Venne (CivMC)

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National flag of Venne
The flag as it appears in-game
Location600, 8900
AllianceIndependent Southern Powers
Capital cityVenera
CurrencyIron, Diamond
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
Foundation date
  • June 5th, 2022 (Initial Settlement)
  • June 30th, 2022 (Constitution Adopted)
Foundation documentGoogleDoc
ReligionNone (secular)
MottoEx Cinere (official)

Venne is a state on CivMC located near the map's South Pole on the continent of Alenarith. Surrounded by exclaves of various other nations such as Mount Augusta, New Swisston of the Free Danzilonan Republic, and Cortesia Del Mar, Venne currently stands as the only country based entirely within the +,+ ice shelf region. The state's current iteration is a continuation of its presence on CivClassics 2.0, the article for which can be found here.


End of CivClassics

At the end of CivClassics, the mainline server directly preceding CivMC, Venne saw a period of rapid development. Infrastructure and wealth had been growing, and the nation's community grew alongside them. As such, the end of CivClassics on December 18, 2021 was a major blow to the country's upwards trajectory. Representatives of Venne were present at various major events of late CivClassics, such as the Battle of Eddie Murphy and the Classics End of the World party.

Moving to CivMC

Despite a downturn in the national community post-Classics, a contingent of Vennish citizens took part in an international planning forum whose goal was to create a new "superstate" of citizens from AF-CES nations. These plans were fraught with disagreement, and months later all that was left of the superstate was citizens from Iria, Mount September, and Venne, as well as several individual actors from elsewhere. The nation then took on a much more "Augustan" model, attempting to build from the constitution of Mount September and the charter of the Augustan Federation to create a federal republic known simply as "Augusta". This new plan persisted until shortly before the launch of CivMC, when the internal decision was made to adopt a more traditional constitution and take the name Mount Augusta.

When CivMC launched on June 2, 2022, it was then-former Vennish citizen Shadowvdark who chose and settled the location of Mount Augusta. In the following weeks under Provisional Governor RedDevel, Mount Augusta's infrastructure would begin to develop and the nation's community grew. Most notably, this period saw the return of several veteran players from past iterations of Mount Augusta, whose traditional ideas of the country often conflicted with the more politically progressive players of the former Augustan Federation.

Exodus from Mount Augusta

As time went on, the political schism in Mount Augusta grew broader. Tensions came to a peak with the controversial election of ComradeNick as governor, with accusations of voter brigading causing many to feel unrepresented. This political tension resulted in Shadowvdark and Magic_Maya making the decision to leave Mount Augusta, with headshot_0515 joining them.

Re-founding of Venne

The trio traveled close to the map's southern pole at around 600, 8900, discovering a similar landscape to Venne's past iteration. The trio established their presence by constructing their homes in what would become the founder's district, with the city itself later being called Venera. Magic_Maya's home was used as the main base of operations, originally serving as a community center in the nation's early days. These early foundations also included the construction of the nation's potato farm, as well as the factory building.

Shadowvdark announced the claim on June 15, 2022. The foundation for the nation's government, the Vennish Constitution, was formulated and ratified on June 30, 2022.

Southern Ice Sheet Debacle

This is just... a lot of drama.

Development and Expansion

The nation of Venne continued on a path of steady development after its foundation. Some of these early buildings constructed included the eastern bridge of Venera, the beetroot farm, the pumpkin farm, and the ice farm. During this time, a former member of Venne on CIvClassics, Juicy_Watermel0n, rejoined the nation and contributed to a number of these projects, constructing his house close to the founder's district.

On July 15, 2022, Venne was raided by two players known as tvretto and RacoonOnCrack. These players looted nearly all of the nation's buildings and escaped with a majority of Venne's initial wealth. Luckily, their actions were noticed quickly, and with a joint military operation with the nation of Pridelands, the thieves were apprehended, and their armor taken as a trophy. This encounter brought the nations of Pridelands and Venne together, with a rail line being established between the two shortly after this event.

Other buildings created during this time included the nation's spruce farm, sheep farm, market square, and Venne's train station, as well as several other player homes. Venne's brewery was also constructed during this time period, as well as the docks on Venera's western coast. Additionally, the large ice spikes in the nation's south was designated as a national park and aptly named Ice Spikes National Park.

During this development period, the neighboring nation of ParadICE went inactive, with their lands being given to Venne. The settlement was connected to Venera via roadway, and a water route was later created between the two.

Towards the end of the nation's first term limits, the nation fell into a period of inactivity due to many members feeling burnt out or being unable to log on.


The government of Venne is lead by the Vennish High Council (abbreviated as VHC), or a group of three players democratically elected to these positions. The VHC is in charge of all matters of governance, but any larger decisions are put up for a public vote.



The Trident

The people of Venne utilize the symbol of a trident to represent the nation's traditional structure of being lead by three council members, with the prongs of the trident representing each of these council members. The trident also serves as a reference to the nation's traditional maritime presence.