United Tribes of the Southern Sea

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The United Tribes of the Southern Sea, or the U.T.S.S. for short, is a nation on the CivMC server. The nation is located in the deep Southwest of the map near the world border. The capital and largest settlement is Port Capitola, a regional trading center. The founding leadership and citizens of the U.T.S.S. date their history back to Wheatistan and the Republic of Araratia (on CivRealms) as well as the United States of Hayastan (on CivU).

United Tribes of the Southern Sea

CapitalPort Capitola, Capitola Island
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
LegislatureNational Assembly
CurrencyU.T.S.S. Dollar
National Flag of the UTSS


The Beginning

The history of the U.T.S.S. began when a group of Araratian tribesmen, lead by H4Y4ST4N, fled from the war torn city of Minas Trinith in the Fellowship (Westernesse) during a period of war and turmoil in the region. They left south to the safety of a chain of then uninhabited islands, which quickly became a permanent settlement known as Capitola. Shortly after landing on the islands, a meeting of the first National Assembly was held, marking the official formation of the U.T.S.S. on July 28th, 2022.

Early Settlement and the Construction Era

The first makeshift settlement on the banks of Capitola Island, "Port Hayastan" was home to several wooden shacks and homes, two farms, the old delivery building, and the Southwest tower. Shortly after, the small settlements of Hermit and St.Wheaton were established. Unfortunately, St.Wheaton was mostly destroyed during a raid by AbbyShapiro and their accomplices shortly following its establishment.

For the next month following formation, the people of the U.T.S.S. focused their efforts on collecting resources and terraforming Capitola Island to make way for the capital. Construction on the Port city of Capitola officially began on Sept. 1st 2022.
U.T.S.S. Coat of Arms

The "Great Expansion"

Following the initial development period, the country's leadership quickly realized that the U.T.S.S. lacked much needed farmland. At the time of establishment, the U.T.S.S. had only two large functioning farms located on the fertile Westport Islands and two biomes. This land was barely enough to feed the country's citizens. After a unanimous vote by the Southseasian National Assembly, it was decided that the U.T.S.S. would begin its expansion into the North and South.


On August 26th, an expedition of the National Guard headed south to explore the then uninhabited Southlands. Shortly following this expedition and the establishment of Sunduc port, the southern territories were officially incorporated into the U.T.S.S. on the 29th of August.

Novamythria, Norshen and Hatium

The regions today known at Novamythria, Norshen and Hatium were acquired by the U.T.S.S. from the Western Boundary on September 17th, 2022. Novamythria was formally known as Fire Island National Park. The first settlement built in Novamythria is the small farm town of Paradise, which was founded on the northern coast of Novamythria Island.

On September 23rd NinaDavinci was appointed Governor of Novamythria Island.

Disputes and Conflicts

  • For a brief period, the Hatium Islands in the Western Boundary were disputed between the U.T.S.S. and W.B. This dispute was quickly resolved through diplomatic talks between the leadership of both nations. Eventually, the Hatium Islands along with other northern territories were willingly transferred to the U.T.S.S. on the 17th of September.

Foreign Policy

The U.T.S.S. has a neutral policy when it comes to its foreign relations, and will never involve itself in unnecessary wars. The country follows the old Araratian doctrine, which states that the National Guard may only act in self-defense and that there shall be no involvement in war unless threatened or absolutely necessary.

On the 13th of October, the U.T.S.S. and the Imperial Federation signed a Bilateral Security Pact.

Territories & Provinces

  • Capitola*

Capitola is the central province of the U.T.S.S. and home to the capital, Port Capitola. It is best known for being the center of trade and commerce amongst Southseasians. The de-facto head of the region is Cheiftain H4Y4ST4N.

  • Westport Islands

The Westport Islands are a chain of small islands on the edge of the world border. These islands once served as the primary agricultural region in the U.T.S.S. until the Great Expansion. The governor of the Westport Islands is Lord Deadlic_Hermetic

  • Novamythria

Novamythria is the north-most and largest island of the U.T.S.S., located on the mainland of the Western Continent. The territory was acquired by the U.T.S.S. following the end of the Estalia-Rhode Island War. The territory was formerly a part of the Western Boundary, known as "Fire Island National Park". The governor of Novamythria is NinaDavinci.

  • Southern Archipelago

The Southern Archipelago is a group of 3 islands located half-way between the U.T.S.S. Southlands and the Capitola islands. The islands were discovered by Southseasian explorers during an expedition into Deluvia.

  • Sunduc

Sunduc was the first Southseasian settlement to be established in the Southlands. It was founded by Lord Deadlic_Hermetic of the Westport Islands.

  • Sprucehaven

Sprucehaven is home to the Southseasian spruce industry, which makes up a large portion of national exports. The territory is administered by the state.

  • Ma Lete Reservation

Ma Lete Reservation is home to the Toki Pona speaking peoples, who initially came from Ma Suno and settled in the U.T.S.S. during the Great Expansion. On the 9th of September 2022, the U.T.S.S. government decided to designate this former part of Sunduc as a semi-autonomous province under the administration of omokami, leader of the Toki Pona speaking peoples. The territory is known for its brewing industry, and is especially famous for its espressos and tequila.

  • Norshen

Norshen Island was acquired by the U.T.S.S. from the Western Boundary on the 17th of September, 2022. It is administered by the National Guard.

  • Eastport Islands

The Eastport Islands are a group of 3 islands located west of Capitola. The Hatium Islands were incorporated into the province on September 21st, 2022.

  • U.T.S.S. National Park

A protected natural reserve home to dense spruce forests.

Map of the U.T.S.S. (9/20/22)


Chieftain - H4Y4ST4N

National Assembly of the U.T.S.S.

The National Assembly consists of the 5 lead members of the U.T.S.S. which are appointed by the Chief. These include both governors and ministers.

Cabinet of Ministers:

Prime Minister- (Currently vacant)

Minister of Internal Affairs- LordLostMickers

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Deadlic_Hermetic

Minister of Defense- NinaDavinci

Minister of Labor- Drake_the_Bake