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The Kingdom of Amicitia
Flag of Amicitia
Location767, 3752
Capital cityLux Capital
TerritoriesEire, Oceanview Isles, Fortune Beach, Belahaveno, Parva
National Colors
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
• Prime Minister
• Lord Chancellor
Foundation date16 July 2023
Foundation documentConstitution of the Kingdom of Amicitia
LanguageEnglish (de facto), Spanish
ReligionChristianity (de facto)
Motto"The Kingdom of the Sapphire Waves"
National anthemUnited We Stand
MascotTrombone the Fox

Amicitia (officially the Kingdom of Amicitia) is a transcontinental, maritime nation on CivMC located across the southeast coast of the Western Continent and the northwest coast of Alenarith.

The Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Head of State being the King, BlueBox97, who is represented by the Prime Minister (currently MrMattimation) in the Amicitian People’s Parliament (APP).

The territory of the Kingdom consists mainly of islands with one continental territory. The island known as the Lux Capital functions as the Kingdom’s capital and houses multiple important buildings such as the Lux Castle, the Luxian Hall Court House, Greenwood Factory, Ashburn Central Station, and the Ministry of Design.

A largely agricultural economy, Amicitia deals primarily in wheat, the production of which centers around the island of Eire.

Notable also for its culture, Amicitia has produced multiple works of literature, distinct architectural styles, unique beers, and a vibrant sporting scene.

In terms of foreign policy, Amicitia is a member of the BUILD Alliance, making it allies with the nations of Mount Augusta, the Imperial Federation, the Fempire Union, New Jersey, Calw, and Transylvania.



The story of Amicitia begins in Gensokyo in a region colloquially referred to as “Proto-Amicitia”. The first Pre-Luxian Amicitians appeared here, deep within the Gensokyojin forests. These Pre-Luxian Amicitians existed as an autonomous tribe with no contact or recognition from other nations.

Eventually, Chief BlueBox97 set forth an initiative headed by his advisor jjonthan to explore the surrounding area and establish contact with other countries. jjonthan first established communication with Gensokyo. Realizing that the tribe was in pre-claimed land, Chief BlueBox decided to search for unclaimed territory to grow his people from a tribe into a kingdom. With the help of Gensokyo’s leader Topaz, the tribe was directed to the abandoned settlement of Belahaveno (once part of the recently disbanded Arsenio Pact).

It was here on this island that Chief BlueBox declared himself King and, with the arrival of the first settlers, the Kingdom of Amicitia was born.

A Kingdom Established

Not long into the Kingdom’s formation, strong bonds with neighboring nations began to form, particularly with Amicitia’s neighbor to the north- Mount Augusta. Then Deputy Mayor of Mount Augusta, ComradeNick, was connected with the early Amicitians via Topaz. With help from Nick, these early settlers were guided in establishing industry and firmer infrastructure.

Veteran CivMC builder LightStatus joined Amicitia at this time. As an offering to the King, LightStatus built two structures that would become known as LightStatus Monument and Greenwood Factory. The area in which he built these became the first center of Amicitian industry and was later dubbed “LightStatus Square”.

Early photo of King BlueBox97 and jjonthan witnessing the recently completed Big Corey in the center of the early Lux Capital.

Historians often declare this period of Amicitian history as the “Early Development” phase, citing its end with the beginning of construction on the Lux Castle, which took place after the completion of LightStatus Square.

Beginnings of Amicitian Diplomacy

With the Kingdom seeing rapid development, King BlueBox set his sights on diplomacy.

In this period, the King and his Royal Diplomat jjonthan traveled to the Realm of Aeros and signed the “Treaty of the Enchanted City” with Aeros’s Grand Councilor ItzHoover- solidifying their friendship and cooperation. Not long after this, Amicitia and Mount Augusta became formal allies with Amicitia’s signing of the Mount Augusta Friendship Organization (MAFO) and Mount Augusta Treaty Organization (MATO). Soon after, an Amicitian delegation was present and played a small role in the inauguration of Augustan Mayor Podly.

Royal Diplomat jjonthan addressing the crowd at the inauguration of Mount Augusta Mayor Podly.

An informal alliance also took shape when Amicitian citizen and King’s champion Magme_Valero created the humanitarian Guild of the Travelers. Though existing as a separate entity from the Kingdom, the Guild received much backing and support from the King and other citizens.

Amicitian diplomacy paved the way for the Kingdom’s first major expansion with the integration of the island of Eire into the realm. The former leader of Eire, DeathSu99, was banned shortly before Amicitia was founded. Communication between DeathSu and the King took place over Discord where the former entrusted the latter with the island.

With the annexation of Eire, Amicitia ceased to be a city-state with the original island being dubbed the “Lux Capital”, inspired by the folklore of the mysterious Luxians who inhabited the island long before Amicitia and Arsenio.

Not long after, King BlueBox called upon player MrMattimation to become the Kingdom’s first ever Prime Minister. Upon taking office, MrMattimation set forth policies that focused on agriculture and the acceleration of the Lux Castle building project.

Population Growth, the Lux Castle, and Scandal

With the completion of the Lux Castle (home to Parliament and the King’s private residence) came a considerable spike in population. Many notable Amicitians rose to prominence at this time such as tdavis232 and BigHurt32 of Eire who would go on to become Lord Chancellor and Grand Architect respectively.

Amicitia’s first major scandal came when immigrants arrived from the Pirate Republic of Nassau. One of these immigrants, a builder called setonix, incited controversy when it came to light that he had stolen a large number of items from respected Nassuvian PaddingtonBear.

Nassau’s leader Deserve threatened to take action against Amicitia should the items not be returned. Conflict was averted, however, through the diplomatic intervention of King BlueBox and allies on both sides. The items were returned to Paddington and setonix was incarcerated and penalized for his crime.

The Nassau Scandal led to the Amicitia Integration and Naturalization Application (AINA), which tightened Amicitian border control by introducing a more thorough vetting process for prospective citizens.

Despite the scandal, Amicitia continued to thrive in this period. Wheat production dramatically rose and with it the Kingdom’s GDP. Multiple new builds were developed at this time, most notably Port Amicitia and the farmhouses of Eire. Player activity also reached an all-time high.

Eire Golden Age & Further Expansion

Eire’s integration into the Kingdom saw it become the center of Amicitia’s wheat producing complex. Under the leadership of Minister of Agriculture tdavis232, the island experienced rapid growth and production. In lieu of this, Eire’s wheat industry soon became the most profitable in all of Amicitia. At the same time, builder BigHurt32 embarked on an ambitious build initiative which transformed the appearance and scale of the island. BigHurt’s build style became highly popular with Amicitians and soon adopted the name “Eire Rustic”. This highly profitable wheat production in combination with Eire’s architectural revival paved the way for what is today known as the Eire Golden Age.

The island of Eire as seen at night.

A deal was fostered at this time with veteran player and server cartographer TheJmqn. The resulting “Oceanview-Amicitia Agreement” saw the integration of the Oceanview Isles into the Kingdom- more than doubling Amicitia’s landmass. The Oceanview-Amicitia Agreement effectively solidified Amicitia’s holdings as an island kingdom and its indomitable presence in the northern part of the Stoney Sea.

The growth and development experienced by Amicitia in this time is commonly credited to what historians have dubbed as “Jovian Expansionism” (named after Amicitian Royal Diplomat jjonthan), which focuses on expansion via peaceful diplomacy followed by the building up of integrated lands led by empowered citizens.

The BUILD Alliance & Lux in Past and Future

Amicitia’s global presence continued to grow. With this came a request from ComradeNick for Amicitia to join the recently established BUILD Alliance. This request was accepted and Amicitia joined the alliance and, in the process, became allied with the nations of the Imperial Federation, Fempire Union, Arsenia, and New Jersey.

View of the Lux Capital.

With overseas relationships being established, the Lux Capital underwent major changes and increases in infrastructure. Ashburn Central Station was established with access to both the OneDest SNACC line and the Amicitian Domestic Rail (ADR) streamlining travel between the Lux Capital and other islands. The Emptum Shopping District was also completed, providing further jobs for Amicitians.

The Amicitian national anthem, United We Stand, was composed against the backdrop of all this growth and expansion.

The Lux Capital’s pre-Amicitian past reemerged in this time with player pizzalawl of the former Arsenio Pact returning to the server. It was revealed that pizzalawl established the then abandoned settlement of Belahaveno, which eventually became the Lux Capital. pizzalawl was granted citizenship and began to write and share about the Capital’s Pre-Amicitian history. This has sparked considerable conversation about Amicitia’s past, the role of those who came before, and how the future of the Kingdom could be impacted by this.

Wars and Rumors of War

As war broke out in December 2023, Amicitia found itself close to much of the conflict. When the War of the Icenian Coalition broke out between the forces of Icenia and Yoahtl against the Empire of Gang Shi, Amicitia had no part in the fighting though had small ties to Gang Shi given its closeness with various BUILD nations.

While no Amicitians took part in the fighting of this war, Amicitian diplomat jjonthan joined with forces from MTA and Gang Shi to secure the MTA Nether Portal when it was threatened by fighters from Doom City. The controversy surrounding this event and others like it would soon see to the Doom City-BUILD conflict, of which Amicitia was a part. Due to most of the fighting taking place in Mount Augusta and Arsenia, Amicitia did not see any major fighting and instead provided supplies and information to other BUILD leaders in hopes of aiding them in the conflict.

Ultimately, with Doom City’s rallied support from Estalia, the fighting ended with a victory for Doom City. Despite heavy losses for BUILD, Amicitia remained largely unchanged and soon opened its borders to refugees from the conflict, prioritizing those from the harmed BUILD nations.

The Icenian and Doom City conflicts caused major changes to Amicitian foreign policy, most of which are still being felt today.


The Kingdom of Amicitia is a Constitutional Monarchy making its head of state the King whose powers are largely divided and carried out via the Amicitian Peoples’ Parliament and various members of the Amicitian Government.

The Monarchy

The King is the highest authority in Amicitia. He serves as the final say on all matters. The King delegates his power to various individuals that make up his government. Different facets of the King’s power are represented through these roles.

A monarch’s reign lasts as long as their lifetime unless they decide to abdicate.

BlueBox97 is the first and current reigning King of Amicitia- establishing the position with his founding of the Kingdom on July 16th, 2023.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the King’s personal representative in the Amicitian Peoples’ Parliament and, as a result, functions as the leader of his government.

For this reason, the Prime Minister overlooks and directs the operations of the country effectively serving as its leader on the King’s behalf.

Amicitia’s 1st and current Prime Minister is MrMattimation whose first term began on August 10th, 2023 and is currently serving his 2nd term which began November 10th, 2023.

Portrait of Prime Minister MrMattimation taken at the start of his first term.

The Lord Chancellor

The Lord Chancellor acts as the judicial authority of Amicitia. Their role is to oversee and make sure Amicitian court cases are conducted justly and in accordance with the Kingdom’s law. They are responsible for conferring just sentences upon lawbreakers and for upholding the Amicitian Rule of Law.

The current Lord Chancellor is tdavis232 who was appointed by the King on August 29th, 2023.

Members of Parliament

Amicitian Members of Parliament (MPs) grant representation to the various territories of the Kingdom of Amicitia in Parliament. The territories currently represented in Parliament are as follows: The Lux Capital, Eire, Fabula, and the Greater Oceanview Isles.

Other Government Positions

Other government positions include:

Royal Diplomat - Charged with overseeing and conducting foreign affairs on behalf of the King. The current diplomat is jjonthan who was appointed to the position by the King upon the creation of the Kingdom on July 16th, 2023.

Minister of Agriculture - Charged with overseeing the production and distribution of the Kingdom’s crop yield. The current Minister of Agriculture is tdavis232 who was appointed to the position by the King on August 17th, 2023.

Grand Architect - Charged with overseeing and giving direction to major build projects within the Kingdom. The current Grand Architect is bighurt32 who was appointed to the position by the King on September 30th, 2023.


The Kingdom of Amicitia practices freedom of religion, meaning there is no official state faith. As a result, multiple other faiths are practiced within the Kingdom- the most prominent of these being Christianity.


Christianity is widely practiced by most Amicitians, including the King himself.

The Church of Amicitia was the first religious institution to appear in the Kingdom. It is a branch of the Christian faith that emphasizes ecumenicalism- i.e. the emphasis of Christian unity amongst all other branches of the faith. The Church of Amicitia is the oldest building in the Kingdom, being the only building remaining from the Lux Capital’s pre-Amicitian days. jjonthan is the church’s current priest.

The Luxian Faith

The Luxian Faith is a pre-Amicitian religion practiced by the Luxians, the ancient inhabitants of the Lux Capital. It emphasizes the divinity of the sun though little else is known about the religion. Fragments of it have appeared predominantly on the Lux Capital but evidence of the religion and its practice can also be found in various locations on the Oceanview Isles.


The Amicitian economy is primarily agricultural. Most Amicitian revenue and jobs are generated by the massive wheat fields spanning the multiple islands of the Kingdom. Wheat generates a majority of Amicitia’s trade and the food that sustains the population. The center of Amicitian wheat production is the island of Eire.

View of an Eire wheat field.

In addition to wheat, the Lux Capital’s Port Amicitia serves as a major trade port in +,+, specifically between the south of the Western Continent and the north of Alenarith. The Lux Capital’s Emptum Shopping District also provides various avenues of commerce both in business from Amicitia and abroad.



One of the defining characteristics of the Kingdom is its rich and full literary scene. Many monumental literary works have come out of the Kingdom. These include…

Love’s Legacy a novel by the King himself explaining and showing the beauty of Amicitian friendship and how it impacts the nation and world at large.

The Eire Gnome is Real! The Ballad of the Wheat Brothers This is an autobiography by tdavis232 and bighurt32 that describes their process of renovating Eire and making it into one of the most successful and important islands in the Kingdom.

Cover art for tdavis232 and BigHurt32's The Eire Gnome is Real.

Letters to an Amicitian Prince is a compiled series of letters written by diplomat jjonthan to King BlueBox97 in the early days of the King’s reign. They describe and divulge pieces of advice from the diplomat on what makes a monarchy strong. These letters touch upon an array of topics from spirituality to the human condition with the underlying theme being the importance of a King preserving freedom of the people.

The Life of a Pre-Amicitia Native was written by pizzalawl, an Amicitian citizen and founder of the lost settlement of Belahaveno which existed on the Lux Capital sometime between the disappearance of the Luxian people and the arrival of the first Amicitians.

The Missing Amicitian is the supposed final account of Amicitian citizen StinkyFeet who famously went missing in the Amicitian mines in the summer of 2023. The book records StinkyFeet’s final thoughts as he grows weaker and weaker navigating through the mines. The authenticity and authorship of the book is the topic of much debate, nonetheless it remains an integral part of Amicitian history.


The Sapphire Wave is the primary media source of the Kingdom. The newsletter covers various topics and going-on's within the Kingdoms as well as showing the culture and daily life of Amicitian citizens.

The cover page of The Sapphire Wave.


The Kingdom of Amicitia has a large sports culture. Two sports in particular are favored by Amicitians: Stick Fights and Silly Buggers.

Stick Fights are the most popular of sports played in Amicitia, being a favorite not only of citizens but of the King himself. Stick fights are practiced by two individuals fighting each other with nothing but sticks. This forces the players to rely solely on their PVP skills. t Though the sport of stick fighting did not begin in Amicitia a very common stick fighting phrase was popularized by Amicitian citizen Magme_Valero. That phrase being “Eyyy, let’s make a stick fight, eh?”

An Amicitian commentary cartoon depicting a stick fight.

The sport of Silly Buggers is native to Amicitia, having appeared in the Kingdom’s earliest days. In Silly Buggers, the lads get around and just have a good time. Commonly, Silly Buggers involves boat racing, bucket placing, running around in the dark with socks on, and just good ol fashioned fun.