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Second Weirdscratchr Kingdom
Flag of Weirdscraftland
+4700, -3000
AllianceCinian Union
Capital cityTreefarmguys
Area0.42 km²
National Colors
  Dark green
• The Council
Foundation date09/03/2023
Foundation documentWeirdscraftland joins CivMC
Preceded byWeirdscraftland (ScratchCiv)
MottoDumbness is power

Weirdscraftland, officially Second Weirdscratchr Kingdom, is a triarchic country in the Orientalia continent of CivMC, located in former Letos and bordering Amboise, Achiuwa, Exilus (Yoahtl), and Lambat. It is a part of the Cinian Union.


Note: dates are in DD/MM/YYYY and times are in UTC.


Weirdscraftland started out on the now-inactive server ScratchCiv on 26/05/2020 as a nation with the same name[1]. It eventually died with the server closing, starting a hiatus lasting over two and a half years.

Early History

In late January/early February 2023, minecraft_win(probably) had the idea of reviving Weirdscraftland on another server, and Magnileve suggested that they do it on CivMC. He initially wanted to estabilish Weirdscraftland in Varathia, but then decided estabilishing the country in Letos since the area was better to build on. The Treefarmguys Town Hall was built shortly thereafter, on 08/02/2023, and MinersHavenM43 joined on the same day. Due to some issues however, a claim announcement was not made anywhere.

On 05/03/2023, AfterFlash made a claim on the Discord announcing his nation Yashinov Federation of Socialist Republics[2]. These claims overlapped with Weirdscraftland's, and AfterFlash did not let go of his claims since Weirdscraftland had never declared its claims, which started an argument lasting around 20 minutes, after which AfterFlash moved his claims to Impendia, without affecting Weirdscraftland's claims. Four days later on 09/03/2023, the issues were resolved and the claim announcement was posted to the CivMC subreddit[3]. On 14/03/2023, Weirdscraftland was invited to join the Cinian Union, which it agreed to.

Construction of Terra Leporis Maximi

On 24/03/2023, Miner was invited to construct a farm for Terra Leporis Maximi when he found activity in the T.L.M. Server Voice Channels. He helped in the building of much of the infrastructure in T.L.M. Magnileve, the founder of T.L.M., allowed him to take materials, tools, and currency to Weirdscraftland, bringing some wealth to the country.

Lesnerian Conflict

Despite Weirdscraftland being a part of the Cinian Union, Weirdscraftland was largely unaffected by the war, but still suffered some damage. All Cinian Union leaders were classified as POS, and on 02/05/2023 ItzHoover was sent to snitch Weirdscraftland. At 23:17, Miner logged on and became close to being pearled by Hoover. However, Hoover did not pearl him, stating Miner was unarmoured and it would be unfair to pearl him. Hoover then removed the snitches and left the country.

Construction of New Terra Leporis Maximi

Because of his part in founding Terra Leporis Maximi, Miner was invited to help in the construction of New T.L.M.



Weirdscraftland is the temperate zone, with plains as its predominant biome.


Weirdscraftland is divided into three geographical regions, all of which represent various biomes:


Lethesrod, also known as the Central Valley, is the valley in the center of Weirdscraftland. It is bordered entirely by mountains, save for the openings on the south and east. It is the most developed area, and currently where all citizens live.

The valley has two lakes:

  • The Tuesmere in the east, fed by a stream originating in the Markfeld Range. It is surrounded by a forest and planted sugar cane and bamboo.
  • The Twoeve Lake in the center, just south of Treefarmguys. It was artificially made by placing water on an old dirt quarry probably dug by Letos.

It is named after a now-destroyed pillar made of polished deepslate, which was likely a marker for a house because of the outline surrounding it. The first element lethes comes from OE leþes, genitive singular of leþ < PGmc *leþaz < PIE *lét-os.


Markfeld is the mountain range surrounding Lethesrod, which only has slight development; the only building is an uninhabited house last used in early November 2022, and a tree farm near it.


Rosefeld is the exterior surrounding the nation, being barely developed, with the only structures being Greatrich Avenue and two quarries in the east; the southern quarry going to y+57, and the northern one going to y-45. There were plans to build an autonomous city in the north by ShrekPrvni, but those were probably abandoned.

Connection and Road Infrastructure

Weirdscraftland has an internal road network spanning the easternmost point of the country to Wheatfarmacre. Roads east of Treefarmguys were built by Letos, while those west of the city were built by Weirdscraftland. All roads in the network are simple dirt paths and 3 blocks wide, and some have illumination in the form of deepslate posts with a lantern on the side.

Weirdscraftland is connected through OneDest via /dest ! +,- lyrean lambat cape_cocoa weirdscraftland. Outside of rail connection, Weirdscraftland does not have any roads leading outside the country, with the exception of bridges that go nowhere that don't connect with the main road system, although there are plans of making a bridge to Achiuwa.



Treefarmguys is the capital of Weirdscraftland in central Lethesrod. It was named after Pondfarmguys, the capital of ScratchCiv Weirdscraftland, with pond replaced with tree because the city has a super secret tree farm under the Town Hall. The city has three districts:

  • Pondfarm: the urban part of Treefarmguys. Currently, it has three structures: the Town Hall, a bar, and Miner's house. Planned are a proper train station, a factoryhouse, and the Yoyle Tower.
  • Wheatfarmacre: a wheat farm located on the east. It is nearly impossible to bot due to the rough northwestern border, and is in disrepair with many missing crops.
  • Earthquarryacre: an oak tree farm located on the south, which, as of yet, has never been used.


Cragdude is a mining town built by Vejou on 08/05/2023 in northwestern Lethesrod. As of now, Vejou is the only resident, and the only building is the Plaza, mostly functioning as Vejou's home. The first factory in Weirdscraftland was made there.