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Personal Info
Main ResidenceCora
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivUniverse
Iterations played on

EVDan is a player.


First joining CivUniverse in the beginning of February of 2021, EVDan stumbled upon sausejii of Garfield Island and was donated over a stack of iron as a token of goodwill. He made his way up north and founded The Monument.

Following a month of work and travelling, EVDan was almost deposed and pearled by FE_Flags in attempted coup as FE_Flags believed that the way to finish the then ongoing war was to supply New Vegas with materials.

He was the builder of the minecart terminal of Tokyo for which was awarded enchanted cobalt armour, he then applied for citizenship and was soon granted it.

Following Tokyo citizenship he settled down and rarely left Tokyo preferring to brew drinks similarly to Banangod.


EVDan a citizen a short-lived protectorate of Numenor, during which he attempted to claim a blaze spawner, a valuable resource on CivRev, for the good of the server. He found a blaze spawner with a singular, unreinforced chest nearby and no claims signs, and built an improved blaze grinder. Saint Lola strongly contested these claims, claiming that they had built the early stages of a grinder there, and that they claimed the spawner and the area around it and would defend it with force if necessary. The friends of EVDan, the Kingdom of Fish tried assist in the issue, however were lied to by KingOfTheMochas who claimed that there were claims signs everywhere and that a single unreinforced chest with a small amount of junk was actually a shack. Druid, a PvPer of Fish and other Lolans then went to the spawner to dismatle it. EVDan outraged by such open lying by KingOfTheMochas decided to retire and instead plan for his CivMC nation of Amboise.


  • EVDan actually joined CivU (and heard of the civ genre) after seeing a political compass meme[1]
  • Over his CivU career he had 2 horses stolen less than 3 weeks apart
  • Witnessed the last moments of the server as the only player online and could have been potentially caused it[2]