states. Evidence of older civilizations can be found due to the presence of numerous abandoned cities and structures, the most prominent being the ruins of Arstotzka and the intact Appomattoxan city of Antietam (not to be confused by an Icenian settlement of the same name). The continent was claimed by Appomattox as late as March 2020, while the Southern Islands belonged to Brennau.[2] By May, both nations have disappeared from the server.[3]

An island in the southeast, Manuel Quezon (formerly Burma), was once claimed by Caledonia.


Origins of Lambat (December 2020 - January 2021)

The roots of Lambat stemmed from an unnamed LAN world, where kaprediem and banyough colonized a village and named it Kabanuan Town. After the unexplained deaths of villager residents, the duo made an effort to build a railway network extending to other villages across the continent, aiming to import new residents. The project was a mild success, after two villagers were brought to Kabanuan. It was around this time when kaprediem discovered CivClassic and decided to embark on a mission to establish a colony.

CivClassic Epoch (January 2021 - present)

Free State of Lambat (January 13 - February 12 2021)

Kaprediem joined the server on the 12th of January, 2021[4] and presumably spawned within the realm of Imperial Truidence. After aimlessly wandering through the vast swampland, he reached Gensokyo and boarded on a train to Nyasaland. There he was raided by a fleet of phantoms and killed, before respawning within Nyasaland. Eventually, he decided to settle in the continent formerly inhabited by Appomattox.

On the 13th of January, while in transit, kaprediem established the Free State of Lambat and called upon the assistance of Banyough, in order to initiate construction activities, ushering the birth of a new nation state[5]. The country opened its doors to immigration a week later. Within the last two weeks of January, Kaprediem embarked on a goodwill visit to the nations of Iria, Icenia, Cortesia Del Mar, and EM.

At its height, Lambat's population grew to four. Citizens were outnumbered by sheep, although no official census has been administered.

Lambat acceded to DUMP on the 31st of January, 2021. It initially declined after being invited by EM, due to Lambat's status as a newly-established nation. Around the same day, Lambat incorporated the abandoned lands of Western Arztotzka, Impor, Ewell, and the northern islands of Brennau (excluding a vault of unknown ownership), tripling its territorial size.

During the last week of the Free State, a surge of hostile mobs were reported after admin tweaks. Kaprediem declared a state of emergency, prohibiting entry to Lambat.

View of Lambat from an observation tower. Taken in January 18, 2021
Lambat de Viejo gate (center), the National Factory (background, right), and the Old Watchtower (near center) -- prior to the Sack of Lambat (February 2021)
Cortesian Administration (February 2 - February 12 2021)

Days later, on February 2, Kaprediem proclaimed the dissolution of Lambat, after what was described as a "CivClassic speedrun". To this effect, the nation broke its alliance with DUMP. The City of Lambat was ceded to Cortesia Del Mar for protection.[6][7]

On February 8, the Lambat Government-in-Exile was announced by Kaprediem in a Reddit post, raising an intention to return to CivClassic at an unspecified date. The statement also declares severing ties with DUMP, upholding neutrality, and imposing isolationism, while reaffirming its waiving of territorial rights to CDM's custodianship.[8]

The Executive Palace under repair after the Sack of Lambat City

The Second Republic (February 13 - May 4 2021)

After assessing the regional situation, Kaprediem announced the formation of the Republic of Lambat, a direct successor to the Free State of Lambat. Cortesia Del Mar returned Lambat's territory to the restored nation. It subsequently reaffirmed its claims in a post on r/Lambat.[9] Upon the restoration of Lambat, Kaprediem announced his 'Five-Point, Five-Month Agenda'. On February 16, Kaprediem enacted the Lambat Citizenship Law, which allows dual citizenship.

On February 22, Lambat laid its claim on an uninhabited island in +,+, which it named as the New Kalayaan Islands Territory. It is intended to become a trading outpost.[10]

Sack of Lambat City and Reconstruction (February 13 - Mid-March 2021)

President Kaprediem visited Mount September from February 19-21 with the intention of establishing permanent diplomatic relations. During his absence, activity in Lambat was extremely low. Upon his return, he found that Lambat City was pillaged by a group of bandits, causing the destruction of virtually all structures, such as the Executive Palace, the Town Hall, and the First National Factory. The raiders also looted a significant amount of diamonds and iron, among other valuables.

The incident gained international attention, prompting humanitarian, military, and intelligence support from Cortesia Del Mar, Icenia, Lusitania, and Mount September. One of the accused, namely Thomasvdbunt, was subdued and pearled by Icenian officials in former Mount Augusta. Kaprediem requested to the Septemberian government that the accused be extradited to Icenia for trial.[11] Reconstruction efforts in Lambat continued for around two weeks.

Construction boom and expansion (Mid-March - May 2021)

Weeks after the reconstruction, Lambat ushered in a period of increased economic activity. Several new buildings and factories were built, most notably the Lambat Rail Station, which connects the country to international destinations.[12] In April 2021, Kaprediem reorganized Lambat City's counties into districts and expanding its borders to the western coast of Lake Ewell. In the same month, Lambat signed a grant from the Augustan Development Bank.

With the influx of newfriends and rapid urbanization of Lambat, the nation entered an unprecedented era of growth and prosperity, therefore several adjustments had to be made. The National Reconstruction Council was abolished and succeeded by the State Ministry, an executive and legislative council with members appointed by the President. The City of Lambat was incorporated through a charter, leading to the nation's first elections. Kaprediem and Kloudei were elected as mayor and councilor, respectively.

Constitution and the Third Republic (May 4 2021 - present)

On the 4th of May, Lambatans ratified their constitution with a vote of 7-0, changing their nation's form of government from oligarchy to democracy. Elections were held in the 15th of May; Kaprediem won and became the first democratically-elected president, while Commrade Potatoe and Yodabird19 were chosen as judges. The Third Republic became a period of rapid expansion, with the Lambatan population rising to 42 as of July 2021.

On the 24th of June 2021, Vesteria was created as an autonomous territory of Lambat, being headed by CommradePotatoe. The following month, the second Lambat City local elections resulted in Hills4Real's mayorship, after Kaprediem opted to not pursue another term. Private businesses such as Artificial Enterprises (brewing) and Delta Mart (agriculture and retail) were founded during this period. Two international rail lines originating form Lambat are presently under construction: the Pacem-Monterrey-Lambat Line and the L-Line.

Cabinet reshuffle and state of emergency (July 28 2021-present)
District of Lambat de Viejo, Lambat City (April 2021)


The country's name is derived from the Filipino (a standardized form of Tagalog) word for fishing net.[13] A common intentional misspelling is "Lamb Bat", coined by Septembrian minemaster933.[14]

Government and Politics


The President serves as the head of state and government. Under the constitution, the president is an elected position who may serve for a three-month term, and may be reelected for unlimited times. The President of Lambat holds considerable executive power compared to its counterparts in the Augustan Federation. They may also enact orders (executive orders) that have sweeping effects on the executive branch's legislation. The executive branch is further divided into several ministries.

Legislative power is vested upon its citizenry. Laws are proposed and voted upon directly by citizens and ratified or vetoed by the president. The constitution provides for the establishment of a legislative assembly, which may be convened upon the people's will.

The Supreme Court is the primary judicial arm of Lambat and follows the civil law tradition, with common law influences.

Governments and Leaderships of Lambat
Name Government Start End Party Cabinet
Free State of Lambat
Kaprediem Official Portrait.png kaprediem Government of the Free State of Lambat January 13th, 2021 February 2nd, 2021 LNP
vacant February 2nd, 2021 February 13th, 2021 N/A Cortesian Government administration
Republic of Lambat
Kaprediem Official Portrait.png kaprediem First Kaprediem Government February 13th, 2021 May 15th, 2021 N/A
  • Banyough (Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Mining)
  • Kloudei (Minister of Arts and Culture)
  • Shanaaro (Minister of Defense)
Kaprediem Official Portrait.png kaprediem Second Kaprediem Government May 16th, 2021 July 28th, 2021 CAP
  • Banyough (Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Mining)
  • Commrade Potatoe (Minister of Industry and Trade)
  • Kloudei (Minister of Arts and Culture)
  • Minemaster933 (Minister of Defense)
Kaprediem Official Portrait.png
kaprediem Third Kaprediem Government July 28th, 2021 incumbent

(expires on August 15th, 2021)

CAP Vacant


See: List of Legislation in the Free State of Lambat


Elections are regularly held with scattered intervals. The President is elected every three months; judges are voted on every third Sunday with two-month intervals. The Mayor and councilors of Lambat City are elected every two months. All elections use the rank-choice voting method.

Political parties

The Citizen's Action Party (CAP) is Lambat's current ruling party. Several parties exist but are currently unrepresented in the government. The rest of government officials are independent or non-partisan.

Party Abbrevriation Logo Ideology and platform Position Membership count In government Leadership
Bawal Magbawal Party BMP
  • None (established to provide Kaprediem competition during the first presidential election)
  • Anti-Bawalumihiditoiism (nominal)
N/A 1 No Metriximor
Citizen's Action Party CAP
  • Liberalism
  • Civic nationalism
  • Bawalumihiditoiism
Center-left to Center 2 Yes Kaprediem
Lambat Nationalist Party LNP
  • Nationalism
N/A No Ch1pr
Lambat Trolling Party LTP
  • Trolling
N/A 1 No Hills4Real
Potatoe Party PP
  • Potatocracy (official)
  • Maintenance of the status quo
Center 1 No CommradePotatoe

The defunct Free State of Lambat was a one-party state dominated by the Lambat National Party (LNP).

Ideology and political philosophy

Lambat's values are described in its "Four Freedoms": freedom of speech, freedom of faith, freedom from want, and freedom from oppression. It is a liberal democracy in principle.

Economy and infrastructure

Lambat is a predominantly agricultural nation, supplemented by mining. The government plans to open its economy to foreign businesses in order to bolster growth within the country and in the region. Iron and diamond are both used as currency for international date, while a barter system is practiced domestically. The country uses a floating exchange rate where the value of iron is dependent on the supply of diamonds (and vice versa).

Currency Rates based on National Monetary Reserves[15]
Date Average Diamond to Iron (D:I) Rate
Mar 13 - 31 2021 37.72881089
Apr 1 - 13 2021 44.81962111


Lambat is served by the Lambat Colonial Line, a series of both new and repurposed railways established by CommradePotatoe, which has stops in all Lambatan territories except for North Vacari, which is accessible through the Nexus-Iria line. The country is connected to the Nexus through the repurposed Appomatox-Nexus line.

Until March 2021, the country was mainly served by dirt roads. Boat was the most preferred method of outbound travel, since there were no active railways.

After a directive posted by the then Minister of the Interior, Kaprediem, Lambat has spearheaded railway construction to Pacem and Rainer and is constructing rails to Lusitania, Lumière, and Gabon.


The Lambat Post is a state-owned newspaper, irregularly published at least once a month. It mainly features news and exchange rate updates.


Mainland Lambat is situated in the far south of Nuevo Luzon, a landmass once occupied by several historical nations, including Appomattox, Nyasaland, and Brennau. It is bordered by Iria to the east and Monterrey (through the Old Georgia Colony) to the west. The southwestern portion is covered in sand dunes, while the rest of the terrain is a varied mix of temperate hills and plains. Settled north is the city of Antietam, the former capital of Appomattox. Most fauna consists of feral pigs, cattle, horses, and sheep. Oak and dark oak are native to the country, while acacia is a prominent introduced species. Lambat has retained the historical names of some geographical features.

It has one exclave in the Southeast (+,+), called New Kalayaan Islands, a directly administered territory.

Lambat's Northeastern (+,-) territories, June 2021

Provinces and Territories

Flag Province/Territory Other names Geographical Coordinates Abbrev. Settlements
N/A East Arztotska N/A EA Arztotska


IM, Lambat.png
Impor Silangan IM None
N/A Isla Occidental IO None
N/A Lambat City1 Lungsod ng Lambat

Foytic Tabmal

7000, -1500 LA Lambat City
WA, Lambat.png
Makiling formerly West Arztotska WA None
New Kalayaan Islands Kapuluan ng Kalayaan NK Kalayaan
Salakot formerly North Vacari SA None
SO, Lambat.png
Southern Islands Kapuluang Katimugan SI None
Tamaraw formerly Ewell EW Deco City

New Athol

Fort Butterfly

Vesteria 5625, -220 VE N/A
Birds' eye view of Poblacion District, Lambat City

1Provincial-level settlement

Lambat City

Lambat City serves as the de facto capital of the Republic of Lambat. It is the center of most activities in the country. The city is divided into seven districts:

  • Lambat de Viejo (formerly Lambat Settlement, then West County) - A residential area that is also the first settlement in Lambat City.
  • Poblacion (formerly Central County) - Downtown area.
  • Silangan (formerly East County) - A cultural and diplomatic center that is currently being developed.
  • Port Grestin - A port that predates Lambat. Originally established by Arstotzka.
  • Nuevo Kabanuan - Another portion of Arstotzka integrated into Lambat.
  • Bukiran - A rugged landscape being converted into farmland.
  • Lakeside Hills - A huge, undeveloped hillscape on the western coast of Lake Ewell.

In addition to these districts are a few unofficial subdivisions:

  • Vigan - A non-chartered build-oriented district managed by KurtTheFruit and F_aint. Its architecture is based on the real-life city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur in the Philippines.
  • Foytic Tabmal - A subterranean settlement and mining facility north of Poblacion district.

The city originated as a tiny settlement built on January 13, 2021. Although Kaprediem is regarded as the founder of Lambat, it was Banyough who laid the city's foundations, through the construction of the Office Cabin, now called the Executive Palace. Lambat Settlement grew at a slow pace, until the arrival of Shanaaro, who built the first factory in West County. From hereon, the settlement was called Lambat City.

Lambat City was once divided into three districts: namely West, Central, and East County, until it was reorganized in April 2021. Its city charter was enacted through Presidential Decree 11 on April 30, 2021.[16]


Main article: Vesteria

Lambat de Viejo, Lambat's oldest settlement. It is now a part of Lambat City.

Active settlements

  • New Athol - Lambat's second settlement, built on the east coast of Lake Ewell.
  • Sitio Palayok - A terracotta mining facility in West Arztotska.
  • Kalayaan - Future trading post located in the New Kalyaan Islands. Currently used as a sand mining and cactus farming facility.
  • East Arztotska. An abandoned town adorned with Soviet-style architecture, now partially included in Lambat City proper.

Other locations

  • Fort Butterfly. An off-limits Appomattoxan fortification, surrounded by plantations and gardens.
Lambat de Viejo, Lambat City in February 2021


The population of Lambat as of June 30th 2021 is 25. Lambat's census also accounts for non-resident citizens.[17]

Month (2021) Population
Jan 4
Feb 3
Mar 3
Apr 9
May 13
Jun 25
State visit of King Metriximor IV and signing of the Luso-Lambatan Friendship Treaty (February 2021)

Foreign relations

The country has established diplomatic relations with several nations.[18] Lambat established its first embassy in Mount September on February 22, 2021 and has plans to build embassies in Icenia and Capeland. The country also has friendship treaties with Capeland and Lusitania.

In May 29th, 2021, Lambat joined the Augustan Federation as part of the Augustan Consortium. Within the same week, in June 2nd, Lambat became a member of the Conference of Eastern States.

Lambat was a member of the Defense Union for Mutual Prosperity (DUMP) for two days in February 2021.

Culture and Symbols


English is the most common language used in Lambat, followed by Filipino (Tagalog) and sometimes Portuguese. Lambat's bilingual nature has led to the development of culturally-specific jargon, based on the Tagalog language:

  • Awts - From the English word ouch, used in similar context to "oof".
  • Bano - Filipino equivalent of noob or newfriend.
  • Bawal - Means prohibited.
  • Gege - A contracted form of "sige", an expression of approval similar to "ok" or "sure". It is sometimes used sarcastically as a response to a bad joke or statement, in the same nature as dot posting (.).
  • Gurang - Filipino equivalent of boomer or oldfriend.
  • Ihi - Literally translates to "urine". Used as a code word for obsidian and obbyboming, inspired by a civball comic about Southshire's history.
  • Perlas - Literally "pearl", refers to end pearls and eyes of ender.
  • Uling - Coal.
  • Tulog - Sleep.
  • Magandang umaga - Good Morning.
  • Sinumpaan - Filipino for cursed.
  • Bonj hour - Bastardization of the French Bonjour invented on a voice chat by Banyough. Common Lambatan greeting.
  • Ngipin-pandikit - Tagalog doesn't have a word for toothpaste, so Metriximor and Banyough invented one by mixing the words Ngipin (teeth) and pandikit (paste/glue). From this, Metriximor invented the jingle "Ngipin-pandikit malusog ngipin!" by accident while trying to say "Colgate toothpaste healthy teeth!"

Flag, Coat of Arms, and Seal

Flag of Lambat from January 13 to February 22, 2021
Official Seal of the Republic of Lambat.

The nation's flag is a banner with five horizontal stripes in alternating blue and yellow with a red triangle in the hoist side. The colors red, yellow, and blue symbolize poppies, dandelions, and lapis lazuli, which are abundant in Lambat. Kaprediem refers to the flag as the Ness Flag, due to similarities in color with Earthbound's main protagonist.

The coat of arms as well as the seal bears the same colors as Lambat's flag, with the chevron defaced with the Baybayin (old Tagalog) character for the latter 'L' or 'La'. Its shapes is based on the kalasag, a traditional Filipino shield dating from the pre-colonial period.

Potistan's de facto national flag was inspired by the Lambatan flag.[19]


Lambat's official motto is "Bawal Umihi Dito", a Tagalog phrase meaning "do not urinate here". In real life, it is commonly found written on signboards and walls in order to discourage public urination. The motto originated as an inside joke among Tagalophone Lambatans and was eventually popularized by Metriximor, who has since made it a bill to become the official Lambatan Motto[20]. It has since become an inside joke among Lambatans in the nation's official Discord server and the official motto of the nation.

The nation's first motto was "Amor Libertas", a Latin phrase roughly meaning "Love for Liberty". It can still be found in Lambat's coat of arms.

A CivBall comic strip satirizing the 11-day hiatus

National Anthem

On January 15, 2021, Lambat adapted its national anthem, simply titled "Lambat National March", which was composed by Kaprediem. The anthem has no lyrics, and there are currently no plans to add one.


  • Bawal Umihi Dito - See above.
  • Jolliglad - A variation of the Glad Civmoji created by Kaprediem. It is a hybrid of Glad and Jollibee, the mascot of an eponymous Filipino fast food chain. Despite being popular in Lambat, it was first posted in the Lusitania Discord server.
A propaganda poster from Lambat, published in February 22 during the contemporary period.

Notable citizens

Kaprediem prior to joining CivClassic and establishing Lambat
  • kaprediem - Founder and incumbent President
  • banyough - Co-founder of Lambat and former Minister of Agriculture, Forest, and Mining
  • Shanaaro - Former Minister of Defense
  • Kloudei - Minister of Arts and Culture; Councilor, Lambat City; first elected official besides the Mayor of Lambat City
  • Metriximor - King of Lusitania; credited for popularizing Bawal Umihi Dito
  • Yodabird19 - Vice President of Cortesia Del Mar; de facto custodian of Lambat during the Cortesian Government Administration period
  • minemaster933 - Minister of Defense since May 2021; Cup of Balls, Mount September; reformed raider
  • NebulaSSR - First Lambatan with multiple citizenships
  • Thraldrek - Former Mount September diplomat
  • Commrade Potatoe - First Chief Justice; Minister of Industry and Trade; Pacem-native entrepreneur; founder of Commrade Potatoe's Dye Shop in Pacem and Icenia


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