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Location5473, -7190
AllianceFree Territory of Fempire_Union
Capital cityKinko ᚴᛁᚾᚴᚩ
GovernmentDemocratic Confederalist Hive mind Collectivist Theocratic Anarcha Diarchy
• War Mother
• Goddess
Foundation dateAugust 15th, 2022
Preceded byJomsviking_Confederation
ReligionFlesh Cultism

Ynglo-Saxon Paganism Hellenic Syncretism

IdeologyTrotsko-Maoism, Democratic-Confederalism,Theocratic Anarcha-Diarchism, Communalism, Agricultural Lysenkoism, Gaia Theory, Stoned Ape Hypothesis, One Electron Theory
MottoNo Cross, No Crowns!
National anthemאַרבעטער פֿרױען (Arbeter Froyen) [1]
MascotFoxes, Worms
Holy TextsFlesh Manifesto [2]

The Anarcha-Commune of Yngland is a Free Territory of the Fempire Union, in the northeast on the continent of Impendia. It is based on Ynglingatal Lore and it's capital city of Kinko is located in the holy divot and follows a theme. It is led by War Mother Freyja1312 and Tatdat.

The government is organized in a Semi Theocratic, Anarcha-Feminist method, in a Communalist fashion, with some Trotsko-Maoist tendencies, and it's citizens are mostly free to do as they please, so long as they recognize the War Mothers right to rule over the minds and souls of the citizens via the utilization of Brain Worms. The nation is also host to the holy Flesh Hive and the cult of flesh. Yngland has an Open border policy and is welcoming to all refugees, immigrants, tourists or newcomers.

Holy Cantonal Hives

The Ynglish people organize themselves around a decentralized hive structure of governance. Each hive through a rigid process of direct consensus democracy selects their own hive matron or patron who takes on the role of local leadership.

Active Holy Cantonal Hives:

  • Most Sacred Hive of the Holy Divot of Kinko
  • Harlop Hub

Inactive Holy Cantonal Hives:

  • Teutoborg Outpost

Ynglish Mythos

The Hive Mind

The Hive Mine is the shared brain cell between all Ynglanders. The War Mother fulfills a sort of "queen bee" or "queen ant" Niche of the Ynglish people, whomst are like bees and ants in personality.

Founding of Yngland

The Ynglish were an originally nomadic and migratory people, the War Mother led her people to the Holy Divot of Kinko where they have settled. it is speculated that the Ynglish chose this location because of a flesh cave the War Mother deemed to be a holy site.

The Flesh Cult

Flesh Hive

The Great Flesh Hive is a fleshy pit located in the northern wall of the holy divot of Kinko. It is home to the flesh cult and its devoted cultists, as well as many different kinds of meat and worms.

Flesh Hive Manifesto

Territorial claims of Yngland

The flesh hive manifesto is a collective effort of the flesh cultists to share the holy word of the flesh mother with the people of the world.

Flesh Cultists

Flesh Circle

The flesh circle is a group of the most holy devotees of her holiness the immortal Flesh Monad. They are responsible mainly for the holy gift of being able to receive divine communication and make changes and additions to the flesh manifesto.

Flesh Acolytes

Flesh acolytes are the trusted members of the flesh cult and have accepted their flesh quest in service of the Flesh Monad.

Map of the terrain of Yngland

Ynglish National Historic State Park and Nature Preserve

the Ynglish National Historic State Park and Nature Preserve is a state park and nature preserve that encompasses the entire Nation of Yngland. Biodiversity is encouraged and a nation wide forestation project is being pursued. Park Rangers have authority to execute poachers and foragers. The Great Ynglish trail is an ongoing project to make hiking trails between smaller settlements on Impendia.