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The Royal House Winterbourne
Location-50, -7585
DemonymBournish / Winterfolk
Capital cityWintercastle
Area100km²[1] (as of 6 January 2024)
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Sovereign
Her Majesty the Princess Bow
• Monogram
Royal Monogram
Royal Monogram
• Prime Minister
Foundation date29 April 2022
LanguageOlde English
ReligionThe Old Gods of the Forest
MottoMay The Tree Liveth
Wintercastle the Capital City | Photo Credit 📷 ~ ArtificialDriver
Winterbourne Castle at Night | Photo Credit 📷 ~ RedDevel
Winterbourne Harbour | Photo Credit 📷 ~ Princess_Bow
The gates to Winterbourne Castle. | Photo Credit 📷 ~ Princess_Bow
The North pole visitor shack and messages left by fellow explorers.
The North pole visitor shack and messages left by fellow explorers. | Photo Credit 📷 ~ Princess_Bow

The Royal House of Winterbourne is an absolute monarchy on the continent of Northlandia led by Her Royal Majesty the Princess Bow of the Royal House of Winterbourne, the First of Her Name, Monarch of the Realms, Protector of The Tree, Warden of Northlandia and Empress of the Western World of Pavia.

It is located on the CivMC server in the -,- quadrant on the Northlandia continent and runs the the east coast up to the north pole. The primary duty of the monarchy is to protect and uphold the will of THE TREE whose fortune is for the betterment of all across the world.


Winterbourne is an internationally recognised neutral state, which encompasses a pragmatic view of world peace and harmony, which is demonstrated through Her Majesty's diplomatic missions across the world. It has strong relationships with many nations across the world from different political lenses, which further demonstrates the will of the nation to treat all equally and fairly with dignity and without prejudice.

Winterbourne is an absolute hereditary monarchy and controlled by the reigning monarch of the House of Winterbourne, it's current monarch Her Majesty Princess Bow holds strong socialist values and has implemented by decree a comprehensive constitution encompassing individual freedoms and rights to its citizens.

Her Majesty delegates a vast amount of control of the nation to Her Majesty's Prime Minister whom controls the government of Winterbourne, the present Prime Minister is Sir Nekroz Duke of Wintermoor.


Winterbourne currently holds two officially recognised sovereign embassies in Icenia and Mount Augusta. Agreement and planning has been approved for the establishment of an embassy in the nation of the Fempire Union.


Citizenship of Winterbourne is granted only by honorary royal decree from the Royal House of Winterbourne, there is no formal process to ask for citizenship.

While there are many citizens of Winterbourne, by convention it has traditionally been the case not to declare publicly, it's make up is therefore kept closely secretive, and as such the total population is unknown. It's citizens are though rumoured to include many well established and upstanding members of the Civ community.


THE TREE is a sacred spruce tree, it is unassuming and unlikely to ever be found, while a large tree is apparent in the city of Wintercastle, this is only a child of THE TREE and only Her Majesty knows its location.

It has has graced many Civ servers and many rituals and sacrifices to THE TREE are made throughout the calendar year for the good fortune of the world. Rituals may appear odd, uncanny and appear in very vague ways, many nations from all backgrounds have taken part in these rituals and have been bid good fortune with THE TREE. It does not make alliances, it treats all equally and metes out good and bad fortune independent of politics.

The Spruce Protection Act 2022 protects all spruce tree's in Winterbourne. It is illegal to fell spruce without prior permission of the monarch of Winterbourne.


King Broxa III

King Broxa III was the ruler of Winterbourne, a kingdom that had once spanned the entire continent of Northlandia. He had inherited the throne from his father, who had been a wise and just monarch. Under King Broxa's rule, Winterbourne had flourished, with its economy growing and its culture thriving.

Despite his many accomplishments, King Broxa was not without his faults. He could be stubborn and prideful at times, and he had a tendency to hold grudges against those who had wronged him. This had caused some tension between Winterbourne and its neighboring kingdoms, and many feared that war was imminent.

However, King Broxa was not content to let things spiral out of control. He knew that Winterbourne's future depended on its ability to maintain strong relationships with its neighbors, and he was determined to make amends for his past mistakes. So, he set out on a journey to visit the other monarchs of Northlandia, hoping to establish new alliances and rekindle old friendships.

It was a long and arduous journey, but King Broxa refused to be deterred. He traveled across mountains and valleys of ice and snow, through glaciers and vast plains, never once losing sight of his goal. Along the way, he met many different people and saw many different sights, each one filling him with a renewed sense of purpose.

Finally, after many weeks of travel, King Broxa arrived at the palace of his old school friend, Queen Talya of the neighboring kingdom of Ardenia. They had not seen each other in many years, and there was some initial awkwardness between them. However, as they talked and reminisced about old times, King Broxa realised that he had never stopped caring for Queen Talya, the future mother of his daughter, Princess Bow.

In the end, King Broxa's journey proved to be a success. He returned to Winterbourne with new allies and a renewed sense of purpose, determined to be a better father to Princess Bow and to maintain peace and stability in Northlandia. From that day forward, he redoubled his efforts to maintain strong relationships with Winterbourne's neighbours, earning him the respect and admiration of his subjects for generations to come.

Queen Talya

Queen Talya was the ruler of Ardenia, a historically close connected kingdom to Winterbourne. She had inherited the throne from her own mother Queen Kathlina of Ardenia, who had been a just and fair monarch. Under Queen Talya's rule, Ardenia had prospered, with its people happy and its economy thriving.

Despite her many accomplishments, Queen Talya had always felt a sense of loneliness. She had never married, and although she had many advisors and friends, she longed for someone to share her life with. That all changed when she met old school friend King Broxa III of Winterbourne.

King Broxa III and Queen Talya had been childhood friends, but had lost touch over the years as their kingdoms grew apart. However, when King Broxa embarked on his journey to reconcile with his neighbours, he made a point to visit Queen Talya. It didn't take long for the old feelings between them to rekindle, and they soon fell in love.

Their relationship was not without its challenges, however. As rulers of separate kingdoms, they had to navigate delicate political situations and ensure that their relationship did not cause any rifts between their kingdoms. But they were determined to make it work, and their love only grew stronger as they faced these challenges together.

Their love also bore fruit in the form of Princess Bow, their daughter. Queen Talya doted on Princess Bow, and the three of them became a close-knit family. Despite the demands of their respective kingdoms, they always made time for each other and supported each other through thick and thin.

In the end, Queen Talya's love for King Broxa and Princess Bow proved to be her greatest legacy. Even after her passing, they continued to honor her memory and uphold the values she held dear. And although their kingdoms remained separate, their relationship remained a testament to the power of love and the bonds that can unite even the most unlikely of allies.

Princess Bow

Princess Bow is the daughter of King Broxa III and Queen Talya of Ardenia, King Broxa III and Queen Talya passed away when she was still relatively young. Despite her relative youth, Princess Bow became monarch of Ardenia after her mothers passing and not long after her fathers was recognised as the rightful heir to the throne due to Winterbourne's longstanding tradition of primogeniture, which dictates that the eldest child of the reigning monarch inherits the throne upon their parent's death.

Following her father's passing, Princess Bow underwent a period of mourning before assuming the mantle of leadership. Despite the weighty responsibilities that came with her new role, she quickly established herself as a capable and effective ruler, using her diplomatic skills and natural charisma to win over the people of Winterbourne and the respect of other national citizens and leaders. Her decision to retain the title of Princess rather than becoming Queen was seen by many as a nod to her late mother Queen Talya of Ardenia as a gesture of respect to her mother's status as what was to be the last Queen of Ardenia, it was the first coronation of a monarch using the title Princess, further endearing her to her subjects. When Princess Bow ascended the throne of Winterbourne after King Broxa III died, her first act was a decree that Ardenia become a realm of Winterbourne named Royal Ardenia, forever forged together as her parents were, an act seen by many as her solidifying the close love between the three of them for eternity.


Winterbourne in the CivMC world is location in Northlandia encompassing the North Pole and artic seas. An area desolate of life, the people of Winterbourne are of hard stock and make do with little; though do enjoy the privilege of having a special relationships other nations allowing its citizens to visit and roam in sunnier climates.

Icenian Embassy

On the 11th June 2022 Icenia granted Winterbourne the permission to build an embassy in Icenia City called Winterbourne Heights on a prime plot within the city cementing the friendly relations between the two nations. It stands some 10 stories high and built in a modern skyscraper style, but draws on the much older architectural style of Winterbourne Castle using stone and spruce interior features.