Forum of the Medi Sea

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The Forum of the Medi Sea is a regional international forum on CivMC consisting of all countries bordering the Medi Sea.

The Forum's goal is to improve cooperation and peace within the region, as well as establishing international projects between other member states.
Forum of the Medi Sea
Medi Sea
Logo of the Medi Sea, by Zeldronix
GovernmentDirect Universal Democracy
Foundation date22th of May 2022
Preceded byCouncil of the Medi Sea

Member States

TBD ping metrix

Participating states (as of 1 June 2023)
State Status
 Lusitania Active
 Lambat No member in council discord
 Pavia Active
 Djani'hweh No member in council discord
 Holy Truidencian Empire Active
 Gensokyo Part of Truidencia Hooters Treaty
 Griffin No member in council discord
 Wolken Inactive
 Iria Active
 Free Danzilonan Republic No member in council discord
 Meracydia Active

Inner Workings

The inner workings of the Forum of the Medi Sea are primarily facilitated through a dedicated Discord server, which serves as a central platform for organizing international projects and discussions on territorial claims. The council operates on a flat structure, ensuring that every member nation has an equal voice and all citizens of said nation have a single, equal vote. All citizens of the Medi Sea are regarded as equals within the forum. It is emphasized that the decisions made within the council must respect the will of each nation, particularly in projects that involve their land. If a nation objects to a particular project, it is respected, and the project must be adjusted accordingly to avoid infringing upon their borders or the project abandoned all together. Additionally, membership within the Forum is contingent upon a general consensus reached by all participating nations. This ensures that new members are admitted based on the agreement of the existing member states, promoting a cooperative and inclusive approach within the forum.


TBD: Medi sea Expo