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LocationX-6400 Z 7500
Capital cityBurlington
TerritoriesKalengrad, Vermont
National Colors
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Motto'Thorian Oppression Today, Thorian Oppression Tomorrow, and Thorian oppression Forever' - JAW689
National anthem

Vermont is a state located in the Deluvian Continent in the Imperial Federation. It's a Capitalist-based state with exporting crops that mainly grow in the Taiga Biome. It's founders, Korvenov & JAW689 originally came from the former nation known as The Collective.

Vermont First became a nation in CivMC on September 7th, 2022 and shortly joined the Imperial Federation on September 25th, 2022

Vermont's History

JAW689's chancellery - JAW689 was the first legitimately elected chancellor of the Imperial Federation, notably during his chancellorship he expanded the Imperial federation (Myra, South Augusta, Hyperborean Confederation, and Kalengrad. At the end of his run, state of Thoria to revolted and commited a terrorist bombing in Freeport. With the famous saying being associated "Thorian Oppression Today! Thorian Oppression Tomorrow! Thorian Oppression Forever!" - JAW689

Annexation of Kalengrad - Kalengrad was the original starting place of the Vermonters, the areas consisted of the Communist nation of "The Collective", the Ruler of the collective has a history of Doxxing people and other bad habits which triggered the Vermonters to leave. Fast forward to the days of the Imperial Federation and Korvenov knowing how valuable the land could be claimed it, the neighboring nation of Lambat has also been eyeing up the Collective land and originally spit it with the nation of Mery. The Imperial federation was given the original city and the south western part of the Island.

Vermont Civil War - The Vermont Civil war