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Lyrean Community
mehmehgeuftal liriyashal (Mehrileh)
Pamayanan ng Lyrean (Filipino)
The 'Flower Flag' of the Lyrean Community
World map showing Lyrean Members in dark green, Lyrean Member colonies in light green
AbbreviationLC, Lyrea
Foundation date14 June 2022
Foundation documentLyrean Charter
The Lyrean Community is a regional organization of states around the Lyrean Sea spanning northwest Vinteria and southern Impendia on CivMC.


Diplomatic and trading relations were established between countries in the Lyrean Sea region almost immediately after the server's founding. However, the earliest predecessor organization of what would be the Lyrean Community was the Joint Intel Exchange, a trilateral information-sharing forum between Pavia, Lambat, and Mery, which arose from a need to coordinate against local raiders.

From the Joint Intel Exchange, amicable Pavian relations with Letos and Griffin lead to a growing network of regional cooperation and trade. On June 8th 2022, the Lyrean Community discord was created, initially as a forum for discussion. A Charter was rapidly drafted, and by the following week on June 14th, the Lyrean Community was officially founded by its six signatories: Pavia, Griffin, Moloka, Lambat, Letos, and Mery.

On the 23rd of July, Grand Imperium became first new nation to join the Lyrean Community after the enactment of the Lyrean Community Charter.

Member nations

Joining the Lyrean Community is done by a nation's people or representative signing the Charter of the Lyrean Community, thus binding the nation in question to follow the little-defined Core Principles (Peace and Friendship, Economic Cooperation and Integration, Regional Defense, and Transparency and Communication), outlined in Article I of the Charter, as well as the Binding Commitments outlined in the subsequent article.

List of member nations
Nation Accession Voting Member LBSA LIA
 Pavia Founder Hitobashuru Yes Yes
 Griffin Founder Seekinq No No
 Letos Founder Smol_bee_ No No
 Moloka Founder Lebedushka No No
 Lambat Founder Kaprediem Yes Yes
 Djani'hweh Founder FermentedAmanda Yes Yes
 Grand Imperium 23/7/22[1] WorldSculptor[2] Yes No


The Lyrean Council

The Lyrean Council is a voting and discussion institution established by the Lyrean Charter §3.1, where it is defined as "the primary voting and representative body of the Lyrean Community"[3]. The Council consists of the national leader(s) of each member nation as well as any of their representatives. However, only a single person, chosen by each signatory how they wish, is vested with the power to vote on behalf of their nation during votes. Voting members from each member may be recalled and re-appointed at any time by the member nations.

The Lyrean Council votes on the adoption of Resolutions, binding laws that a member nation may chose to opt out of by invoking the Notwithstanding Clause, and the creation of Associations, groups of some (or potentially all) member nations focusing on furthering cooperation in a specific domain.

The Council may also vote on the accession or expulsion of a member nation to the Lyrean Community, as well as changes to the Charter with a 2/3rds supermajority.


Associations are mediated sub-groups of the Lyrean Community intended to develop further co-operation on a specific domain, such as infrastructure or security. Associations are established by the Lyrean Charter §3.3[3]. So far, two such associations have been created.

Lyrean Border Security Association

The Lyrean Border Security Association (LBSA) is an association established between djani'hweh and Pavia on June 28th 2022[4]. Being the first association created, it informally serves as a template to other and future associations.

The LBSA aims to create a shared snitch network between its adherents in order to more adequately protect the Lyrean Community.

Lyrean Infrastructure Association

The Lyrean Infrastructure Association (LIA) is an association established by Pavia, djani'hweh and Lambat on July 23rd 2022[5]. The LIA binds its signatories to construct free-access rails, roads and/or iceroads between one another.
The six original national seals on the Lyrean Charter.


Lyrean Principles

The founding document of the Lyrean Community, the Lyrean Charter, establishes in Article I four 'Core Principles' for the Community's membership;

  1. Peace and Friendship
  2. Economic Cooperation and Integration
  3. Regional Defence
  4. Transparency and Communication

The principles are intentionally vague and open to interpretation by member-countries, serving to lay out a spirit for the Community while allowing it to take whatever form it may.


Lyrea is one of the world's most linguistically diverse regions, with three main languages being spoken; Filipino in Lambat, mehrileh in djani'hweh, and English in the remaining five members.


The Lyrean 'flower flag' was designed by hitobashuru[6], the Pavian Ambassador to the Lyrean Community. The colour of the flag is drawn from the temperate, green environments around the Lyrean Sea; flowers being a common sight in the numerous plains and fields biomes of Lyrean countries. The circle in the middle symbolizes the Lyrean Sea itself, with the petals representing the countries around it. The cardinal 'thorns' of the flower represent the commitment to regional defence, but also evoke the visuals of a compass.

List of Resolutions

Per §3.2 of the Lyrean Charter, the Lyrean Council may pass binding resolutions to "exercise the collective will of the Lyrean Community".

List of resolutions proposed in the Lyrean Council
Proposition Name Date Passed or Rejected Voted Aye Voted Nay Result Notes
August 5th 2022
Passed This resolution condemned the obby-bombing of non-military targets and binds signatories to help clean up any reinforced obby grief placed in the Lyrean Community


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