Great Thrall Clan

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Great Thrall Clan
Skaerven Clan Federation
Flag of the Great Thrall Clan
Activity levelAbandoned (as of 06/01/2023)
Capital cityVerminblight
National Colors
• Great Clan Leader
Foundation dateFebruary 13th, 2023
Motto"In the dark we scheme."

The Great Thrall Clan was a federation of Skaerven Clans (Thrall Clan, Creatori Clan, Skorr Clan and Armuk Clan) founded on February 13th 2023 west of Icarus. The federation was led by the Great Clan Leader JustQueeck in an authoritarian manner. The clans land consisted mostly savannas and jungle. Clanmembers are characterized as ratlike humanoids and have a unique written language called Pareidolia. There is currently only one city called Verminblight which served as the Great Thrall Clans capital. On May 2nd, 2023, the lands of the Great Thrall Clan were annexed and partitioned by Icarus and Mercutio.[1]


The Rat Emergence

Rumbling, that was the first thing noticable in this deserted place of the world. You could feel it deep within the soil, thousands of sharp nails scratching upwards against the rocks. Green lightning lights up the darkened skies. It wasn't long before they would emerge just like how the Great Horned One had planned. With a wicked smile he reached down upon the world and smashed his hands onto the ground, splitting open the surface world to reveal a pitch black pit reaching all the way down to what humans would call Hell. An eary silence followed until all hell broke loose. Foul vermin creatures spill out of the pit, grapling and climbing over eachother, all towards the open skies. The Skaerven had arrived. Numbering in the thousands this wouldve been seen as an unorganized swarm but to a trained eye it was clear that these ratpeople called the Skaerven had a proffesional command hierarchy. This was not just any devilish swarm from the depths of the world. These we're the children of the Great Horned Rat lead by the reincarnated Queeck Headstriker. A new age had emerged, the age of the rat!

Skaerven Civil War

After the Great Thrall Clan had settled on lands north of Icarus and west of Mercutio, the rats from the clan quickly realised that the lands they settled in weren't nearly big enough to support the numbers of the Thrall. So a message was sent to the government of Icarus asking for ownership of the unused lands of former Sovia which the Icaran government quickly agreed on for they were happy new people would settle in the area. And thus in a matter of two days the territory of the Great Thrall Clan doubled itself.

However some rats within the clan would see this quick expansion as a great time to make profit, corruption and power. Unbeknownst to the Great Clan Leader JustQueeck, a chieftang known as Robotech would start defiling the name of the Great Horned Rat and openly oppose the Wanderers of Tartarus religion. Not long after he would seize control of some territory a good ways away from Thralls main lands. After this news reached the Great Clan Leader, he sent in one of his Councilmembers Panda0Lord to resolve any quarrels between the Seers ("priests" of Tartarus) and the Armuk Clan which was led by Robotech. However upon Panda0Lords arrival he was immediately attacked by Robotech and one of his clanmembers Artyx. Fighting bravely in the light of the Great Horned Rat, Panda0Lord was able to beat back the initial attacks. However after a long fight Robotech, who managed to sneak up behind Panda0Lord who was fighting Artyx knocked Panda0Lord unconsious.

Panda0Lord was then brought to Icarus to be held pearled. (Only after investigation it was made clear that the Armuk Clan had been planning this violent uprising together with Icarus as political supporter.) The day after, a public message was sent from the Armuk Clan declaring their independence from the Great Thrall Clan and announcing their dismay towards the Great Horned Rat. Not a few hours later both Icarus and Mercutio showed their support for an independent Armuk Clan. On top of that Icarus sent a blackmail to the Great Thrall Clan leader demanding him not to retaliate against the Armuk Clan in exchange for the release of Panda0Lord. This heavily soured the diplomatic relations between the Great Thrall Clan and Icarus. With help of Mercutio as mediator JustQueeck agreed to the terms and Panda0Lord was set free.

Following these events the Armuk Clans name has been disgraced in the eyes of all rats and been marked as a anti-rat organisation not to be negotiated with in any situation. All clanmembers from the Armuk Clan has been marked as KOS on the territories of the Great Thrall Clan.

Even though the Great Thrall Clan has never officially acknowledged the Armuk Clan as an independent entity and most likely never will, they have decided to leave the small clan alone for the Great Horned Rat will enact its vengeance sooner or later.

Abandonment and Annexation

The Great Thrall Clan's activity soon waned, with development slowing to a halt. Following a lengthy period of inactivity from the clan members, the neighboring nations of Icarus and Mercutio chose to annex and partition their land, with the capital, Verminblight, becoming controlled by Icarus.