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Tatdat is a civ player, currently playing on CivMC.

She is one of the ruling diarchs of Yngland on CivMC, ruling along side her sister Goddess Cat alunya.

History on CivClassics

She was the former Grand Seeress for the Jomsviking Confederation.

She played an instrumental role during the Jomsviking-Jorvik Crisis, during the invasion itself and in the aftermath and subsequent fallout of the crisis.

After the dissolution of the Plus-Minus Concordat following the Jomsviking-Jorvik Crisis, she became the PR manager for the AMIGOS alliance until the end of CivClassics.
Skin of Tatdat
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  • She/Her
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Tatdat sitting on an improvised throne during the Jomsviking Jorvik Crisis
Tatdat standing in front of the City of England message board on CivClassic during the Jomsviking Jorvik Crisis