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Zander is a nation that originally started in July 2022, on CivMC.

Having started late in the community, it had struggles choosing what nation to become a part of - eventually going with Nassau. It is still part of Nassau as of today. Since it's inception, it has operated as a Aristocracy, with the founder, bilzander, being the head of the council. There are 3 people currently on the council.

Notable Works

  • The Nassau-Icenia tunnel is a semi-decorated tunnel that connects the nations of Nassau and Icenia. It is over 3,400 blocks long, 3x3, and is somewhat decorated. It was dug out by the citizens of Zander.
  • Zander Fortress is a WIP fortress nestled off of the island. It is planned to be small, but beautiful build, with bilzander stating "It will become a jewel of the Civ world."[1]
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