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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Free Danzilonan Republic
Known ForBureacracy
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 1.0
Iterations played on

Azelair is a Civcraft oldfriend


Civcraft 1.0

While traveling through remote mountainous terrain in the (-,+) quadrant Azelair (known at the time as mocha12) found himself in Cydonia, a city state lead by Capt.jazz. Azelair served as their diplomat striving to build connections with neighboring cities including Fellowship and Buenos Aires. He cemented an alliance with the neighboring town of Elephantine during its construction, providing aid and supplies. He regularly traveled out of the immediate region to Mt. Augusta convening with their leader, GTAIVisbest, in his office overlooking the city. These talks and negotiations maintained positive relations between Cydonia and the superpower while stopping short of any formal alliances. Despite playing no role in the Cydonia's founding, Azelair's dedication to the small kingdom didn't go unnoticed and he was granted a leadership title, now holding authority within its walls.

Since the Cydonia was a frequent target of minor raids, he took an aggressive approach in respect to oversight of the territory. This approach extended to a traveler named wingnut4096 who one day appeared a couple hundred blocks outside Cydonia in a small house he had constructed. He communicated his intent to build a town there called Sørenstein and claimed he didn't initially realize he was so close to a city. Azelair gave him the options to vacate and build further away or agree that Sørenstein would be under Cydonian jurisdiction. After Wingnut rejected this ultimatum, Azelair set up a notice in Sørenstein warning that it would be deconstructed in 3 days if it wasn't removed. When the settlement was ultimately taken down, Wingnut responded by publicly denouncing the Kingdom of Cydonia and made calls for mercenaries to ensure his safety as he persisted with his town's construction.

A few days later, Cydonia suffered the worst attack in its history. A small group of marauders lead by Hell Architect pearled the entire government with the exception of Azelair who escaped a volley of arrows. The Temple of Mars was desecrated and the entire city was left a husk of its former glory due mostly to obsidian and lava bombing from the raid. In the days following, Wingnut called upon Hell Architect and his crew to release all the hostages, clarifying that this wasn't the intended outcome of his request for help. A coalition army was formed by Fellowship, Elephantine, Buenos Aires, and survivors in Cydonia. The prisoners were successfully freed and celebrations in the region followed. Cydonia was rebuilt over time but never regained its former level of activity and morale, gradually withering away until the end of the Civcraft 1.0 iteration by which point Azelair inhabited what was now a ghost town.

Civcraft 2.0

Civcraft 3.0