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Capital cityEstalia
  • Suramir
  • Shroom City
Area250km²[1] (as of 6 January 2024)
• Self Proclaimed Emperor
Foundation date2022-14-05
Preceded by

Estalia is a nation on CivMC located near 0,0. It consists of former citizens of Mir, Caledonia, Amyr, Varkonia, Hjaltland, and Anguish[2].


Estalia, after announcing they would settle near 0,0 before the start of the server[2], announced their claims on the 3rd of June 2022[3], and expanded them 6 days later[4] to become the largest nation by area at the time, according to u/prawny331[5], with an estimated area of about 175 000 km2.

Conflict with Communion of Kū

On June 18th, Black_Fusion, a member of Kū's government, made a post to r/CivMC accusing of Estalia of killing Kū officials (himself) in their own claims,[6] providing a detailed explanation of events connected to his pearling by Estalia. Per Black_Fusion, he discovered a tunnel underneath the city of Kū-Lani while mining. When returning to explore the tunnel Black_Fusion was briefly pearled by 3 Estalians ZabeKabir, Watermashen, and ThePayman,[7][8] with those who pearled him having thought he had previously been warned not to enter the tunnel. Black_Fusion indicated that his nation, before the incident, did not want to escalate any tensions with Estalia and offered to relocate the tunnel around Kū's claims in a gesture of good-faith.

Prior to this incident, Estalia had claimed and built infrastructure on land that Black_Fusion says was "already marked by posts labeled "Communion of Kū",[6][9] accusing Estalia of knowingly ignoring their nation's claims and building around any stone-reinforced areas on the island.

Estalia made their own post,[8] stating that Kū officials had been inconsistent on whether or not they could keep the tunnel, that Estalia had sent demands[10] (including the stipulations "Ku will not cede sovereignty to any group[...]" and "Ku will not allow foreign parties to operate from the islands", "Kū" being misspelled) that had been refused, and that the nation of Kū had been annexed and its people relocated, with as many as 11 players sent to annex the territory.

War with Rhode Island

Main Article: Estalia-Rhode Island War

Since July 25th 2022, Estalia has been engaged in a large-scale war with Rhode Island, with the war stemming from an incident in which Rhode Islander Bob_the_Builder was followed by Estalian forces after having tresspassed on Estalian land[11], despite previous warnings, leading to a group fight resulting in the pearling of other Rhode Islander Capri.

Continous raids and attacks by both sides from July 25th onwards, including the very controversial obby-bombing and griefing of the Estalian trading hub of 0,0[12], led to Rhode Island amassing a large amount of casualties[13][14][15], with Estalia having no pearled fighters until August 5th, when ThePayman was pearled by Rhode Island forces.[16]


National Holidays

Estalia has two official holidays, both of which are weekly: Donut Day on Wednesday and Good Morning Walkers Day on Friday.

Donut Day

Estalia began celebrating Donut Day on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 by a declaration from Gregy165[17] in an attempt to lift spirits during the Generic War. The nation has since continued to observe the holiday every subsequent Wednesday. As stated by the Carps of Estalia, "The Estalian bond is the most precious thing this world has to offer and it must be preserved at all costs." Donut Day celebrates the camaraderie between the citizens of Estalia and serves as a weekly reminder to the Estalians of this founding principle. Weekly Donut Day attendance is recorded into and forever memorialized in the Estalian Historical and Archeological Preservation Committee's (EHAP) Database, where all participants are set to have their names and entries displayed in the Museum of Estalia and publicized in the official EHAP Database spreadsheet at the end of the server.

Use code Donut Day every Wednesday for 15% off all Gmall orders!

— Estalia's Donut Day Advertisement and Tagline

Good Morning Walkers Day

Estalia began celebrating Good Morning Walkers Day on Friday, September 30th, 2022 by a declaration from both Gregy165 and the collective citizens of Estalia.[18] The nation observes the holiday by sending a "good morning" message in the Estalian Discord to Walkers. The Estalians believe this to be the least their citizens can do in service of Walkers, who they praise as their Chicken God.

Estalian of the Week

In 2023, Estalia began awarding an "Estalian of the Week" to highlight the achievements and efforts of their citizens. A list of awards is below.

List for 2023
Date Estalian of the Week
01/01/2023 Tuomasz
08/01/2023 AnimeReviewer
15/01/2023 SailorWillis
22/01/2023 HaKr_
29/01/2023 BankruptcyBarrel
05/02/2023 WNS2
12/02/2023 grepsedawk
19/02/2023 Graydawn
26/02/2023 what777
05/03/2023 Graydawn
12/03/2023 what777
19/03/2023 Tuomasz
26/03/2023 what777
02/04/2023 SailorWillIs
09/04/2023 HaKr
16/04/2023 Creepi0n
23/04/2023 grepsedawk
30/04/2023 Lechh

Estalian Myths and Lore

Estalia has several myths relating to their players, including long-standing veterans Gregy165, Walkers, and S4NTA. Some of their lore is integrated into the country's events, and tells about the backstories relating to their actions onto the server, including their past iterations, like Mir and Hjaltland on CivClassic 2.0.


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