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Lambat (/lamˈbat/; Filipino: Lambát), officially the Kingdom of Lambat is a nation-state in the CivMC server. It has been a part of the Empire of Pavia since May 2024. It is located in the Lyrean Subcontinent region of the Eastern Continent, south of the Lyrean Sea bordering Judea to the east and Mery to the west. From June 2022 to June 2024, it was known as the Republic of Lambat.

It is a member state of the Lyrean Council and an honorary member of the Medi Sea Forum. Lambat in CivMC is the direct successor to the eponymous state in post-Infinity War CivClassic 2.0.

Kingdom of Lambat
Kaharian ng Lambat
Flag of Lambat
Great Seal of Lambat
LocationEastern Continent
AllianceLyrean Commonwealth
Capital cityPoblacion, Lambat City
Governing documentProvisional Constitution (until May 2024)
• King (Rajah)
• Prime Minister
Foundation dateJune 4, 2022
  • English (lingua franca)
  • Filipino
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Spanish
ReligionSecular with some adherents of Coppronism, Chungianism, and other religions
MottoSipag at tiyaga (hard work and perseverance)
National anthemDear Lambat (Tagalog: Inang bayan kong Lambat)


The nation is named after its predecessor in CivClassic 2.0, which takes after the Filipino (Tagalog) word for fishnet.[1] It has no relation to the Malay and Indonesian word lambat, an adjective which means slow.[2]


Inter-server era (December 2021 - May 2022)

Upon the closure of CivClassic 2,0, most of the players in Lambat remained in their Discord server. On January 27th, the National Transitional Council was proclaimed by Kaprediem as Lambat's sole governing authority, suspending the constitution, marking the beginning of Lambat's transition into a future server by consolidating the nation's more active members. The Council comprised of three members: Kaprediem, Banyough, and Creepi0n.

However, by May, two out of three members of the Council have already vacated their positions, with Creepi0n transferring to Pavia and Banyough being involved full-time in Lusitania. Following this, Kaprediem issued Executive Order no. 45, which effectively abolished the National Transitional Council and imposing a civilian dictatorship, led by the President.[3] This move was met with seemingly no opposition.

On March 1, 2022, Greater Duskwood formally seceded from Lambat.[4] Later on May 26, Capeland joined Lambat as a province by virtue of the Treaty of May.[5][6]

After the announcement of CivMC's launch date, a referendum was held in the Lambat Discord server that asked whether the nation should move to the upcoming server; the measure passed 18 against 1.

Close-up of the tower on Poblacion Station, L-City (credit kaprediem)

Settlement Period (June 4 - July 24 2022)

Lambat initially settled in the Medi Sea region of the Eastern Continent, to the west of Lusitania. A land dispute between Lambat and Ila'Kyavul ultimately led to the former scouting for new land in the less crowded +-. The Lambatans resettled to a meadow east of Mery on the 4th of June, 2022, establishing a settlement named Pioneer Village. In no less than three days, Lambat's active population has grown to at least five.

Within the span of two weeks, Lambat became home to 15 active citizens. Several businesses opened in Pioneer Village, while the Minstry of Public Works, led by AKJanklin, spearheaded the construction of a local railway system. A rail line between Lambat and Lusitania was built by both nations, dubbed the L-Line 2, named after the line in CivClassic 2.0.

North of Lambat City, the settlement of Cape Cocoa was established by Governor Orhint of Capeland Province, which was renamed Chungia in late July as a callback to its legacy in ScratchCiv.

Initial territorial Map of Lambat as of June 2022. Pico de Blanco is now administered by Za State.

Generic War period (July 24 - September 18 2022)

In the middle of July 2022, a transnational conflict involving Estalia and Rhode Island broke out, which gradually affected Lambat's trade relations with its neighbors. By August, the Lambatan government issued travel bans to seven nations, including the main belligerents as well as neighboring Pavia.

Amidst the war, economic activity in Lambat continued with several infrastructure projects being conducted by the government, including an expansion of the existing rail network, most notably the Gold Line connecting Lambat City to Chungia, and a link to the Copper Line. The ongoing period also saw an increase in agricultural output, under the supervision of Minister of Agriculture Magnileve.

On August 12th, 2022, a presidential decree was put into effect, establishing national parks as a means of preserving SOTW natural flora/terrain generation from destruction via player activity. The three areas given national park status were Mt. Abedul, Mt. Flor, and the Bulaclacan Fields. Existing infrastructure was not affected in any way by the decree and thus continued to operate as normal.

On August 27th, 2022, President kaprediem and leader of Varathia Aresot came to an agreement where a portion of north-east Varathia would be ceded to Lambat. The purpose was, according to kaprediem, to develop the land into farms. Later in the following days the area would be formally marked as Lambatan land, a firewatch would be built, and dark oak/jungle wood farming would commence shortly thereafter.

Although Lambat was generally unaffected by the war, it was occasionally raided by lone actors such as Vah and Ez2Clutch. Two notable incidents involve the murders of SamBonusG in Pioneer Village [7] and Kaprediem in CivMarket.[8]

The Lambat-Letos Nether Portal was temporarily closed to the public on September 7, after it was used as a transit point by two raiders who attacked Altepetl[9]


A Rhodesian operation in Pavia on September 11 prompted the Lambatan Government to reactivate the Lambat National Guard and implement total closure of the country's borders.[10]

At the end of the war on September 18, Lambat's borders were reopened. With the exception of Estalia, Titan, and occupied Rhode Island, all travel restrictions were lifted.[11] The Lambat nether portal was also reopened on the same day.[12]

Post-war period (September 18 2022 - April 2023)

A map of Lambat's political subdivisions prior to their reorganization.

Lambat's population growth tempered after the war. No new citizens were registered in November 2022, a first for the nation since its reestablishment. In spite of demographic decline, Lambat's economy benefited from postwar stability, which allowed for major infrastructure projects: the Great Lazuli Oceanic Bridge (GOB), built by SamBonusG, and the Yoahtl-owned Great Overland Railway.

The Lambatan countryside also saw more development, particularly in the western territories of Blanco and Valle Occidental with its two towns, and the formation of Timberbourg, a neighborhood east of Pioneer District.

In December 2022, Lambat saw its first election in more than year with the conduct of Lambat City's Metropolitan Council elections.

In February 2023, the southern portions of Letos were annexed by Lambat, an act the Government justified due to the city-state's lack of activity. Within the same month, Lambat also acquired New Oldendor (Varathia) and Margaritaville, the latter made possible after MaybeGravy's request. During the same month, Lambat City held its second Metro Council elections, where SamBonusG secured a second term and became the first person to be reelected in CivMC's iteration of Lambat. Meanwhile, VilyanZ is the first citizen to be elected without being appointed prior to a government position.

In March, the territories of Mercado Strait, Blanco, and Valle Occidental were merged by the Lambatan government to form the province of Valle Occidental. TikraiNiGedvilas was appointed as the provincial governor.

In June, Lambat acquired Lusitania's unclaimed badlands, tentatively named the Lambatan Exterior Territories (LET).

Lambatan civil war (January 25 - February 1 2023)

Normally peaceful, Lambat engaged itself in a farley civil war that started as a coup, initiated by Banyough and her so-called monarchist supporters against the republican Government. The war lasted for six days, ending in restoration of the status quo. Despite its farcical nature, the conflict was well-documented in the form of subreddit posts and internal banter.

The Grass Age (April 2023 - May 2024)

By the middle of 2023, many Lambatans became less active in CivMC due to non-game related concerns. Kaprediem announced in May that he would become less involved in CivMC for personal reasons.[13] On June 17, 10 Lambatans were revoked of citizenship due to inactivity, cutting Lambat's population down to 29.[14] The 4th Lambat Metro Council elections resulted in the first victory for the Lambat Royalist Party, represented by Metriximor.[15] SamBonusG then stepped down as Mayor after a six-month term. He was replaced by AKJanklin.

The following month, Magnileve vacated his post as Minister of Agriculture and went on indefinite leave, reducing the State Council's seats to seven.[16] At the end of July, the Lambat Post announced its permanent closure and rebranding into the Lambat Express News Service (LENS).[17] Growth in Lambat City continued as MaybeGravy started developing the District of Pampang.

On January 18, 2024, Kaprediem went on indefinite leave due to IRL commitments and waning interest in CivMC, and appointed SamBonusG as Lambat's first prime minister and co-head of government.

Transition to Monarchy

Despite attempts to boost activity, Lambat fell into near absolute stasis by the middle of 2024. This lead to SamBonusg's 'RP-death' and resignation as Prime Minister.

On April 2024, using his then-backup Discord account, Kaprediem announced to Lambat his intentions to implement reforms. This culminated in the replacement of Lambat's long-standing republican government with a constitutional monarchy. Pending official documentation, Kaprediem proclaimed himself as King of Lambat, using the title of Rajah. He appointed TikraiNiGedvilas as Prime Minister and Regent. Lambat also declaimed a third of its territory, including Mercado Strait, Kawayan, Parfait, Southern Letos, and its external territories north of Lusitania (now ruled by Kallos).


Mainland Lambat's climate is temperate, with flat plains on both the north, center, and south of the country. Between these flat areas are various biomes featuring rougher, hilly topography. In the cases of the three national parks, these areas are also heavily wooded.

Parfait's climate is tropical, with it being completely covered by a dark-oak thicket. It features rocky, raised plateau terrain. Meanwhile, Kawayan is populated by jungle trees.

Both landmasses border the Stony Sea.

Lambat City

Lambat City (officially the Metropolitan City of Lambat, or L-City, is a sector comprising of the entire plains landmass south of the Mt. Flor flower forest. The capital of Lambat is situated here. It was initially settled as Pioneer Village, but later developed into its own district as infrastructure and buildings were built at a rapid pace.

There are currently three embassies established in Lambat City, only one of which (Reconstruction Era) is built and functional.

Sunrise over Pioneer District, L-City (credit kaprediem)

• Pioneer Village

The first settlements of Lambat were build here, including the Pioneer Torch, the L-City Warehouse, mines, farms, and St. Amogus Chapel. Roads are generally made of simple materials, such as various stones and grass paths. However, Queen Banyough Avenue (QBA) and other major roads that run through the area are deepslate-paved per normal convention.

Pioneer District is mainly a cosmopolitan residential area; newly-inducted citizens are typically required to build their first house in this area of L-City. Due to its high population density, shops and services are commonly found - though these are typically small businesses run by individuals.

The eastern region of Pioneer is mainly an agricultural zone; Wheat is the main staple grown, though other crops such as carrots and oak trees are routinely harvested.

The easternmost point of QBA leads to a fork - the left road exiting Lambat to Judea (which in turn contiguously leads to Potistan) and the right road exits via bridge to Varathia. The land road passes through a large wall funded by Judean authorities, which marks the southern land border between Lambat City and the Judean woods.

Jose Rizal Avenue, Poblacion District

• Poblacion

West of Pioneer District is the urban heart of L-City, Poblacion. Governmental-purpose buildings, embassies (with the exception of ReEra's), large-scale businesses, and various public amenities are located here. Buildings in this area tend to be larger-scale, taller and made of more advanced material, due to both looser building restrictions and greater government spending in the area. However, because of these factors (as well as existing mandates requiring homes be built in Pioneer Village), little if any residential buildings are present. The northern area of Poblacion houses buildings that make up the cultural quarter of Lambat City. This includes the Lambat International Museum: it had a flag collection and as of August 11, 2022, was the only museum present in the Lyrean region. A heist around the end of November 2022 wiped out its entire flag collection.

Following the passing of Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade, the north-south running boulevard in western Poblacion was renamed to Technoblade Boulevard via a proclamation made July 1st by President Kaprediem.

New September

Named after Mount September in CivClassic 2.0, New September (formerly known as Progreso and Northend) is located north of Pioneer Village, separated by the Gold Line and University Street. It has a beautiful skyline thanks to it being the only part of Lambat without a height limit law on it's building infrastructure. It contains many references to buildings from the CivClassic 2.0 iteration, such as the "Voter Tree" and Lazuli Tower 2.0 (references to structures from Mount September) and a 4G Tower (an upgrade to Lambat's 3G Tower in Classics). Other buildings include a rail station connected to the LRT, a bank that functions as an iron-diamond exchange, and a massive, beautiful theater that was constructed by AKJanklin.

Katipan Station (July 9, 2022)

• Katipan

Katipan district is a thin strip of land encompassing the northernmost area of Lambat City. It borders Northend to the south, Mt. Abedul to the west, and Mt Flor to the north. It is connected to Judea via the Two-Cities Bridge, a medium-sized wonder featuring two tall towers inspired by industrial European architecture.

Katipan's infrastructure is mostly funded and built by AKJanklin. Aside from the rail station, the buildings present are privately owned and form a sizeable brewing and tourism industry.

• Lumbria and Frontier Hills

The eastern portion of Lambat City is covered by the rural districts of Lumbria and Frontier Hills. Its main settlement is Timberbourg, a German-style village built by MoonDemon19015. Both districts were acquired by Lambat after the annexation of Judea.


it consists of the western plains of former Judea. The southern portion of Pampang is being developed by MaybeGravy, and features several mid-rise buildings that make use of colored terracotta. The district also features a hippodrome currently under construction by SamBonusG.


Chungia, formerly known as Capeland, is a province comprising the entirety of the northern plain. Chungia borders the Lyrean Sea to its north, with Letos being the closest foreign power across the channel to its northwest.

Chungia's infrastructural development has been slow due in part to the residents being comprised mostly of newfriends, as well as a lack of resources and free-time to build. Some farms and small houses are built as temporary features however; Much of Chungia is planned by Orhint and Magnileve and will follow Victorian-era British style architecture.

Valle Occidental

Valle Occidental is divided into three sub-regions:

Valle Occidental

The province's namesake features a central plain to its east (called "Newfriendland"). The Settlement of Heavensroost and the Mt. Pico de Blanco mountain range lie in the west of the territory. Mt. Flor is historically a part of Valle Occidental before being transferred to Chungia.


West of Valle Occidental lies Blanco, the site of Mt. Blanco, an important source of cold-climate crops for Lambat. Blanco is a condominium shared by Lambat and the Mehri people. Blanco's main settlement is Bazariškės, which was briefly an anarchist commune during the Lambatan civil war.

Blanco was formerly held by a one-man naton called Za State, known for the ruins of its former capital, Provcap.

Mercado Strait

Mercado Strait consists of the southernmost part of Lambat, and contains the commune of Bazariškės-Peniškės, as well as the remains of one of the first nations to go dead on the server, The Collective. These remains include a massive, hilly field of wheat that has remained untouched since the country's extinction, as well as a seemingly religious structure (true purpose unknown), and an abandoned underground railway system that leads to nowhere. If you continue traveling south into the jungle along Route 40, you will eventually come to the beginning of the GLOB, along with a stable selling horses for faster travel.


See Margaritaville.

National Parks

National parks are government-protected areas of land where development and/or exploitation of resources is strictly not allowed. This is done in an effort to preserve the custom-generated environment (namely trees and terrain) set in place at the Start of the World.

There are currently three national parks in Lambat.

  • Barrier Reef is a coral reef system in the Stony Sea spanning from the coast of Blanco to southeast of Lambat City's waters.
  • Monte Abedul is a mountain range situated northwest of Lambat City and east of the Valle Occidental. It is thickly covered by a birch forest, hence it being named after the Spanish word for "birch." Wild bees live gregariously in the woods of Mt. Abedul.
  • Monte Flor is a mountain range located directly in between Lambat City and Chungia. It mainly features rolling hills covered by colorful flowers and mixed woodland. Notably, there are a sizeable amount of conifers growing amongst the forest. These trees are endangered in Lambat, as they do not grow back if manually replanted in the area.
  • Bulaclacan Field is a lush flower meadow located west of Chungia and south of Develhof, Djani'hweh. It is the only National Park to have been established with existing infrastructure; that being a tree farm operated by the Mehri people.

Former Territories


The territory of Kawayan comprises of Lambat's southeastern frontier and mainly serves as its source of dark oak and junglewood.


Also known as North Varathia, Parfait is an exclave located northeast of Varathia and south of Judea - its closest border being separated by Mainland Lambat border by approximately 200 meters. It is completely comprised of a tropical roofed-forest biome, with a beach overlooking Parfait Bay on its northernmost end. It is an agriculturally-oriented region. It is mainly used to farm dark oak and jungle wood, and grows various tropical flora as well.

Kota Habagatan, Kawayan Territory

Kawayan, also known as Reedy Creek (not to be confused with the former Blockchainistan exclave in Impendia, which bares the same name) borders North Varathia to the east. It is a lush jungle formerly occupied by Blockchainistan under the United Fruit Company. It was annexed by Lambat after the fall of Blockchainistan in the end of the Generic War. Kawayan hosts one settlement, Kota Habagatan, a jungle rest stop located beside the GOR.

Pulang Bato


AK on top of Mt. Pico de Blanco beside a sign, read "smal was here"


During the Republican era, the central government of Lambat was a transitional oligarchy headed by a president. Initially a dictatorship, the Lambatan government evolved into its current form by gradual delegation of certain powers to appointed ministers. This transitional form of government is expected to be succeeded by a hybrid democracy. The present form of government is derived from the Provisional Constitution of 2022. The president serves as both head of state and government, handling foreign affairs and national security. Kaprediem is the inaugural holder for this position, having been president from November 2021 in CivClassic 2.0.

Lambat in CivMC held its first elections in December 2022, where citizens of Lambat City elected members of the Metropolitan Council, a legislative-judicial body with jurisdiction limited to Lambat City. The Metro Council itself elects the Mayor of Lambat City, who is formally appointed by the President.

Citizens are encouraged by the government to participate in the government through consensus and direct participation.

The State Council presently consists of three ministers (Minister of Public Works and Transport, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Agriculture) and the Governor of Chungia.

Meanwhile, the proposed position of Prime Minister is elected by citizens of Lambat every two months, and may run up to three consecutive terms. The Prime Minister will oversee domestic affairs such as the national economy and industry.

The nation's capital city shall also have an elected Mayor, similar to Lambat City in CivClassic 2.0. The City Mayor shall be part of the State Council.

Merging the responsibilities of the Cabinet and the National Assembly, the State Council approves and reviews legislation submitted by citizens.

The Supreme Court will retain its previous structure, now named the Judicial Council.

List of government officials during the Republican era
Position Other names Holder Date Seal
President Pangulo Kaprediem 4th of June, 2022
Prime Minister Punong Ministro SamBonusG 18th of January, 2024
State Council
Minister of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) Kagawad ng Pagawaing Bayan at Transportasyon AKJanklin 12th of June, 2022
Minister of Commerce (MOC) Kagawad ng Kalakalan SamBonusG 9th of August, 2022
Governor of Chungia Gobernador ng Chungia Orhint 4th of June, 2022
Governor of Margaritaville MaybeGravy 22nd of February, 2023
Governor of Valle Occidental TikraiNiGedvilas

Administrative divisions

Lambat is divided into eight first-level divisions, further classified into three types: six territories, all directly administered by the national government; one province, led by a governor, and one metropolitan city, led by a mayor-council structure. Some divisions comprise of various subdivisions, such as districts, towns, and settlements.

Division Classification Other names Etymology Abbreviation Towns Districts Settlements Leadership Current holder
Lambat City Metropolitan City L-City, Metropolitan City of Lambat Named after the nation itself LCITY 6 Mayor AKJanklin
Chungia Province Capeland Derived from Big Chungus CHU 1 Governor Orhint
Margaritaville - MGV 1 MaybeGravy
Valle Occidental - Spanish for 'western valley' VOC 3 3 1 TikraiNeGedvilas
Kawayan Territory Reedy Creek Filipino name for bamboo[18] KAW 1 Central government
Southern Letos taken from Letos LET
Balakbak in Tagalog precolonial religion, one of the two guardians of the underworld/afterlife BKK
Lambat External Territory** LXT

*Nether side

**Exclaves north of Lusitania


Initially, Lambat's population comprises mostly of returning citizens from Classics. However, it is worth noting a portion of Lambat's early settlers were comprised of immigrants from other countries, Mount Augusta for example.

Population of Lambat (by time)
Date Population Change Attrition (decrease) Influx (increase)
June 2022 17 - - +17
July 21 +24% - +4
August 27 +28% -2 +8
September 32 +19% - +5
October 37 +9% -1 +4
November 35 -5% -2 -
December 37 +5% - +2
January 2023 36 -3% -1 -


English is the most widely used language, followed by Filipino (and its unstandardized form, Tagalog). Although both languages are written using the Latin alphabet, Filipino (and by extension, other Philippine languages) may also be inscribed in Baybayin, a writing system used in pre-Colonial Philippines. An example of its usage in Lambat is the T-like symbol in the coat of arms, pronounced as /lə/.

Other languages spoken by Lambatans are German, Swedish, and Portuguese.


Lambat is a constitutionally secular state that prohibits the establishment or designation of a state religion. Religious freedom is also guaranteed in the Lambatan constitution. The country is home to adherents of several religions, such as Amoguists, Bezists and Coppronists.



Rail transport

See Lambat Rail Transit Authority.

Line name Code Operator Northern/western terminus Southern/eastern terminus Status Connections
Domestic lines
Red 1 Lambat Rail Transit (LRT), MPWT Narra Eliyahu Completed
Green 2 Cloudy Sanctuary Completed
Gold 3 Cape Cocoa (current) Poblacion Partially constructed L-Line, Copper Line
Blue 4 Poblacion (current) Pens Partially constructed
Pink 5 Krus Iria Partially constructed
Grey 6 Cape Cocoa (current) Moon Hill Partially constructed
International lines
C-Line Joint venture (MPWT and Cascadia) Cascadia Pioneer Completed OneDest system
L-Line L Joint venture (MPWT and Lusitania) Poblacion Portucale, Lusitania Completed OneDest system
Copper Line C Mery Develhof CivMarket Completed OneDest system
GOR Yoahtl Katipan Atlepetl, Yoahtl Completed
ETA Estalia TBD Planned
Metro map for L-City (credit AK, updated May 2023)


Lambat has an extensive road network that spans its entire territory. Its roads are managed by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, under the oversight of the Office of the President. There are five numbered routes, as listed below. Primary highways or trunk lines are numbered with single digits (e.g. Lambat-Chungia Highway being Route 1), while secondary highways, which are major roads confined within a province or city, are given two digits.

Route number Component roads Northern/western terminus Southern/eastern terminus Status
Primary Highways
1 Lambat-Chungia Highway Cape Cocoa Pioneer Village Completed
2 Queen Banyough Avenue, Lambat-Potistan Highway Oracle Dock, Poblacion Potistan Completed
3 Lambat-Varathia Highway Pioneer Village North Varathia (planned) Partially constructed
4 Katipan-Port Mery Highway Port Mery Katipan Completed
5 King's Road Pavia Katipan Completed
Secondary Highways
10 Jose P. Rizal Avenue Progreso Poblacion/Batong Bahura Completed
30 Kawayan Arterial Road Kota Kabanuan Reedy Creek/Iria Completed
40 Valle Occidental-CivMarket Highway Route 4 CivMarket Completed
Tertiary Highways
240 Technoblade Boulevard Route 4 Route 2 Completed

Culture and Symbols

National symbols

National anthem

Lambat's current unofficial national anthem is Dear Lambat, composed and written by Kaprediem. It replaces the first unofficial anthem, Lambat National March, which had no lyrics and was generally unused. The music is set to a tempo of 120 beats per minute and in the key of G major. There is a version containing vocals by SamBonusG, posted in the Lambat official discord.

Dear LambatOriginal English lyrics Inang Bayan Kong Lambat

Incomplete Tagalog version

Let us rise up and stand all together

And become the guiding light of the sailors lost at sea

In the middle of the storm comes salvation

With these open arms you’re welcome in the land of liberty

Dear Lambat, motherland, you’re the beacon of the east

We’ll survive the hardest times just to see you thrive in peace

Dear Lambat, motherland, you’re the cradle of our dreams

We shall never leave your side just to keep you bright and free

Let us raise all our arms for the nation

And defend our right to live and thrive in harmony

And before wicked souls come attack us

Our people’s great resolve will keep the banner flying free

Dear Lambat, motherland, you’re the beacon of the east

We’ll survive the hardest times just to see you thrive in peace

Dear Lambat, motherland, you’re the cradle of our dreams

We shall never leave your side just to keep you bright and free

Tumayo at tumindig nang sama-sama

At magsilibing gabay sa landas na naligaw

Sa gitna ng unos ay kaligtasan

Lupa na malaya siya ang tanging kukupkop sa ‘yo

Inang bayan kong Lambat,

liwanang ng silangan

Handa kami na ipaglaban ang kapayapaan

Inang bayan kong Lambat, kanlungan ng pangarap

Hindi ka iiwanan hanggat hindi lumalaya

Example of the 'WHY X IS MY Y" Lambatan copypasta, as seen in Icenia's discord.

Inside jokes and memes

Lambat carried over some of its inside jokes from CivClassic 2.0, including "Bawal Umihi Dito" (Filipino, literally 'don't urinate here'). CivMC's Lambat is also strongly influenced by Chungia's culture, with the inclusion of "ae", "lop", and "soup" into the nation's vocabulary.

A copypasta that satirizes a particular Phiippine presidential candidate's campaign became somewhat popular both in Lambat and in other nations. It follows a template that consists of the title "WHY (person's name) IS MY (a misspelled name of said person's government position or role in a country)", followed by a list of ten items supposedly praising a person's positive traits and achievements in a sarcastic and/or tongue-in-cheek manner.

'Lambatan Imperialism Strikes Again' is a phrase coined by CommradePotatoe, used as a remark for perceived imperialistic actions committed by Lambat. It shares its acronym with the Lambat Intelligence and Statistics Agency (LISA).