Four Hour War

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Four Hour War
CivMC Locator Four Hour War.png
Map of the war. The Coalition in green, Arnen in orange.
Date22:07, 20th December – 02:04 21st December
(3 hours and 57 minutes)

Coalition Victory

  • Arnen dissolved and annexed into Kallos
  • Arnen's leaders pearled
  • Arnen military infrastructure disabled

The Coalition:


Commanders and leaders

Pavia BritishWanderer
Pavia Cissonius
Pavia Gobblin
Estalia S4NTA
Estalia Walkers
Estalia Lysika_Lantariel
Jorvik ItzHoover
SPQR Mark_Antony
Imperial Federation Spoonce
Temporal Isles PhysicsGamer
Valyria (CivMC) Doommad

Icarus (CivMC) zolo17

Arnen DockerImage

Arnen dredd_kiji
~30 3
Casualties and losses
1 Pearled, later freed
3 Pearled