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Location6666 -3333
Capital cityBlockchainistan
CurrencyCrypto currency
  • Cryptocracy
  • Shadow goverment
  • Transitioning democracy
Governing documentBlockchainistan White Paper
• Shadow President
• Deputy Mayor
Foundation dateCivMC SOTW
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Yiddish
Motto"Dont Tread On Me"
National anthemVitalik and Ethereum Foundation dance

Blockchainistan is an Anarcho-Capitalist town in the +,- quadrant on CivMC. Founded by RabbiCroc and Figasaur, it is known for being the only CivMC town officially founded on the blockchain. Though centered around 6666, -3300, the town possesses several exclaves and spans much of the +,- quadrant.


Civclassics Origins

The origins of Blockchainistan lie in the early days of Civclassics. The founders of Blockchainistan, RabbiCroc and Figasaur, created and played in the Jewish Quarter in Mount Augusta and later Icenia. Both times they were harassed and expelled from these towns due to their Jewish identity. These expulsions had a significant impact on both players, who realized they would need to create their own city to fully ensure their security and freedom of religion. This desire to forge their own path as well as their interest and affinity for cryptocurrency led to the creation of Blockchainistan on the first day of CivMC.

A rainy day in Blockchainistan
View of the downtown area from the Slums

Early Days and War of Western Aggression

Main Article: Western Jungle War

Southern Favela District

Blockchainistan was initially going to be founded in the northeastern corner of the map, near the world border in a birch forest biome. However, after RabbiCroc made the astute observation that the island Figasaur had chosen was too small, the group packed up their belongings and moved to the complete opposite side of the map, to a jungle biome in the -,+ quadrant. However, this would not be the only migration the Blockchainistanis would undergo. Two players loosely associated with Blockchainistan, AbbyShapiro and TrustThePlan had been (allegedly) raiding several nations during these first few days. As a result, a conspiracy theory was created by MrJoCrafter (Leader of the People's Republic of Western Boundary) that Figasaur and RabbiCroc were coordinating or supplying these two loosely associated individuals in their alleged crimes. Even more significantly, MrJoCrafter asserted that Figasaur himself might actually be AbbyShapiro.

Of course, these conspiracy theories have been thoroughly debunked since then, but they were enough to whip several nations into a fury against the innocent Blockchainistanis. Instead of contacting Fig or Croc to possibly pearl the raiders or cooperate on capturing them, MrJoCrafter instead used this disinformation campaign to bring together a coalition of players who declared war on Blockchainistan. In series of events reminiscent of the Dreyfus Affair, the coalition went and raided what little resources Blockchainistan had while both Fig and Croc were offline. When Fig and Croc finally got online and realized what was happening, it was only then that MrJoCrafter came to his senses and began diplomatic talks with the Blockchainistanis. After about an hour of diplomatic talks between MrJoCrafter, Fig, Croc, LIQUIDSTEREO of Icarus and ErrorL of KOEL, an agreement was reached and a peace treaty was signed. Blockchainistan agreed to exile AbbyShapiro and TrustThePlan. In exchange, MrJoCrafter was made to pay reparations of 6 diamonds. Both sides agreed to demilitarize the river separating their borders and agreed not to travel in their respective claims.

Return to the +,-

View of Bitcoin Plaza facing northwest

Despite achieving peace with the coalition, the Blockchainistanis were disturbed by the wanton aggression and misinformation used by their neighbors, particularly Western Boundary. Seeing no viable future in the -,+, Fig and Croc moved back to the +,-, this time settling around 6666, -3300. After being raided by the coalition, they had very little resources to their name and the first few weeks were focused on farming and mining their way out of the stone age. The first building erected in Blockchainistan was Croc's Big House, a plantation-style mansion that now sits on Bitcoin Plaza. Most early buildings in Blockchainistan are built in this Southern theme, a reflection of the agrarian nature of early Blockchainistan. Other notable buildings erected during this period were Figasaur's house, the Bitcoin Bank, Dunkin' Donuts, the gas station. Additionally, Blockchainistan began grow in population, with new players joining the town. These new arrivals were almost all buildfriends, and spurred on a renaissance of building in Blockchainistan. The slums, Rainforest Cafe, Taco Bell and Panda Express were just a few of the many builds constructed by this wave of immigrants.

Unfortunately for Blockchainistan, this period was also one of harassment and attacks by raiders and griefers, mostly from Titan. It was a regular occurrence for Titan players to come to Blockchainistan and grief and raid the innocent buildfriends, even going so far as to break into Funkywee's Bitcoin Bank. Titanoids also snitched Blockchainistan land and tried to provoke fights on several occasions. These incursions, as well as the experiences Fig and Croc had in the -,+ War of Western Aggression led to the formal creation of the Blockchainistan Self-Defense Forces (BSDF). Defensive structures were built and armaments were created in the hopes of deterring Titan griefers.

War of Titanoid Aggression/Titan vs Buildfriend War

Raid on Blockchainistan

At approximately 10:34 PM EST on August 24th, 2022, a coalition of Titan, Molokan and Icenian raiders attacked and killed Xjiro and UndyneHeart, two Blockchainistan buildfriends. Both were unarmed and unarmored. The group, numbering around 13-14 total, quickly began raiding Croc's Big House and obby bombing the roads of the city. Outnumbered 2 to 1, Croc was the first to strike back, shooting arrows from the second floor of his mansion. He was soon joined by Tacilus, who fought the raiders in and around Bitcoin Plaza. Croc and Tacilus used their knowledge of the city to their advantage, forcing the attackers to pot up and regroup. Seeing that they were being bested by two buildfriends, the attacking coalition were soon routed from the city. With all available BPD units at Bitcoin Plaza, there was nothing to stop criminals in the southern Slum District, where minor looting occurred during the chaos. Though the raid had only lasted 30 minutes, the damage that had been done to Blockchainistan was devastating. Streets were obby bombed and doors were broken throughout the city. To make matters worse, Titan leader JuniorTide made a post on the CivMC trying to legitimize the raiding and griefing his citizens had done. Without a shred of evidence, sources cited or even an attempt at MLA formatting, JuniorTide went on assert a wild conspiracy theory: Blockchainistan was somehow funding Rhode Island in their war effort, despite Blockchainistan being raided on several occasions by known Rhode Island associates Vah and Ez2clutch. In a follow up post, Mayor Croc denounced these baseless and dangerous conspiracy theories and vowed retribution for the attack.

Counter-Attack and Folding of Titan

Being an ardent Zionist, Croc had studied the Six-Day War and Israel's quick defeat of the aggressive Arab coalition therein. Taking a page from history, Mayor Croc commanded that a maximum pressure campaign be employed on Titan and its surrounding territories. As such, Blockchainistan forces quickly set about disabling Titan military infrastructure, conducting operations against their nether portal and XP facilities. In a move that would be called "Zelenskyesque" by Blockchain journalists at the time, Croc also sent out a plea for assistance to the wider server community, asking for help in the struggle against the griefers and raiders in Titan who sought to obby bomb and destroy Blockchainistan. Many nations answered the call, offering material and intelligence support to the Blockchainistan forces. The maximum pressure campaign and Croc's plea for help would coalesce in the attack on the main Titan skybunker the night of August 25th/26th, just 24 hours after the initial Titan attack on Blockchainistan.

Despite being outnumbered 6 to 20, Blockchainistan forces (assisted by a small contingent of Rhode Island military advisors) surrounded the Titan vault and quickly began laying siege to the griefers hiding inside. Geoponic was pearled during this siege, but the pearls of UndyneHeart and Xjiro were whisked away to Estalia by a lone Titanoid. Even though the pearls of their comrades had been moved to Estalia, the Blockchainistan buildfriends continued breaking the bastions of the vault, hoping to disable the critical piece of infrastructure. In a move that is still puzzles contemporary historians, the Titan PvPers, seemingly demoralized from losing to 6 buildfriends, decided to log out inside the skybunker rather than continue to fight. With their attackers logging out in fear, Blockchainistan forces were able to successfully neutralize the skybunker and vault below it, taking out Titan's most important military facility without losing a single player. Effectively creating a huge logbox, Blockchainistan buildfriends had folded Titan in a stunning military upset.

Cleanup Operations and Dissolution of Titan Industries LLC

After having successfully folded Titan, Blockchainistan quickly set about neutralizing the remaining Titan raid bunkers and vaults they had scattered throughout their territory. Since Titan had no actual town to speak of, instead preferring to only raid and grief, the cleanup operations went fairly quickly. Blockchainistan forces took painstaking efforts not to stoop to the level of their adversaries, freeing the pearls of many they captured who were not directly involved in the initial raid on Blockchainistan. It was also at this time that Croc made an appeal to Titan and its supporters, offering amnesty to those who had attacked Blockchainistan in return for a cessation of hostilities.

Since most of Titan had quit the night they were folded by a group of buildfriends a fraction of their size, RabbiCroc and Figasaur realized that they had become de facto majority shareholders of Titan Industries LLC. Seeing no viable future for the unprofitable and failing corporation, they formally dissolved it and its territorial claims on September 2nd. All Titan assets were liquidated and the profits accrued from the dissolution were donated to the homeless and food insecure citizens of Blockchainistan's southern Slum District. With Titan's huge desolate crayon claims dissolved, new nations soon began claiming land there.

Post-War Economic Miracle


Blockchainistan sits on a plains biome in what is commonly referred to as the broader "Eastern Continent" of the map. Though possessing territories spanning a variety of biomes, the decision to settle Blockchainistan on a plains biome was not accidental. Both Croc and Fig envisioned a large trading hub city, meaning they would need an area conducive to building, As such, smaller spruce forest areas or the -,+ jungle were rejected.

Government and Politics

Manifesto of Unshakeable Cryptocracy

Prior to Blockchainistan's founding, Croc issued a white paper outlining the vision behind Blockchainistan. Later dubbed the "Manifesto of Unshakeable Cryptocracy" Croc made it clear that Blockchainistan would be ruled by those with the most cryptocurrency in their possession. As such, Croc was effectively made Mayor for life with Figasaur becoming Deputy Mayor. This dual-leadership system worked for the first few days of the server but was found to be impractical once more citizens began joining the town. The cryptocracy was later abolished when Blockchainistan moved to the +,- and an Anarcho-Capitalist system was implemented.

Mayoral Powers and Anarcho-Capitalist Political Theory

Despite transitioning toward an Anarcho-Capitalist model of governance, Croc has so far retained his title as Mayor. Besides raising obvious questions about the legality of Mayoral powers, this position is also naturally in conflict

Calls for Democracy


Blockchainistan, being an Anarcho-Capitalist town, is committed to free market ideals. The government does not dictate economic policy and instead lets the invisible hand of the free market decide who wins and who loses. Blockchainistan hopes to become a trading hub for the +,- region.



Though very small at first, Blockchainistan has grown from being just RabbiCroc and Figasaur to a moderately sized nation. The Blockchainistan Census Bureau reported 16 residents as of August 2022.


Blockchainistan has no official language but the most commonly spoken is English. Spanish, Portuguese and Yiddish are also spoken by some citizens.

Race and Ethnicity

Blockchainistan is a colorblind society and does not see race. As such, racial statistics are not recorded.


Freedom of religion is a central component of the Blockchainistan White Paper, meaning all citizens are allowed to freely practice their religion in peace and security.

According to a July 2022 study, 20% of Blockchainistanis identified as practicing Judaism and the remaining 80% identified as practicing Christians.

Culture and Society

Jewish Quarter