Eastern Shining Isles

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Eastern Shining Isles
djotalar na rhayadeht
Flag of the Eastern Shining Isles
Flag of the Eastern Shining Isles
Map of the Eastern Shining Isles
Location6296, 4051
Foundation dateSettled in early June 2022,
Charter ratified July 12,2022
Foundation documentLighthouse Accord
DiscordDM Lowtuff#7501 for access

Initially settled by the Danzilonan Marine Society (and, more specifically, Lowtuff) on the first day of the server, what would become known as the Eastern Shining Isles (djotalar na rhayadeht in mehrileh) became the home base of Mery Danzilonan citizen Vall. The archipelago is composed of at least 7 islands and a couple sandbars, and is home to a number of Mery cultural and religious sites, including a temple and lighthouse. More Mery began settling there after the ratification of the Lighthouse Accord (plin lothiyen'g takrhalteht rha'yadeht in mehrileh) on July 12, 2022.

The islands sit within the Medi Sea, to the east of the Danzilona Bay.


The ESI is comprised of 5 main islands, and 2 smaller islands/sandbars.
The lighthouse that gives the Eastern Shining Isles (djotalar na rhayadeht) its namesake, built by Vall Tawiga

takrhal na rha'yadeht

takrhal na rha'yadeht is the ESI's main island. Named after the lighthouse on this island (takrhal), it is the northernmost island, located in the northwest of the archipelago.


sha'yoladjo (lit. fire-horse) is the horseshoe-shaped island in the western center of the archipelago.


mehyjolota (lit. sea-fox) is the easternmost island of the archipelago. It was named after the Fox Island Republic.

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