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The S.E.C. also known as the Security Enhancement Coalition was an alliance on CivMC between the countries of Icenia, Kallos, Cortesia del Mar, Yoahtl and the Arsenio Pact.

Security Enhancement Coalition
Logo for the Security Enhancement Coalition
World map showing Coalition members in their respective nation colors


Foundation date19 September 2022
Foundation documentSecurity Enhancement Coalition Treaty
Succeeded byDGP


Proposals for the SEC date back to discussions that occurred between Icenia and Kallos shortly before the departure of Thomas and Capri from Rhode Island. Icenia and Kallos had entered into a hard alliance prior to this shift in Rhode Island and had a desire to see it expanded to other nations and groups that would promote a "third way" for international diplomacy outside of the dichotomy which existed between Rhode Island (anti-WP) and Estalia (WP). There was also a feeling among Icenian leadership that the MDSC was floundering due to notable departures of individuals such as Shadedoom and LordOfMarzipan to Estalia in order to fight the ongoing Generic War of which Icenia wanted no part, thus the desire for a stronger alliance.

Invasion of Icenia and Tabling of Alliance

By October 15th, Cortesa Del Mar, the AP, Icenia, and Kallos had all mutually agreed upon most of the documentation for the MDSC written by Yodabird. However, Icenia would be invaded by a rebranded Rhode Island and Kallos, being very close to Province, decided to bide their time in order to not meet the same fate. This effectively tabled the alliance as Icenians moved to Titan and later Estalia in order to contribute to the war effort.

End of Generic War and Hard Launch of Alliance

In September 2022, nearly all players associated with USA, and the destruction of Icenia, were banned from the server as a result of "toxicity" and near constant modmails. Icenia would move back to Icenia City, and it was decided at this point to hard-launch the alliance with Southshire included. On September 30th, 2022 votes were made to update the alliance constitution and Enforcer15 was elected to become the alliance's first spokesperson.

Temporal Isles Conflict

Dissolution/Butt-Sex War

The Butt-Sex was began as SEC members chased wanted criminal ChosenTwiceLOL and a SEC member ended up getting pearled and kited to Butternut Vault. The war started out relatively peaceful, with Icenian Slushii even running up to the butt

Following the end of the Butternut–SEC War, the alliance essentially dissolved on June 28, 2023.