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The Transport Union is an infrastructure and developmental organization based entirely within the nether on CivMC. Spearheaded and run by NovaCeasar, the Transport Union is based entirely within the nether dimension, referred to by residents as the Belt or Ring Space and operating independently of inyalowda (inner, or overworlder) influences.

The Transport Union administers a large network of farms, rails, horse tunnels, roads, settlements, and operational outposts scattered across the Ring Space. The T.U. administering of the infrastructure is with the goal of mutual cooperation and the free movement of civilians without fear of inyalowda harassment or attacks.

Rough Map of Transport Union lines as of November 24th, 2022;

Transport Union
CurrencyGilded Blackstone, Ancient Debris
• Director of Operations
  • NovaCeasar
  • Meat312
• Board Member(s)
  • Vedd of Cortesia Gate
  • Meat312 of Dalgon Gate
  • HG__80 of Brunsvik Gate
  • Fairby of Auberon Gate
  • Fe_Flags of Tortuga Gate
  • Jalhf of Aethia Gate
  • NovaCeasar of the Belt
• Operations Officer(s)
  • Deathpath1 of the Belt
  • Skruntoo of the Belt
  • hekghlkegh of the Belt
LanguageBelter Creole
IdeologyNothing in the void is foreign to us.

The place we go is the place we belong.

This is no different.

No one has more right to this, none more prepared.

Inyalowda go through the Gates, call it their own, but a Belter opened it.

We are the Belt.

We are strong, we are sharp, and we don't feel fear.

The below is the preamble of the TU Charter;

In common cause across the nether, the Transport Union is an institution dedicated to the development of public infrastructure within the Belt and the gates connecting it to the Inyalowdan world; furthering the settlement and colonization of the Ring Space in a way that promotes mutual cooperation, freedom of movement, and reduces the barriers individual players will have to overcome in search of a homeland free of Inyalowda threats and concerns.

Current Projects

Completed Rails & Horse Tunnels

Danzilona Gate <-> Cortesia Del Mar Gate - Horse Safe (Tunnel walls still being decorated)

Danzilona Gate <-> Dalgon Gate - Horse Safe

Crowley Corridor - Horse tunnel starting at Danzilona Gate and going west until it reaches the Aethia-Tortuga Gate line. Built mostly by SirCrowley over the course of 28 hours, digging over 10k blocks of tunnel at breakkneck speed. It has an access tunnel at a single intersection that goes south to Dalgon Gate, which is also horse accessible.

Ice Roads

An ice road runs from Sol Gate in the north of the map all the way to the Cortesia Del Mar - Danzilona Rail, just west of Withersfall. From there all other lines are accessible through Danzilona and CDM Gates.

Excavation Underway

Aethia Gate <-> Dalgon Gate

Aethia Gate <-> Tortuga Gate

Potential Projects

The Tortuga Gate is set to be connected to the TU network upon the completion of the Aethia to Dalgon line.

Outposts, Notable Farms, and Safe Zones

Eros Station - North of Danz. Gate Safe Zone; notable for it's large horse and donkey farms and piglin traders.

Danzilona Gate Safe Zone - Houses the first area of settlement around Danz Gate. City bastioned and under Danzilonan sovereignty but Transport Union administration.

Withersfall - Solely operated by the Transport Union, city bastioned; Withersfall is a wither skeleton farm with nearby blaze rod grinders open to member states of the T.U. Located along the Danzilona Gate to CDM Gate line.

Danz-Dalgon Gates Depot - Rail depot located halfway between the Danzilona and Dalgon Gates, currently in use for the development of nearby infrastructure.

Lav Have - Equivalent to Ceres.

Algrave - Nether city at 0,0 created by pearled players during the Generic War.

Pashang Post

Pashang Post is the material exchange and merchant subsidiary of the Transport Union, committed to fair costs and making materials accessible at trading posts throughout the TU network. Currently has trading posts at the following gates;

  • Aethia Gate
  • Danzilona Gate
  • Dalgon Gate

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