Icarus (Second Republic)

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2nd Icarian Republic
Flag of the 2nd Icarian Republic
Icarian Coat Of Arms
Activity levelMedium (as of 04/01/2023)
Capital cityBlue Cove
SettlementsBlue Cove, Shrekville, Swamptown
National Colors
GovernmentSemi-presidential Republic
• President
• Prime Minister
Foundation dateApril 19th, 2022
Preceded by Icarus (First Republic)
  • Boarism
  • Bezism
Motto"Glory to Icarus!"

Icarus, officially the 2nd Icarian Republic, was a direct successor to the short-lived CivRev nation of Icarus. It was located on the Western Continent. The 2nd Icarian Republic dissolved on the 30th of August 2023 after voting to join Icenia as a state.


Western Jungle War

On June 6th, 2022, Icarus joined in the planning of a joint raid on the nation of Blockchainistan with the nations of Kingdom of ErrorL and 境界の西部共和国 for the sole purpose of getting players Abbyshapiro and TrustThePlan to log on so they could be pearled. This is because both players had raided Icarus days prior, destroying all their factories and taking most of their stuff. However, they never ended up logging on, making their official involvement in the Western Jungle War pointless and caused them to face heavy backlash from their allies in COMRADES. This conflict is what ultimately led Icarus to leaving COMRADES for good. [1][2]

Cordoba Crisis

On June 23rd, Icarian Parliament member Grumpywalnut96 resigned from leadership after it was discovered he had planted an estimated 20+ snitches in the neighboring nation of Cordoba without their permission, claiming that it was to help catch and detain raiders trying to flee from Icarus. Soon after this situation was brought to light, Icarian officials quickly arrived in Cordoban land to dig up the snitches and promptly apologized for the actions of Grumpy. It did not help that this also coincided with a 8d bounty on Grumpywalnut96 posted by the nation of Bing Chilling on the very same day for killing a single sheep within their borders. However, the bounty conflict would be resolved with help from representatives in Arsenio Pact acting as mediators. [3]

Moving Day

On June 27th, Icarus officially announced they were moving across the map and giving their old claim to Grumpywalnut96 which would later become the nation of Cascadia. This was for better biome variety and to be closer to their allies, which was a big concern at SOTW. The transition would take over a week and threw Icarus into a nation-wide inactivity endemic, which lasted for a number of weeks.[4]


After over a month of building up the nation, on August 1st, previous raider Abbyshapiro appeared in the new Icarus claims and proceeded to raid the nation wide storehouse which was under construction at the time. Icarians Glerk and 6114 logged on and chased off Abby, but by then the storehouse had been completely raided, causing for a post to be made by Glerk on the subreddit detailing the damage and getting support from the nation of Valyria. The next day on August 2nd, Abbyshapiro returned and greifed the memorial to LIQUID STEREO's deceased girlfriend LivingFungi and to Atlas, Icarus' city in their old land which was greifed by rogue Cordobans. [5][6]

Late into the night of August 10th, infamous raider Vah showed up at the skybunker in Icarus demanding groups to it so he could "collect what was owed to him", this is because according to Vah, Icarian official zolo17 had stolen from him when he was running Fellowship. After being denied, he proceeded to murder both LIQUIDSTEREO and Glerk, eventually spawn camping LIQUIDSTEREO and proceeding to pearl him. After calling for help, 4 members of 境界の西部共和国 logged on and proceeded to engage Vah in Blue Cove, the capital of Icarus. Both SinjoroJoCrafter and Spoonce from Western Boundary ended up pearled as well. However Aetherix managed to free not only them but LIQUIDSTEREO as well soon after. Vah had escaped yet again unfortunately, and discomfort was widespread across Icarus.

The following day on August 11th, LIQUIDSTEREO announced he was resigning as Prime Minister. He cited the events of the night prior as a contributing factor, but also said he just generally hadn't enjoyed logging on Civ for awhile and considered it a chore. He told Icarians that his break could range from "a few weeks to a few years" and that time would only tell.

Looming Infrastructure Crisis

After LIQUIDSTEREO stepped down, the nation remained relatively the same; quiet, but active and slowly expanding. At this point Icarus was also granted access to the farms in their ally Sovia's land, this allowed for more variety in food and exp production. However on September 17th, a blanket ban was carried out by the CivMC admins which included the leader of Sovia, Pirater, for associating with Rhode Island. He requested the ownership of Sovia groups be given to Credix or Liquid so they could continue using the farms and could keep the infrastructure from decaying. This request was denied by the admins, thus dooming the infrastructure in Sovia to eventually completely decay within a few months. This did not deter Icarian spirit though, as they continued to build their skybunker and eventually completed easy access tunnels to and from Sovia.


In late September, LIQUIDSTEREO returned to CivMC and revived Sovia under the new name of Neo Sovia. With the help of a few non-banned Sovians, they managed to successfully transfer ownership and granted Icarians access to their farms and land. During this time, Icarus and it's allies began toying with the idea of a full fledged alliance that would promote economic and military cooperation, and after a bit of brainstorming, the idea of NATWO was born. Even with the name being a bit of a meme, the alliance itself was completely serious and soon after the participating nations began working to connect each other and grant access to each other's bunkers.


In the early days of October, a bill was proposed in Icarian Parliament to annex the territory of Myra as it had long gone inactive since it's founder AvaniSpades quit in mid-August that year. However, it turned out to be at the worst possible time, as the exact same day, the neighboring country of Imperial Federation has also decided to officially annex Myra as a new province of the Federation. A rather large amount of Discord PVP ensued soon after, mainly between the heads of Icarus and the King of the IF, King_Cupar. Many threats were thrown around including the possibility of war, which almost everyone advised against. However, after a day and a half of bickering, a consensus was made with the signing of the Treaty of Khione which conceded ownership of the island to the Federation, but allowed for an Icarian representative to gain citizenship and act as a governor of the province, that being citizen BikMik. This conflict is considered to be an isolated blight which had little effect on the eventual friendship that would blossom between the two nations soon after.

Constitutional Convention

As the fall of 2022 went on, Icarus slowly picked up in activity once more with many build and infrastructure projects officially underway. The construction of defense infrastructure and the New Cove Project™ were primarily headed by Prime Minister zolo17 and President CredixYt, who emphasized scale and mass production of Adv. EXP. However, with this massive expansion in their use of land, the question of a constitution came to be as up until then, there had been no legally binding constitution in place. With this, CredixYt officially called for a constitutional convention and proceeded to form a discord for it, inviting all active Icarians to participate and give their thoughts on the matter. After a month or so of discussion with little agreements being made, the Icarian government also invited Mount Augustan Mayor ComradeNick to give ideas and help the people properly form a constitution. This convention is still technically underway as of January 20th, 2023 and no consensus has been made yet on a constitution.

Incorporation of Neo Sovia

In mid December, LIQUIDSTEREO announced that he was giving all Neo Sovian land to Icarus due to inactivity, giving Icarus complete control of Sovian farms and Sovia City. While many of the farms in Sovia ended up being inferior versions of farms Icarus already possessed, the shared Cactus farm in Sovian land was now completely under Icarian control, giving way to an increase in production and size after a small construction project was enacted. This dissolution, along with the dissolution of the Hyperborean Confederation and Vyta led to collapse of NATWO in pretty much all ways but officially, as the only remaining nations in the alliance were Icarus, Reggio Argeddina, and the United Äggish Kingdom which had little activity remaining.

The Icarian Turtle Problem

When the Icarians first came to their new home in the west, they saw that many turtles lived in the cove in the middle of the Icarian capital, Blue Cove. The Icarians didn't want them to run around freely and many were soon killed. Some people thought there were better ways to deal with the problem, and Turtle Sanctuary was created in the eastern part of the town. The free population has gone up and down many times and occasionally "kidnappings" are done to keep the free population down. The Icarians also keep an eye on the turtle population in Turtle Sanctuary and weekly countings are done by IceBoy_Pingu. As of 2022 December 19, there are 62 turtles in Turtle Sanctuary and in the Aquarium inside of BikMik's house.

Icarus joins SEC

"That's nuts!" War

Buttsecs war and the Annexation of Icarus

The Secession from Mercutio

Joining Icenia



Icarus is a country full of jungles and rivers. From west to east the country begins at the western world border and ends in old Mercurian territory were a narrow strip of land touches the Karydian Sea. From North to south the country begins in the northern jungles at the border with Neo Sovia and ends in the south at it's border with the Western Boundary, a part of the Imperial Federation. The Country lies in the middle of the Karydian continent and borders the Imperial Federation and Valyria to the south and Neo Sovia to the north.


Blue Cove

The Icarian capital Blue Cove is the by far biggest and most famous of the settlements. It is also very likely that it is the biggest city on the Karydian continent. The town is jungle styled with tropical houses styled made by jungle wood being all over the town. The town is currently going trough a rebuilding project (New Cove Project™️) to make the city make more greek and fit more with Icarian style and theme so the Jungle theme wont last for long tho. The city's most notable landmark is probably The Lighthouse, which is a mall in the eastern part of the town and BikMik's Book library also in the eastern part of the town. Other notable sites include the Turtle Sanctuary, The SOGGYHOBO statue, 6114's 3 part house, SZEfdf21's house and general storage and the Sugar Cane tower. The Town lies on ths shores of the Blue Cove, a Cove in the middle of the town. Altough while most buildings are located on the beach below the mountains there are some located up on the mountains, for example Grumpy's mansion and the Atlas/LivingFungi memorial, dedicated to Atlas, the first city of Icarus on CivMC located in Impendia, and LivingFungi, Liquidstereo's girlfriend who tragically took her own life in November 2021.

Swamp Town

Swamp town is a small town located in the Swamps west of the Mountains that surround Blue Cove. It's only resident is 6114. The town is known for it's great jungle wood pyramid and it's castle, the only one in Icarus.


The small (steampunk themed?) town in Khione was built by BikMik who moved to Khione to build and take part in Imperial Federation politics while Khione was a state of the Imperial Federation. It has had no residents since BikMik left civ in January 2023.


The old town of Shrekville was the second town to be built in Icarus and lies on the Swamps southeast of the mountains that surround Blue Cove. It has no current residents and has been abandoned since Liquidstereo, the town's only resident, became less active in Icarus.

Government and Politics


Icarus was founded on CivRev as a parliamentary republic. Elections for the 5 seats of parliament were held every 3 months. Once an election concluded, parliament was tasked with appointing a prime minister and a president through a vote of no confidence. The prime minister's responsibilities included running the day-to-day operations of the country and conducting diplomacy, whereas the president served a mostly ceremonial role.

On April 12th, 2022 it was announced that Icarus would move towards becoming a semi-presidential republic. The president, now directly elected by the citizens, was given the authority to dissolve the parliament and represent the country during treaty and alliance negotiations. The powers of the commander of the army were also handed over to the president.

Transitional government

On April 14th, 2022 a national referendum was held, in which Icarians unanimously voted in favor of electing a temporary government that would oversee the transition to CivMC. In the presidential election IceBoy Board narrowly beat CredixYt with a margin of a single vote. Later that week Parliament voted to appoint LIQUID STEREO as prime minister of the new transitional government.

Members of the transitional government
Name Title From To
IceBoy_Pingu President April 19th, 2022 May 22nd, 2022
LIQUIDSTEREO Prime Minister April 22nd, 2022
Member of Parliament April 19th, 2022
CredixYt Minister of Interior May 8th, 2022
Member of Parliament April 19th, 2022
measle_patches Member of Parliament April 19th, 2022
Glerk Member of Parliament April 19th, 2022
Sdorr Member of Parliament April 19th, 2022

Normal Government

Presidents of the 2nd Icarian Republic
No. Name Political Party From To Term
1 CredixYt - May 22nd, 2022 October 24th, 2022 I.
- October 24th, 2022 March 24th, 2023 II.
2 zolo17 SDPI March 24th, 2023 August 26th, 2023 I.
3 LIQUIDSTEREO NNP August 26th, 2023 August 26th, 2023 I.
4 zolo17 SDPI August 26th, 2023 August 30th, 2023 II.
Prime Ministers of the 2nd Icarian Republic
No. Name Political Party From To
1 LIQUIDSTEREO - May 26th, 2022 August 11th, 2022
2 zolo17 - August 18th, 2022 October 1st, 2022
3 SOGGYHOBO - October 4th, 2022 October 28th, 2022
4 zolo17 - October 29th, 2022 March 24th, 2023
5 CredixYt SDPI March 28th, 2023 May 26th, 2023
6 Jamiemie Independent May 26th, 2023 August 8th, 2023
7 Sdorr SDPI August 8th, 2023 August 30th, 2023
Parliaments of the 2nd Icarian Republic
No. Members Political Party From To President
I Logan_the_hermit - May 26th, 2022 May 26th, 2022 CredixYt
zolo17 - May 29th, 2022
IceBoy_Pingu -
Glerk -
II LIQUIDSTEREO (PM) - June 2nd, 2022 August 11th, 2022
zolo17 - August 12th, 2022
Glerk -
Grumpywalnut96 - June 23rd, 2022
IceBoy_Pingu - July 9th, 2022 August 12th, 2022
III zolo17 - August 16th, 2022 October 24th, 2022
Hokkaido__ -
IceBoy_Pingu -
Dbug113 -
IV zolo17 (PM) - October 29th, 2022 December 28th, 2022
gruebleen -
Hokkaido__ -
Sdorr -
V zolo17 (PM) SDPI January 3rd, 2023 March 24th, 2023
gruebleen SDPI
Sdorr SDPI
BikMik Independent February 17th, 2023
Drekamor Independent March 24th, 2023
Dr Bacon Hair SDPI February 21st, 2023
VI CredixYt (PM) SDPI March 28th, 2023 May 1st, 2023 Zolo17
Drekamor Independent
Sdorr SDPI
gruebleen SDPI
VII CredixYt (PM) SDPI May 4th, 2023 June 28th, 2023
Dr Bacon Hair SDPI
6114 NNP
Jaimiemie (PM) Independent
VIII Sdorr (PM) SDPI August 8th, 2023 August 30th, 2023
Dr Bacon Hair SDPI
IceBoy Board NNP
Mushroom_Cultist Independent
Manic_Maniac Independent
IX Sdorr (PM) SDPI August 30th, 2023 August 30th, 2023

(Joined Icenia)

Mushroom_Cultist NFP
Manic_Maniac Independent
Dr Bacon Hair SDPI
6114 IFP