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The Jarldom of the Pride Isles is a nation located in the Southern Sea off the coast of Deluvia. Its provisional capital is Simensen Freeport, and other settlements exist on the islands of Valinor, Claw Atoll, and Delta Farmstead.

Jarldom of the Pride Isles
Flag of the Pride Isles
Simensen Freeport
Location-3400, 4400
Capital citySimensen Freeport (provisional)
Claw Atoll
Blackrock Isle
National Colors
  Pride Isles Blue
  Pride Isles Orange
GovernmentNordic Thing
• Jarl
Foundation date27 September 2022
(as Freeport)
20 July 2023
(as Pride Isles)
Preceded by Pridelands
ReligionCult of the Fen


The Pridelands

The city of Simensen Freeport (commonly known as Freeport) was founded on 27 September 2022 by s0uthw3st as the first settlement in the Lionsgate Archipelago, an exclave of the Pridelands. Eventually, as activity in the capital at Pride Rock waned, Freeport became the administrative capital of the Pridelands under the two Stewards of the Pride, s0uthw3st and wilwithonel, both of whom resided in the Archipelago. The Archipelago was expanded through the purchase of islands from the Leibniz Confederation, and several settlements were built during this time, including a tree farm and fort at Delta Farmstead, and wilwithonel's Hermitage.

Imperial Federation

After a period of inactivity following the Pridelands' exit from the Imperial Federation, the Archipelago fell back under Imperial ownership, laying mostly dormant for several months. The return of s0uthw3st prompted a revival of activity near Freeport, including the addition of several new residents on neighboring islands (now the settlements of Valinor and Claw Atoll). As such, the Archipelago was reincorporated as the State of Freeport.


Due to increasing dissatisfaction with the Imperial government and a desire to form an independent nation, the State of Freeport petitioned for independence on 16 July 2023, and was granted independence on 20 July 2023. The State of Freeport changed its name to the Jarldom of the Pride Isles, continuing the Viking aesthetics of the Pridelands. As an independent nation, it joined the Union of the South Sea alongside four other nations, some of whom seceded from the Imperial Federation for similar reasons.


The Pride Isles is composed of a series of islands in the Southern Sea centered around Simensen Freeport, as well as a farmstead located on a mushroom island in the Karydia Sea.

Settlements and Farms in the Pride Isles
Settlement Type Location Local Leader
Simensen Freeport Provisional Capital -3400, 4400 s0uthw3st
Valinor Settlement -2950, 4175 455M4N
Claw Atoll Settlement -3025, 3800 poletonMV
Blackrock Isle Settlement -2900, 5100 smothyhoo
Delta Farmstead Farm -2700, 4450 ScreamTeam2005
Northport Farm -5800, 700 N/A